King belial on determination & winning in and at life

Although much has been scribed on Winning in all Spartanite work, the groundbreaking best-selling book featuring Clauneck himself (*see below) , there are always more tenets that require your attention through both the ascent and descent of human nature, itself.


Clauneck has a very good handle on Financial Wins. If I wish to ask anything Financial, out of all the Legion, he is my FIRST point of call. He has helped me stay firm and mentally grounded when it comes to money as well as teach me strategy, methodology, and, detail. After all, he IS a Virgo lol.


Today however, I wish to cover Belial’s vantage point on determination and winning — as well as what we can expect from that type of man or woman.


Belial, as many know, is the chief Scorpion King.


He is one of the original fallen angels and still retains that level of power, till today. He’s TO the point, although I have found him empathic and understanding when he acknowledges you’re not an idiot and you have mental capacity to understand things. I don’t have the habit of asking him too much about his origins and whatever, because to each practitioner, he appears with his own unique blend and flex of genius. Belial has even gone as far as teaching me about Beauty and honouring myself as a woman, far BETTER than any woman herself could (and lest I forget to mention Lady Duchess Bune or my own guide, Belvia for their feminine wares into my life). Belial has a very interesting take on things.


He’s a big fan of rap music, creamy chicken & mushroom pasta, as, well as cheesecake 🙂


In one channeling, Belial once instructed me to “think as free as a Narcissist, Nadia, without the pain and hurt they cause”. 


It’s possibly one of his best lines and if you read that line anywhere in any shape or form aside Spartanite, they took it from this blog LOL. (I’ve had a lot of my work taken — what can I say; thieves don’t break into empty houses…)


Working on your own ascent, means working through your own descent. Belial’s Scorpionic working and Masculine Empowerment (both that can be found in Store under the ritual section — click here ), are all about the boost of SELF. In order, to rise higher; you have to be willing to sink LOWER. You have to be willing to dig into the pain that lies inside you, the pain that so many people desperately avoid all the time. Excuses are freely available. Whenever Belial has suggested things to me, they have always been in the MOST grandiose fashion that often exhausts me, however I see how big he lives in his world and with those he influences. So going back to Clauneck’s methods (lol), I do it one baby brick at a time.


When I think of a narcissist, EVERYTHING is on deck for them. They think freely because they lack empathy, compassion, and a moral conscience of “right and wrong”. They simply don’t give a fuck. That, alone, is admirable (the free-thinking) The DAMAGE they cause? Not so much. That’s the clincher. It is about seeing things objectively and not from an emotional perspective.


Belial always speaks about “mind expanders” a fair bit. He has always and consistently asked me WHERE I am giving myself excuses and WHY I am giving them to myself. Apply that for yourself.


As you move through life, any noetic principles originate from gnosis; and what’s incredible is that you see the world is fair, as is. I am not referring to the pain, injustice, and, sadness. You get out of life what you put into it. And no where is that more evident, than determination. Belial goes as far as saying that most people aren’t successful, because they are not a) daring and b) determined. They are happy and willing to accept excuses because their excuses mean MORE to them, than their success does. That is simply, how most people are wired. There isn’t much I, or anyone, can do to change that.


An individual, is either a self-starter or they are not. Most aren’t. The mentality of the common person, is waiting for someone to come and do something for them because they are victims and see themselves that way. Their mind and mouth are a litany of nonsense and excuses. Rare is the man/woman, who is consistent, persistent, and, determined to win at any cost. This world does not afford you an opulent life (make of that what you will and wish), unless you’re willing to step up to the plate and grab your glory with 2 outstretched hands.


There has to be something inside you that desires more. For most people, they have a lack based mindset (it goes deeper than JUST money etc), and so they see lack in everything. Some of the most realistic people in life I have met, are those who are practitioners such as myself. Magick teaches a person the dualistic and clandestine natures of the human mind, and, psyche. There is no room for naivete when you are determined to win, and all bases and angles have to be covered. Determination does not ask of you, to be switched on 24/7. It asks of you to be committed to the outcome you wish to achieve and the goal you desire to master. You’re not going to be starry eyed everyday. That’s okay. As long as you’re committed, you will get there!


In order to master the goal, you must master yourself. The more you are in possession of self-awareness, the faster you find yourself moving upwards.


Belial is a master of not tolerating the evil eye (nazar boncugu), disrespect, and, foolishness & immaturity, of a weak mind. In order to have ANY Spirit (from any doctrine) help you, they like to see you’re ambitious about your life and determined as a mountain goat on a steep scale wall, to get to the salt lick. You will stop at nothing.


Here are Belial’s 3 imperative words for determination.






What will you choose for yourself?


“The common person accepts their trauma, more than their reward. They self-sabotage themselves when it comes to the punch line — armed with excuses and hiding, and can never achieve the life they only dream of. This challenge isn’t for the weak or the timid.” — B”


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