How To Reprogramme Your Mind To Attract Money

We are living in a time, where MONEY (the actual possession of it), has become exceedingly scarce for most people. This is NOT by accident. What you are witnessing, is a slow submerge of the global population, into complete misery, scarcity, and annihilation.

Personally, if I could live without an abundance of money, I certainly would. However, I am not naive enough to have the hatred of money or sadly, what it has been turned into. So hence, I embrace Wealth Consciousness. Wealth Consciousness, is the relationship between yourself and money and holding HEALTHY thoughts towards a financial outlook. I will never forget telling someone I know well — “you honestly don’t realise how damaged they have left the entire human race and what levels of  energy work a person needs to do, to have some semblance of normality again.”

Reprogramming your mind to attract money, goes far and well beyond going to one of those little talk seminars that most people rush to. I am not knocking ANYONE attending events, I myself have attended many and will host many equally. They are a great start.  Just, for the most part–the people hosting the event are teaching money, from a mundane perspective. You do not reprogramme your mind to attract money through learning how to budget, save, and spend. Budgeting is simply discipline. That’s it. All money notes and bills are a magickal talisman that people carry with them, that connect into certain energetic grids. I actually speak more about this topic in a YouTube segment, right here. The MONETARY EARTH GRIDS are of THREE specific Dimensions.




The United Kingdom, more specifically the City of London (Square Mile), not London itself — holds one of the portals of the 11th Dimension Stargate. The other one is Stonehenge, a collection of huge supernatural stones where many people go to connect at both the Summer and Winter Solstices (highest and lowest points of the sun). Taking the energy from this place, it was then magnetically coded into the paper money. This is also the reason the British Pound (GBP) is the strongest fiat currency to exist. This is plain Occult knowledge and things that is imperative to understand in order to have a healthy relationship with money. The United States Dollar (USD), is encoded with magickal and masonic symbols that when touching people’s hands, encodes them with Thothian Grids. The UK is home to these NRG grids (the Thothian ones) which is why there is so much gender polarity pain (turning men and women against each other) as well as huge sexually based abuse.

Once you understand that money isn’t actually a real physically based construct, it becomes easy to detach from it. Sure, you require it to live on this prison planet, but it becomes a tool that allows you to live freely, as freely as one can in a prison sadly. Money, in itself, is a good concept. Please understand this at a core level. Money is a core measure of value however what has happened is, they have ended up linking the units of money to this NRG grid I speak of. Once something good, is placed into the hands of something rotten, it then becomes rotten. This is why money has facilitated so much pain because those who are printing it through actual Sorcery, are manifesting it out of nothing. I want to tell you that you can thank money and thank it for it’s service to you, however do not become a slave to it.

It is understandable why you may have so many repulsive and triggering thoughts on money, you are tuning into the ancient anti-human curses placed on something used to dominate and control this planet. It’s okay to have those feelings, however just remember you cannot rise up with those feelings into someone who possesses a stable relationship with money and is in alignment with it. The MORE of SERVICE you want to be to the world, I can tell you, the HARDER it is for you to bring in the money. Which is precisely why people (some how aptly) state that you cannot be Spiritual and Wealthy in the same sentence. You can, however –you will need to possess OCCULT knowledge to break free of what is there. The average human does not possess Forbidden knowledge because their life chiefly revolves around the consumption of food, drink, programming (media based) and pornography, most especially in Western Culture. Everything that they consume, kills them to a point of zombification.

Sometimes, when I sit at events and I listen to people talk — all I can think is “Who is this speaker kidding? Most people are going to spend all their life enslaved and broke who are sat here, because FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE has keys and gateways that are dangerous to open to access the money knowledge to acquire it?!”. Also known as “it ain’t happening…” It is not the fault of humans that this knowledge has been kept away from us. The human mind is suggestible and programmed easily. Your SPIRITUAL Self comes before any material consumption and remember in order to manifest true money in this lifetime (yeah the stuff in your bank and wallet), you have to be in alignment with WHAT you’re here for.

As human beings, we do not have many choices offered to us on the planet. We DO however have the ancient gift of knowledge our race was given at the dawn of time. A knowledge that has been systematically and slowly wiped clean, so people look like the characters in a SIMS game. All banging and bumping into each other with no direction in life.

Reprogramming your mind to attract money, involves deep Occult and Energetic work. In creating some of my most brilliant work in our Store and my private mentoring, I decided to go deep and reprogramme the DNA and the RNA of a person, allowing their natural energies given to them, to unlock. This is why shifts come fast, because Spartanite work is busy wiping out the false timelines that most people are trapped in. What if I told you the road you drive on, isn’t even there and is just held up by a board that looked like a road, painted with road markings and held up by poles in an ocean? Not many people would believe it. The analogy is the same for most people’s lives.

Reality is an illusion. Dare to go beyond.

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