Keeping Your Mind Strong In Low Frequency Situations & People

With the blessings of Belvia– my Chief Spirit Guide Spartanite and Lady Rashoon, will I scribe this piece.

As Above, So Below
As Within, So Without

I was sitting and doing some work earlier in the week, when Lady Rashoon spoke with me, and asked me to put out a piece on Low Frequency Situations and People.

I find this a rather important piece to put out, especially for us women. Lady Rashoon rules the realms of Feminine Charm and Seduction, and is ALL too aware of the negative matrix energies that cancel out the breathy, heady charm a woman can influence others with. Rashoon thinks very highly of Goddess Lilith, and has always reminded me that Lilith is very balanced in her both Feminine and Masculine energies, in order to be highly charismatic and feminine woman. Keeping your mind strong with low frequency people, often means playing defence. In football, when the strikers come towards the goalpost, the main job of the goalkeeper is SIMPLY to defend. The ideology, is remarkably similar when it comes to low frequency people.

Low Frequency people, are simply just that. LOW. Since every single living being is surrounded by an energetic, auric field—what is important to remember, is that because most people do not Spiritual clean (and do not know how to—because anything Spiritual to them, is up for debate and mockery), their morophogenic chakras are covered in sludge and grime. Elevating to higher frequency and remaining there, not only requires Spiritual cleansing, as Lady Rashoon reminds me often, but untangling the people in our lives, who are contributing to this toxicity. I am blessed and fortunate to realise that we all have soul purposes to share in people’s lives and yet, people can be very elevated and STILL in low frequency. I have seen many personal account instances of this and Rashoon asked me to be exceptionally eagle-eyed about this.

Keeping your mind strong, during interactions with those whose ACTIONS are still very matrix like, is simple. You absolutely do your best not to engage.

And if you do need to engage, keep it very short and simple. As an Entrepreneur, we cannot be afford to exposing ourselves to people, situations and energy fields that are low. Belvia, often reminds me that, the wrong FOOD, is very low energy as well — so do your best to eat light, bright and all the colours of the rainbow. Most Spartanites that I train, I first have to eliminate and purge ALL toxins from their auric and morphogenic fields, as I once did for myself with the help of many rites, rituals and High Magickal Spiritual work, to allow them to move seamlessly as a gnostic voidwalker — in a field, where time is not linear.

Chances are, if things keep going “wrong for you”, your energy is programmed for destruction.

Having survived rock bottom, devastating destruction myself,I can tell you, once your energetic fields are aligned and balanced, you will soar and ascend faster with knowledge that will put you on the Entrepreneurial Fasttrack, as well as attract nothing but bounty, bliss and keep all energetic vampires, predators and otherwise malicious and nefarious people, away from you. Rashoon and Belvia both, always remind me of the Iron Ring, and how to use it, to gain a massive edge, clarity and feminine dominance –in a world bent on hurting and destroying women. Women have born(e) the brunt of so much pain, humiliation and failure, that I will NOT ACCEPT ANY WOMAN IN MY ORBIT OR CIRCLE that does not have her mind attuned and programmed to win. It is a misnomer and is not acceptable, let alone desirable. All Spartanites sail with the current of being a winner.

There is absolutely nothing that you cannot overcome, Spartanite. As you walk with the Dark Goddess Energy, I am always excited to share with you –through all of my own experience, how to transcend mundane levels, into those of confidence, power and feminine blissful charm. You can most certainly bend life to your will, no matter what YOU desire. Stop listening to the victims who are waiting for someone to come and save them from their self-inflicted drudgery.

Lady Rashoon, Belvia and I, would love to hear your comments in the section below <3