How To Take Inspired Action For Your Business Through Active Meditation

When One stares at the Chessboard, and the pawns stand out to you, all can look unique.


All can look the same.


Business, is exactly the same terminology. The very nature of Business lends you to think on your feet, flat on your back, and during intimate moments of gushing water pouring down your heated body; during a shower, — of course.


Inspired action, is no different. And this isn’t the type of meditation most people think I am going to talk about. Although switching off the mind and the regular meditation is exceptionally helpful. 


Authors note : (Meditate as much as possible. Even 10 mins counts..)


Many a time, we do the exact same things, and expect different results. We stay in the same country, in the same area, around the same people, and expect to grow, and achieve what we’re put here for — by staying the same. Satisfaction Strategies, bring RESULTS. Or Gratification, if one wants to be quixotic, in their short sighted approach. A business, has a SPIRIT of it’s own, and many people do not bother speaking to this SPIRIT, and asking him/her what needs to be done next. They aimlessly put things out there, or even if a product is selling well, do not think of the different ways that it can impact MORE lives without just being a showy, glamorous, one trick pony.


I will never forget a woman who told me she was trying to “manifest” a baby and asked me my opinions on it.


I simply told her to show up to bed freshly showered, naked,and with nice perfume; her man would take it from there. “Oh, and make sure you’re ovulating and he’s not firing blanks. Makes it a lot easier”. Till today, I don’t know why she looked so disturbed and freaked out of me saying that, unless the myth of the Stork bringing kiddos, exists; and I missed the bus on it? (Answers on a postcard please addressed to Spartanite…). Maybe she wanted to pray a baby into existence?


Sometimes, we are trying to do the fucking MOST out of situations that are so incredibly SIMPLE, it weirds the mind out. INSPIRED action, originates from INSPIRATION. And inspiration comes from INTUITION. I don’t know… when I am hungry, I go to my kitchen and eat, or if I am out, I buy myself something to eat. If I am thirsty, I am chugging down a bottle of water. People trying to complexify things due to technology, making stuff all fancy, when the SIMPLEST answer is “Well, what would you normally DO to solve this annoyance?”


In Business, we have MANY annoyances. MANY.


Clients doing this when they should have done that, vendors didn’t deliver that when it should have been this, employees who don’t show up on time, joint venture partnerships that fell through, stuff that went missing in the mail, arguments about petty things that don’t count, customs agents holding things up, keeping beady eyes on your cashflow, during the ebbs and FLOW of it, recruiting, planning, leadership (of the Self as well, no one wants to follow an educated idiot, mind you), carving time to eat when you realise your phone has rang in the last hour for the 10th time, and you keep hitting mute so you can finish this damn meal in peace.

Finding people interested enough to pay, trying not to kill yourself over something gone terribly wrong, balancing your esteem between mania, grandiosity, and it’s time to end this shit — on a Niagara Falls seesaw tightrope, people leaving your team because you don’t have time for their nonsense, following the calendar to promote what and where, networking with others with your best three feet forward, finding time to socialise with friends because you cannot forget them, sitting up at 3 am with notepads and your laptop like a psycho (all business owners are psycho — that’s how it goes) and falling asleep on the keyboard for another 4 hours, to be at a breakfast meeting at 8 am. And many other insanities we all FACE.


In the midst of ALL of this, where do we find the time to take INSPIRED action?


Entrepreneurship is CHAOS, MADE SIMPLE.


Meditation is great but with a mind that runs faster than a hungry pirhana over an injured bird, INSPIRED ACTIVE MEDITATION, is best. By this, I mean INTUITIVE HITS. When you get something in your head, DO IT, and do it the very same day. Try and move as quickly as you can, because that is THE SPIRIT OF YOUR BUSINESS TELLING YOU WHAT TO DO WHICH YOU CAN DISCOVER MORE ABOUT, BY CLICKING THIS LINK. When Spartanite talks to me, she wakes me up randomly at 4 am with flashes and by 6 am, I am already moving on the project. Do the exact same for your business, and you will see things move quickly because you’re moving on the ACTIVE MEDITATION, a place where the brain is so dialed into the frequency of forward thinking Success, that you don’t have to sit and think “well what next?”. Any time you struggle with your problem, ask yourself :-









Keep asking. The answers are there. Push your brain. Don’t let it become lazy. Business is an INTERNATIONAL PLAYGROUND, and if you’re not serving people in DIFFERENT COUNTRIES, the reach isn’t far and wide enough, especially if it’s an online business. If you run a physical business, your online component should cover a global market.


Stay brilliant and know there is so much for you. As a business owner, you are responsible for so much and have to handle many things.


The Art of Business, is more of a science. 


A science that can be carefully calculated through opening the portals and the channels of time and space, for your ideal clients/customers to find you. Your Inner Empire, is necessary to build the foundations of your business. Without it, your natural intuition will not be able to guide you in the correct directions, to allow all your goals and dreams to fall into place.


You will feel chaotic, overwhelmed, and tired. In the modern age, most business owners/Entrepreneurs, are simply jumping on the bandwagon looking for anyone to do Business, with. The marketplace is noisy and standing out in an online age, has never been trickier. People hire consultants, coaches, mentors, advisors, only to find themselves STUCK. They provide surface level information, and do not solve the heart of the problem.


Business Prosperity, comes with Growth.


It’s time to raise the INNER EMPIRE, so everything functions perfectly on the outside. Click here to discover more. 


For SERIOUS mentoring inquiries, spiritual/business consultations, writing projects and custom ritualistic work, feel free to reach out to me for assistance.