How To Stand OUT In A Crowded Marketplace As An Entrepreneur

They say Entrepreneurship, is glorified survival. 


It IS, to a large degree. It however, is also cited as, INNOVATION. 


Personally, I have always read the word NOVA out of innovation and thought of the Supernova Nebula Cloud (I think everything in metaphysical/occult terms just the way you think things in the primary language you speak in). Checking a message on LinkedIn, I saw a consultant/digital marketing agency owner comment on a thread he started, that it is harder than EVER for a client to find an agency/people; to help them market.


I acquiesce fully. I know how hard it was for me to find a solid team to work with for variant reasons.


But there is a deeper problem.


One which almost ALL of the norm of Entrepreneurship, does NOT cover. In fact this problem is like a virus, so widespread that people who have something REAL AND SUBSTANTIAL, suffer from it often when they look at the current business landscape.




I don’t know if most boring people KNOW they are boring (answers on a postcard, please…) however when I go to people’s sites, everything looks as what I would imagine most women of today look like. Like clones.


Same boring hair, boring hooker like clothes, boring 17 layers of horseshit makeup with the this and that –let’s not forget we can now create a new nose, face, whatever. Same boring Instagram captions, boring this and that.


We have SEEN IT ALL. 


And in Business, especially online Business. It is even WORSE. The same ads, same “clicks, traffic, funnels”, same “let’s start an online agency”, same boring copy, boring website, fancy private jet and wardrobe photos, now I am stood in this exotic location — I better stop whilst I still have readers here lol.




I will never forget wanting to do some preliminary marketing from a guy referred to me, many years back. I let him FIGURE OUT what it was I was doing. Within 48 hours, he came back saying he didn’t want to work with me, because “erm yeah, your kinda work ain’t my thing?”.  He freaked himself out when he was like “oh hell naw, she works with Spirits?!” — Yes I do 🙂


And very OPENLY.


And isn’t it amazing that those who LACK THE MENTAL SCOPE will simply eliminate themselves. For many people who pride themselves on being Entrepreneurial and being “open to things”, you cannot say that you cannot attract X client(s), when a way is shown to you and you back away. He didn’t even ASK me anything, he was so confused and overwhelmed, he ran.


So should I assume that most people in Business, only swim in the waters they KNOW?






So how do you STAND OUT in a market place that well, there are a million lawyers, accountants, salon owners, Italiano restaurants etc?


Don’t be boring. 




Depth means one is able to pace at multi-dimensional levels in one conversation. It means travelling. It means taking harder, bolder risks. It means stepping up a game that looks impossible to those who don’t challenge themselves. It means being the supermarket that has the bakers, patisserie, butchers, pharmacy, bureau de change, fishmonger, YOU NAME IT, AND IT’S THERE. 


If you’re ready to dive deep INTO YOURSELF and discover the knowledge of YOU that is hidden from you, click here to get started. 


PS : Frankly no one cares what you do or even WHY you do it. What people DO care about is what is UNIQUE, SPECIAL, AND DIFFERENT, ABOUT YOU.


Time to be the cat that barks and the dog that meows 😉