King Clauneck — “Fear Is Not An Option In Life : Stop Using It”

Fear is one of the lowest vibrations.


It makes your body contract, shrivel up, and constrict.


The only beneficial fear, is fear you feel when your life is in Danger. Run for your life, and don’t ever look back. Don’t override your fear in this instance. Your fear is there to save you. Have the wisdom and discernment to know better in that point of time. 


Consecutively, fear is not an option in any part of your life. One cannot expect to win at life and have fear written all over their face.


We live in a world where people are looking to capitalise on your fear. This does not mean that you cannot feel fear, that you cannot be vulnerable, that you cannot feel lonely, that you cannot — for whatever bullshit excuses you hide behind, cannot feel a sense of isolation. You are ALLOWED to feel and feel, you must. This type of fear I speak about candidly, is the horrific self-sabotage that eats away at you inside your own head, like a hungry termite on a piece of wood, slowly clawing and chewing it’s way through it. A lot of your inner voice is what your parents will have said to you as a child. Most people’s parent’s have NOT treated them with respect or reverence and many humans grow up with fear and shame internalised.


Even when you feel wracked and paralysed with the shame, guilt, and other lower vibrations that originate from fear, MOVE. Physically move. I remember standing infront of an audience to speak once and my heart was pounding. Everyone’s businesses were in the “normal” realms — one person was a property developer, another owned a supplement company, one was a spa owner, another was a software consultant, one closest to me was a Cryptocurrency investor –and here I was, with Spartanite. What the hell would I say, I did? How would they understand me? Would they laugh? Would they go quiet and try to shame me? Taking a deep breath, I stood up and asked King Clauneck  — Spirit of Value, Wealth, & Merchant Finance, to help me find the RIGHT words to come out of my mouth. I wanted to talk about all the things I usually speak about, and I was forced to speak on WEALTH CONSCIOUSNESS as it would be one of the best things every business owner SHOULD be relating to.  I took 3 deep breaths and they all thought I was nervous and “gathering myself”. I saw 2 men smile (more like snigger — “psh what does this WOMAN, know?”). Within a few seconds, one of them stopped smiling and his face turned stone cold. I knew Clauneck was standing next to me.


Chanting his enn rapidly — AHVALEN ESEN CLAUNECK KIAR  (From Clauneck, comes forth abundance of money) inside my head, I steadied my body, and fixated myself in a place where not many audience members realised I was direct channeling — I listened to Clauneck’s words and repeated them. And FAST. I didn’t have time to listen and speak, I was in full invocation DURING a business gathering. I saw a guy pull out his phone and he was typing notes at breakneck speed as I was speaking. Another pulled out a notepad and began scribbling. Inwardly pleased, I needed to speak the words quick and fast when Clauneck showed me images of WHERE business owners often go wrong and HOW they can better establish a GRAND PRESENCE in the market place minus spending X amount of money.




By the time I was done, my throat was practically on fire, parched, and the whole room stood up and clapped. The caveat? I have no memory of anything of the above. I read people’s notes and was STUNNED to see the information that had come forth, so much so, the actual host of the event hired me to teach him stratagem in a deal he was closing that week.  I was trying to take photos of the notes people had made, Clauneck had provided so much financial wisdom, I wanted to apply a lot of it to Spartanite. Canny that, lol. My shadow baseline voice and energy, dropped from surround sound cinema style with the strength of a General commanding his army for battle, to calm, feminine, relaxed and a bit shaken after my energy dropped so many levels. I had returned to my normal self, Nadia.


My invocation was complete and I shared my knowledge at the event, and departed. 


I could have stood there, paralysed with fear when they asked me to speak about Spartanite. I can clam up when I am interviewed on numerous podcasts that I have been featured on, and so can you. I want you to know, whomever is reading this, that you’re going to have MANY TIMES where Fear looks like an option. IT ISN’T. Life is going to test you in many ways. Losers will tell you that you cannot do something. This isn’t just to do with money or business, YOUR COURAGE will give you unexpected results. When you truly STEP UP to swing the bat on the plate, life rewards you in funny ways. This can be asking out the woman you like, no matter how challenging it may feel for you (for men), this can be bold enough to ask for the deal/close the sale minus fear and working out your objections, this can be raising your rates and honouring your current clients, however knowing your worth.


And this can be leaving those horribly abusive people who do nothing but destroy your core on the inside.




It takes the ability to stand up and say NO MORE. I will not accept this. Rejection hurts, but REGRET HURTS A MILLION TIMES WORSE. Fear will rob you. It will rob you of the chance to live for YOURSELF, and not be a little sheep as they expect you to be. Fear will laugh and taunt you, saying you will never find a good man or woman after all you have endured. YOU WILL. Fear will smirk when you allowed it to creep into your mind. Fear will rejoice when you are away from your Divine Mission.


Fear — 0


You — 1


It’s time to start the ignition. Don’t let fear ruin your gearbox. You have a long way to drive.


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Only The Strong, Survive.