King Clauneck + Discussions On Money

A little while ago, I was preparing for a transformation in many areas of my life and I woke up one morning, tried to start my car (which it did start) and found the noise the ignition is supposed to make, wasn’t coming along right.

“The battery or the alternator?”

I stood there and asked myself that question and I heard Clauneck say “Let’s head to the mechanics, shall we?”

Upon arrival, I parked it in the enclosure, walked in, explained to the man what was wrong. And they took care of it. Whilst I was waiting in the waiting room, I heard an explosive argument in the reception area. A man’s Father had, had his car fixed and had gone to another useless mechanic who charged £50 GBP. Turns out the whole suspension belt, had issues, the alternator, the oscillator and not to mention the battery itself. The car was all fixed except the man was finding excuses not to pay.

“Typical of idiotic humans..”. I heard Clauneck sigh, as I was sat in the waiting area. He was drinking some wine with Queen Belvia, as we waited.

“No, but you don’t understand. That’s my whole wages gone? I can’t afford to pay all this. Can’t you do a better price, mate?”

“Look, your man messed things up and my man has had to spend 2 hours, so that’s labour, parts, and not to mention the normal VAT (value added tax), we charge on top. We can’t do a deal better. We are the best in the area (I approve of this personally!) and you cannot drive this car away until you have paid.”

The argument went round and round in circles. An argument all business owners and staff working for a SERVICE business, have heard of. Many times, I have been on the receiving end of this. I started cringing inside myself and took the opportunity to have a long conversation with Clauneck

(Clauneck’s responses are in bold lettering)

“I KNOW, I KNOW. ALL YOUR QUESTIONS ARE COMING, NADIA. One at a time. Let me finish this wine first”. 

Clauneck had probably heard my mind race through with so many thoughts and ask them already….I waited for him to speak.

“You’re cringing because you know that when someone does a job, you pay them properly and you pay them on time. Most of this world resides in misery and lack, so everything looks “expensive” to them. Most people will never be Successful and as best as they will be doing, is being envious of others. This idiot should be grateful these mechanics even DID his work. They are so busy and the BEST in your area. I’ll never understand some humans..”

“So you’re saying that all wealthy people pay properly and without issues?”

“Well, yes. Firstly, they have the means and secondly –it is a mentality. Tell me, where do you think you got your mentality about paying people properly and on time from. What is your earliest memory?”

“My dad, Clauneck”

“And do you feel he was successful with money, kiddo?”

He was..

“HE STILL IS, IN THE OTHER REALM. Not was!” (My dad passed away a decade ago — FYI and Clauneck was reminding me that a lot of our innate traits don’t shift much if we do not incarnate again)

Apologies CK

It’s fine, dear. My point is this. It isn’t the money your Father has command over, it was his mentality and his approach to life. He is a hard worker, a leader and a man who was willing to see the very Value that I have taught you. He simply carried that to the Spirit world and is busy with his businesses there, too. Do you think you just die and do nothing? Humans have a lot to learn. Your Father is BOLD when it comes to money. He expects to WIN and expects people to pay him. You see these chairs in this waiting room? Your dad would have smacked the whiner in the front, with all 6 of them at one go, had he been physically here right at this very moment. You get the point”

I do LOL

People should be ashamed of delaying payment. If someone has completed your work, it is your job to pay them properly and in full. Should you have financial issues, you should look to communicate those. 

Clauneck, what annoyed me about the whiner?

His energy. You saw him as weak. Born to a Father like yours, any man who is whiny and indecisive to reach a decision, sickens and disgusts you. Your Father possesses Billionaire energy. It is your DNA. You are a very strong minded individual and will only yield to those who know where they are going. To answer your second part, the energy he gives off is poverty stricken. The vibrations you’re running on, are powerful and repel all types of lack, sickness, and most importantly — limitation. Not having money, is limiting and crushing to the soul — as you will know during your trial periods.

Why did I find money easy to make back, after losing everything?

It wasn’t exactly easy, Nadia — however simple. Again, Your Father. You grew up seeing money. It was normal for you. People underestimate PROGRAMMING, by far and beyond. It needs a miracle and sheer willpower for a person who didn’t grow up around money, to come into it. The reason for this is, they do not feel worthy of money, money intimidates them, and they don’t understand the nuances and hidden rules around it. All you needed to do was discover the Occult version of it, due to your spiritual gifts and off you went. 

So you’re saying people’s programming doesn’t allow them to hold money?

Correct. Make, Hold, Keep – the list goes on and on. People are quick to hate on Successful people because they are unwilling to reverse the writing on the wall. You took my advice when Belvia and I used to yell at you, when you began whining about your previous problems. You have had a hard life but thankfully, you didn’t dwell on it. You could have gone on and on about how people did you wrong, how the evil spirits destroyed you, which they absolutely did. The people that did you wrong, the losers that abused you, the hurtful and piercing comments you have had to endure from people and the idiot men that the evil spirits brought to you– they amount to NOTHING. Do you remember an ex of yours laughing you would never drive, many, many years back? Tell me, my daughter… Do you not drive a beautiful car today, one that is of your own choice? And that too with great ease? They are a pieces of garbage, and will forever stay that way. They helped you build Spartanite. They gave you the fortitude and courage to take all the bricks thrown and build your bridge. People build walls. You build bridges.

Goodness, this human is still arguing with the other about a measly discount? I am going to need more wine.

As Clauneck said all that, I began to see why most people never Succeed. Waiting my turn for my battery change with a mechanics short on staff and still providing top notch value — I thought about people — their programming short circuits them long before anything else happens. They give in. They give in to fear, and failure and “what will other people think of me?”. They let others rule their life. They don’t live for themselves as no one ever taught them HOW to.

Just as I finished that, I heard the guy at the reception yell..

“NADIA? Yes 🙂 Your battery is all fixed” and handed me the invoice to pay. I paid with a smile on my face and walked out of the place knowing I won’t have to worry about a flat battery in these bitterly cold nights and gratitude that money allowed me a painless, seamless, fast service.

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