How To Overcome Loss, Failure, & Disappointment To Shine & Thrive Brilliantly

When a winner sets out to process the winning mindset out-laid in Chapter One, they always bear that there will be many adversaries and enemies that do not wish to see them Succeed.  Power is a very personal energetic field; that is commanded by those only in possession of strong and absolute will. In a sense, power can often be described as knowing your opponents move, or lack of, on the proverbial chessboard of life” — King Clauneck –Spirit of Wealth, Value, & Merchant Finance : Creating Unapologetic Power For Self,  Page 31 :Chapter 4 — Winning : Create The Life You Deserve Through Charm, Magnetism, &, Strategy,




Overcoming Loss, Failure, and Disappointment is the challenge of every sane minded single person that walks this planet.


 Disclaimer : Except if you’re a pathological abuser in any form and shape. You’re not human and normal, sane people need to overcome you. (and more on how to do that in a flash…) Also, you need to be wiped off the face of the Earth for ruining others lives. #DivineJustice


As humans, we are socialised to live in a homogenized culture, where you’re not “allowed” to fail. I often wonder how insidiously the Cabal have managed to programme this “perfectionist” nonsense into people’s heads, so much so, that people are busy killing themselves on the inside to keep up appearances that all is well, that they can afford this or that.  I have seen so many people I would have NEVER IMAGINED, I have sat infront of who like to speak ALL high and mighty to garner sympathy points, only to see 3 weeks later, what they speak about others and the manners they do it in, is just, plain crazy.


Today, you feel “empathy” for the homeless and lament how normal people judge them, 4 weeks later you’re laughing at people who cannot pay for this or that., in full? Which type of new next level mental damage schizophrenia is this?


Can someone please explain this to me?


You want people to feel empathy for whatever cause you rally but you’re laughing because people don’t have the budget to shop in your “posh little supermarket” or drive German? But God forbid anyone speaks out against YOUR cause (insert 10 billion causes here that gets people all convoluted?…)




As the right hand man to the mob boss, the Consigilere is taken as the family member and puts everything in order. Similar to an Impresario, he manages all things, and has precision of an assassin to get everything running in order. Which is why you will often hear me say, HEALING IS MESSY. Having the courage to look at yourself past your selfies, fancy dinners at your chosen swanky hotel, and vacation escapes in whichever land one pleases; is a certain type of courage few people have on this planet.


Healing comes with time. It comes with consistent effort. It comes with accepting what has been taken away from you, how badly you crashed at something, and finding the strength to process the disappointment that were attached to the expectations that came along with it.


It is healthy and normal to have expectations of someone to treat you well, and treat you right, and to show up as a decent human being. An expectation that is much more likely to be fulfilled by an animal who has a sense of duty, honour, loyalty, and love, than the modern selfish human of today who will use and abuse you until they get what they want from you, then kick you to the curb. Thriving brilliantly comes from the knowledge that you did the absolute best you could, and you’re not going to let your past hold you back and stop you.


Whomever is reading this, there are things we all struggle with. I am sure there are things you wish you could “go back and change”. Please do not think this. That very scenario, good, bad, or recklessly ugly; has made you whom you are today and has shaped you with a set of knowledge and wisdom that only YOU have. Overcoming anything you have endured, requires patience with yourself, and your emotions.


FAILURE, DONE WELL, INSPIRES MILLIONS. (Spartanite Aphorisms, and yes, you heard it here first 🙂


In the mean time, always remember…


Life — 0

You – 1


Life will not get the best of you. You shall squeeze the best of it.


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