King Clauneck & Entrepreneurship, Hustle & Repairing Human Weaknesses

As a woman who possesses a very strong, and robust relationship with one of the chief Spirits of the Grimorium Verum,— Clauneck, has come to serve me well over the years. Clauneck has assisted me in many of my wealth workings, my wealth mindsets and keeping me strong and positive to navigate life. He is a very ancient and yet friendly male olde god, and would provide you advice and financial mentorship BEYOND your expectations of any human mentor, that is LIFE CHANGING. 


I have worked with Clauneck for a good 3.5  years (and counting) and in that, he has totally smashed my life to pieces and built it up (not that I already wasn’t recovering from a damaged one) and short of being literally laser burnt how Sorath would have done, Clauneck decided to adopt me as his human daughter. Big honour to be adopted by him!


(NB : Don’t ever summon Sorath unless you’re a special type of determined, or crazy, and can actually handle the heat. Enough said…)


I face East as per usual, and chant his enn (Ahvalen Esen Clauneck Kiar or Tasa On Ca Clauneck Renich) and quieten my mind. First channel with him meant I lost my voice for a week, his way of protecting me and giving me rest from the job that was killing me years back, so I literally wouldn’t be able to speak. I decided to sit with him last night and ask him a couple of things about Entrepreneurship that I find would benefit the patronage of Spartanite Blog (and so, thank you for reading).


Me : ” *sigh*. Just talk. I don’t think I have anything to say. I am quite tired of driving to the park and having all of you trying to talk over each other. I will transcribe what you say on the blog. Let me eat on this bench in peace and watch the ducks swim in the lake and pop out to fluff their feathers here.”


Clauneck : “Certainly. My ilk don’t have a habit of talking over others, we have manners. Your noisy guides need to learn to behave more. We have got acquainted lately and they are lovely. Very well, Spartanite. As you requested. We shall begin.


Entrepreneurship is something that will be required in this decade because we have told you what is coming in the next 10 years for your human race. You cannot rely on anyone for money, except yourself. One cannot find true liberation and independence in a job, and employment is ONLY designed as a stepping stone. Your work is in alignment with those who possess Entrepreneurial mentalities and those who want to BE somewhere in life. Hustle is important, and not important. It depends on what your end goal is. I see most people desperately trying to get on the map of something, for something, in something. Of what use are tens of thousands in one’s bank account, if the core is damaged? Spartanite, do you not sit at tables at events with wealthy men who possess material wealth and access to resources far greater than you, and still feel confused by you? Why do you feel this is? Should these men not be able to buy you? Should they not be blase about your existence? Should they not be dismissing you when you choose to activate your voice? Or is something, the deeper, darker undercurrent to what these men’s souls, deeply desire and see in you?


I do not refer to your femininity here, although that would sway them equally. I refer to Power. At the base of all axiom(s), is power. Power, power. power. Power. Dear, power is everything in this world. People want money, not as much for what money buys or saves them from, but to be at the top of the power chain. “


Me : “You mentioned something about human weaknesses when you chatted to me 2 days back? Can you please expand on this?”


Clauneck : “Of course. Humans are the strongest race that the Creator designed. This is why they have put so much garbage between the average human and the pursuit of knowledge. Today’s weak human, isn’t worth a damn. They are weakened, waiting to die. They have no spiritual mainframe, no occult protection, nothing. They are exposed and stupidly think all their money will save them. Money can hire a bodyguard, but cannot stave off the demons (he’s laughing loudly here) that harangue them in their soul. Their spirit. When they lie in their bed at 2 am, having second thoughts about life, can money protect them from that? It takes courage to work with us, and we simply help people restore their natural birthright of what they were originally designed as. The closest a person can get to that original source of power, is Occult Entrepreneurship. Many Occultists by nature, work for Self, because in what profession would you know “normal people” (he considers “normal” people, very abnormal, he says) would feel comfortable opening the portal to us? They would run for their life, screaming, and kicking.”


Me : “What is Hustle?”


Clauneck : “The art of acquisition of resources done in a frenzied, chaotic, and hurried manner in order to establish a designated goal, that is often past it’s due date. Sound familiar?”


Me : “A bit too familiar… What is the antidote to Hustle?”


Clauneck : “Alignment. You personally used Hustle to build Spartanite, but you do not run it with that energy. Building Spartanite meant building YOU as Spartanite and then birthing it into a vessel to benefit others today. Spartanite is you, and you are the Creatrix of it. You would become mental. Hustle taught you to climb to a platform that was stable and then put all your ducks in a row and swim with them. That, is alignment. People do not possess Forbidden Knowledge, so they will learn to swim against the current, instead of swimming WITH it. The way you do Business, is very bizarre to most people who initially meet you. Over time, they come to realise there is not only method to the madness, there is a whole bank vault that has crypts, too. Funny that.”


Me : ” Can you give examples on what makes someone successful in Entrepreneurship?”


Clauneck : “The ability to ascertain value in people, places, events, and circumstances. The ability to see people for who and what they are, without waiting for a knife to peel back the onion layers.


Do you remember a guy, many weeks back at an event, who interrupted a nice moment you were having and spoke about “how to make money?”. He couldn’t make a pasta dish correctly, if he tried. Money is like a woman. She has to be seduced towards you. This is why you and the other gentleman, were alarmed at his coarse delivery. People of today, cannot judge value,as value is judged for them. Especially, the men. The men are hypnotised by Pornography and have variant programmes running inside their head that corrupt who they would have really been. Psychic hooks and implants. Men who are Entrepreneurial in nature, can be most affected by this, as they can be under the most amounts of stress, and spend a lot of their time online, especially if they are online Entrepreneurs. To be successful in Business, requires more than just knowing about your profit margins, inventory, and your clients/vendors. That is the BASIC level of Entrepreneurship. Do not be successful in your professional life, at the cost of your Personal one.”


Me : “What makes a human being weak?”


Clauneck : “The lack of Knowledge of one’s Self. Many people have Success on the outside but little Knowledge of what actually matters. So, let’s say for instance, Spartanite, someone approaches you wanting to teach you how to make X amount of money per week/month/year in your Business? For instance, a multiple 5 figure month. Between 30K to 50K a month. They can teach you how to build that, but can they teach you how to destroy it? What one needs to know to build, you also need to know how to destroy it? For the sake of your own sanity, and for the sake of others. There is no light, without darkness. People cannot approach themselves with honesty and humility these days, that is why it is DEADLY when they meet someone who knows more about their inner workings, than they do. Exactly, what do you think people fear psychic ability and the realms we walk in? They KNOW they are exposed and instead of rising to the occasion, they hide. As expected. It takes a certain level of courage, as you yourself had to find, to do this type of work”


Me : ” *Eats last bit of sandwich and shares a bite with one of the ducks* — What is the most important thing Entrepreneurial minded people need to know?”


Clauneck : “Love heals all and Balance is required. Infuse Love into everything you do. “


When the channel between Clauneck and myself dropped (like disconnecting the phone and hanging up), I started thinking of how many times I had felt all of this however had no words to put it into. I am grateful to him for elaborating for not only myself, however for others as well.


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