How To Solve “Impossible” Circumstances

“Impossible circumstances require possible choices of self-reflection, willpower, the true human nature of primordial brutality, and, an ability to see people for what they are. Anything else, becomes a farce”- ME, Nadia Arain, THE SPARTANITE HERSELF

Being a medicine woman in many ways, although most will not see me in the Shamanic fields of life – the one thing life taught me is how to handle “impossible” circumstances.

Impossible circumstances are those which normal people balk at and run away from. They are the circumstances too painful, too uncomfortable, too brutal, and, possess increased ruthlessness upon which absolutely no emotion is required. It is “too much” for the sheep of society, those who have never had a single original thought in their life and are independent humans. We like our humans, free range – here at Spartanite.

Boxes are for warehouses, not humans.

Life has a pace of “normalcy”. When things deviate from that normalcy, you are forced into survival. Survival creates a sense of urgency, panic, and, a deep dysregulation of the CNS (central nervous system) and somatic bodily damage. Most people do not survive impossible circumstances, they merely die from them. Should people survive them, they are left “crippled” in some area for all of their life and they relegate themselves to merely coping (including) hiding because the thought of engaging with those who have not experiencing life altering circumstances, becomes “impossible”.

For most of my own life, I had to overcome “impossible” circumstances hence I am remarkably effective at eliminating them for clients. Many people on the outside have many things to say (as do they all) – about why I chose the line of work I do. Why do I work with these types of spirits? WHY do I practice what I do? Am I evil? Am I good? Do I believe in God? Am I Heathen? What made me do all this – how did I get here? Why am I so great at what I do?

…And I always listen to the long list of questions people ask – the type of questions that manically appear in the mind when you are outside people’s jurisdiction of understanding and the waters you swim in, are deep, dark, and, terrifying. I can very much attest to loving God, above all and having a strong, unbreakable moral compass (thankfully).

Spartanite is a home for people who never found themselves belonging to a herd because they are not a sheep. I make that abundantly clear.

Many of my clients, as I have sat with them – and unravelled their lives, come from “impossible” circumstances. Y’know – the looks that people give you when they realised they fucked up by counting you out because you went on to live well beyond their marginal expectations of what they were coddled with as children. Most people ate up all the lies their parents told them as kids, because that is what you do as a child.

Most people are children, stuck in adult bodies – having childish conversations.

Impossible circumstances, present you with a new challenge.


Impossible circumstances become impossible when the mental lens you are viewing them with, is one of which possesses a lack of life experience and honesty about one’s own limitations, characteristics, self-awareness, as well as, capacity. Once you have yourself understood and mastered – which can take a lifetime in itself, seeing people for what they truly are – is simple.

In my VIP Days and Elite Mentoring, I take the toughest circumstances a person has faced and provide solutions. As a Spartanite and spiritual coach, I don’t coddle those who come to me because people are not paying and hiring me for lies and bullshit. I don’t attract people who are emotionally weak and cannot face life because that would be the complete opposite of what we represent. People come to me ready to face themselves and the truth. I designed Spartanite as such that if people do not wish to do the work, they simply will not be in my life – personally or professionally – any longer.

Impossible circumstances are those you do not share with those who are well-adjusted in society and have faced very little difficultly in their lives.

People have TV minds – and a television mind cannot solve problems because once the mind is trapped in a self-willing hypnosis, that person will believe anything (as has been documented over the past 3 years…)

To solve impossible circumstances, you simply must acknowledge they are “challenging” not impossible.

…because the real diamond, always lies within you.

You can always start again.

You can always have a great life free from all that has held you back.

You can break free of the most insidious and subtle control.

You can finally be yourself.

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