Is Having A Mentor Important For You?

The answer, is a sharp, yes.


Sharper than the knife you used yesterday in your kitchen. 


To those who desire greatness and wish to elevate in their understanding, having someone to torch the way is imperative.


I implore and encourage any person reading this, to seek out mentorship, in an individual who they feel would be of most benefit to their elevation. Interesting how people hire personal trainers to become fit, money managers to teach them about what to do what ,where, and, with how much of their coinage, hire driving instructors for a pretty, plastic licence; and yet their life is up for grabs. I have never been without a mentor in my life, and interspersed by understanding through both human and spirit mentors, over time. Spirit mentors (non-human) are the harshest and most ruthless, and yet bring for quick results, because they unravel the threads upon which all your foundational understanding of life is built, and rewire it.


When you realise how fast mentorship shortens the learning curve down, paying someone to teach you, BECOMES A PRIORITY. 


I wanted to be an ADEPT in my field as a woman. I didn’t care who said and how many said it couldn’t be done, I wanted power for myself in a way that was not outsourced. I began teaching myself things hungrily (as I often refer to licking the blade of a knife like a crazed lunatic on those bath salts that were once a “thing” on these modern social media platforms) and many other analogies I can suggest, as well as seeking out men and women of Occult Wisdom, that would impart Ilm (Arabic for knowledge) and provide, more so, FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE (Ilm Al Ghaib) ; that is borderline impossible to come by for the average person. Mentoring can be someone who possesses the relevant experience and understanding of your industry, it can also be someone who is a LIFE STRATEGIST, as I am. My type of mentoring comes from vast depths of experience, and furthermore; drawing upon from all the Beings I work with, as well as Divine Guidance, through God, The Almighty. Some want mentoring that is hand holding, some want mentoring that drop kicks you with bloodied wounds where the Pirhanas swim in the Nile and the Amazon.


The choice is always yours. 


There are many boring buzzwords like peak performance, high performance, or what have you. For some people, the psychological swathes of just knowing how the brain and it’s 4 corners, works is enough. Perhaps the mind.


I wanted to swim in someone’s bloodstream and know of their RNA cores, deeply underneath the DNA of a human being. I want to dismantle this DNA, and put it back in a reductionist perspective to know the CORE of a human being, and thus, myself. (Know Thyself). I was hungry to know the absolute and utter cored heart of something, and I hired mentors to take me to the Mariana Trench. The Trench, is where I got myself to. There are still many layers to learn. I wanted to mentor others and watch them become BRILLIANT and SHINE, before they came to me, because I wanted to impart a stamp on their mind, so they could go out and become the best of their abilities. Choosing a mentor, is life changing, as I chose mine, and some were ascribed to me to rise into my power.


So what exactly does a mentor do?


In my podcast with Lauren Peterson, from Sexy.Focused.Ambitious — I speak of MENTORING IS PHYSICAL ALCHEMY. As one goes from AVERAGE TO SUPERSTAR in their thinking faculties and processes, the ability to achieve an incredible life becomes simpler.


When I won The Lioness Best Mentor of The Year 2017 Award and in the same year, also completed Certified Business Mentoring, I asked myself this question. “I wonder what a mentor actually does?”. It took me many nights to figure out this answer. A mentor is someone that shows you the way and stretches you into someone that you’re destined to become. Many can hold this title, and yet few are READY to elevate themselves into greatness. Mentoring is not coaching. I have equally had many business coaches in my earlier days. They are good, very good, for short term results. LONG TERM results, originate through mentoring and through forging and honouring a relationship.


One of the BEST things a man who mentored me taught me was this :




Working with the Sun Streams taught me that there is ALWAYS someone trying to drag your name through the mud. When you do not yield to people’s nonsense, they want to slander your name, because it is the only way that you stay relevant. My mentor actually told me to take screenshots of all the horrible and mean things people had posted or said about me and Spartanite and send it to him, as proof of Success. He mentored me many nights and months on waiting for it to come, and soon enough, things started hitting our Spartanite mails, YouTube, Google Searches. I smiled! 😀




Mentoring is important for you, in whatever you desire to become successful in, because it helps you play bigger and better than yourself. It pushes you. You hold yourself accountable, you know someone is there to help you up and realise your true dreams, and desires. You become strong and powerful inside yourself, because you know you have chosen a destiny for yourself, of your own choosing, that is a gift to you, and all in the Divine Source of things.


Find the best mentor for you, and get that person to teach you how to become the best person you can become. You owe it to yourself to transcend past the point of average.


Use the knife blade, to open the box you trap yourself in.


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