Identifying Victimhood and Rising Into Your Power

Considering that Victimhood is actually learned helplessness, it is a condition that through determination and self-effort, can be fixed.


Many people stay stuck in their lives because they simply lack the ability to see the glass half full (optimistic thinking), so to speak. This does not cover the round of toxic positivity. Toxic positivity, tells you to dismiss and avoid things that are gnawing and eating away at you on the inside.


At any given time, a person can be dealing with all different types of things in their life, and when that train wreck hits — it often derails people for life. I should know, I have experienced this first hand. It is rather simple to have a situation leave you in a deep state of utter despondence and despair and trialing into triumph out of that, is normal. Dismantling your paradigm is key, and it comes from kindness to one’s own self.


Victimhood is rather sneaky, and runs prevalent in life. Oft a time, when I carefully and intently listen to someone, in a few short sentence, their state of mind becomes apparent to me. Yes, we all have bumps in the road in life but what separates from those who are able to come out of the pit alive, is simply the ability not to take the lousy no’s for answer, and to swerve around the 18-wheeler onto their destination.


When the mind has not been entrained enough into a ring possessing magnitude and power — it makes for an utterly weak constitution. Life, no matter how we slice it, only rewards the strong and the bold. The strong and bold, in this instance — does not mean that you have to go and beat down doors and people with shovels for that matter LOL. It means that you’re SHOWING UP consistently — in whatever state you are. Personally, I ensure that when I am not at all cylinders firing, I have team members who can easily take over, when needed.


Showing up for YOURSELF, is key to identifying victimhood.


When the pain is bad enough, YOU MOVE.


Victimhood is truly a grand art of feeling sorry for yourself. 


There is a time to grieve, and mourn. There is a time to indulge in self-pity and feel sad for what and whom you have lost. That is part of the healing process and every single person including you and I, go through that. What is KEY, is not to STAY in that place, forever.


Breaking out of the victimhood prison, is not about talking. It is about ACTING. 


Acting requires ESTEEM AND CONFIDENCE. Ironically, irrespective of whatever and whichever subject I choose to cover, the answer always lies in the foothills of the Esteem Mountain and Confidence Plains. It is one of the VERY reasons I created Spartanite Scorpionic Empowerment, which you can find by clicking HERE. When you lack these qualities, as most do sadly — good luck securing anything good for yourself. You will ALWAYS be tripping up over yourself, short circuiting your whole life because you simply don’t feel like you’re worthy of anything good. This is an energetic problem, not a mindset one. No “6 figure guru” is going to fix that for you. They will sell you a tonne of bullshit courses that appeals to your vanity and desire to mentally get off to a place that looks like a rocking chair.


In essence, motion but no MOVEMENT.


To possess, Élan — confidence, chutzpah, boldness, and, overall enthusiastic vigor — you’re going to have to stop being a victim.


Stop feeling so sorry for yourself.


Stop waiting for someone to rescue or save you.


Stop looking helpless and clueless about life.


Generally in society, it is mainly women who behave like victims. If men end up doing it, they often have their ass handed to them straight on a plate — as the masculine role cannot be one by nature. Men are FORCED to take risks and should they find themselves not taking it, it directly impacts the calibered state of their masculinity.


Most women possess learned helplessness, a weak posturing whereby someone — their husband, their boyfriend, their kids, their family — their someone, has to come and feel sorry for them to help them along. In that pathetic sympathy they glean from others, they get what they are looking for — attention and reassurance that they matter to someone somewhere, because the world PROFITS from feminine victimhood. Women are trained to be needy, approval seeking, low esteemed, reliant, dependent, codependent and other wise, in the stakes of life, WEAK.


Weakness is not about a physical specimen, much rather about a state of consciousness, being, and, mentality.  Victimhood is perverse, and runs exceptionally deep because the tendency to hold onto all the wrongs of your life story is very pleasurable and addictive. It took me great courage to dismantle my own paradigm and let GO — go of a story that although IS my real life story of experiences, would have not served me to be a Spartanite. It would have kept me disempowered, in bondage, and blame. What is done, is a wrap — the past cannot be reversed sadly, it is only healed and learned from.


Rising into your power means rising forward — falling forward, moving forward, living and breathing forward. Yes, it is not simple or easy. It is not meant to be. After a great effort and struggle, will you finally find the keys to your personal love, happiness, joy, and, freedom. It will be a choice one day you slowly wake up and make. Perhaps you may have read something somewhere. Heard someone say something that struck a chord within you, felt that you needed to move up? Either way — whatever you’re doing, ensure it is action based to rise into your power — a power only YOU have in this world.


No one is telling you to DISREGARD your experiences, your pain, sorrow, and, sadness. No one is telling you that it will all magically wash away one day, the memories will always remain but the charge associated with them, will not.


To seize your life itself, is as important as CARPE DIEM.


Because seizing the day, means you live to add it to YOUR NEW STORYBOOK…


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