King Clauneck & Why Spartanite Is The Antithesis Of Being a Golddigger

I have often thought to write this post, as I see it everywhere in Society. A society driven by immense, intense materialism, and greed.


Golddiggers are a class act, of a special type of weird and strange. I have watched women (if we can even call them that?) hustle men for money, and I have never understood the mentality and concept behind it. So much so, I tried to study their weird mind to understand what is the actual reason behind it. Ever since I was a little girl, people used to ask me.

“Oh I bet you want to grow up, be pretty with your long hair and marry a tall, strong, rich man who looks after you with lots of money, houses, cars..”


It sounded nice theoretically, but it felt empty, shallow, and fake. WHICH IT IS. I had never considered it a life long GOAL to marry a rich man and call it a day. I mean then what? What’s to look forward to? : What happens next? (answers on a postcard, please…)


I didn’t salivate like a hungry dog starved of food for days, when I saw men with money, and I kept asking myself WHY I wasn’t behaving like other women. Some days, I used to feel like an alien in my thoughts. As an Aquarian woman, I often feel like an alien in this world. I have sat at tables with men who have networth(s) collectively over 1 Billion, and thought to myself “It’s good to learn from them and have them in my contacts, they obviously know what they are doing” and nothing else came up. I didn’t feel the greed in my heart to worm my way into someone’s life to grab his money and run, to marry him, divorce him, and run, to do anything to make him spend something on me. I sat at tables with women who only wanted to show off their diamond ring from their wealthy man, their house on the beach or in the City, their handbag, their this and that. I smiled politely but I was cringing. All I could think about was maybe going to the local cafe and eating some nice Salmon laden toast with a fresh juice and scribbling out some thoughts for a new book or some new product line for my business.


In other words, I was bored.  This isn’t to say I don’t admire men who have worked hard, and diligently for their earnings and their money. I have appreciation for their ambition and their drive. I just don’t have any interest to STEAL it.


One day, I decided enough was enough and summoned Clauneck to talk to him about why I felt what I did a few years back. The answers were interesting and I state them below :






Me : “Greetings King! I have a few questions on the relations of moneyed men and why women behave the way they do. I feel lonely in my thoughts and like an alien. Can you scan my thoughtforms and explain why I feel the way I do?”


Clauneck : Lady Spartanite! Of course. Your thoughtforms are atypical of an Aquarian woman. Many Aquarian women are highly independent, charmingly rebellious, and always wish for their own identity. IDENTITY IS YOUR ANSWER. You are a SOMEONE within yourself and a woman of the Occult. Women of the Occult, have far too much command and power of their own, to go trying to siphon it from someone else. Which is precisely the man that ends up with an Aquarian woman, likes her ability to have her own life. Initially, golddiggers will be interested in Spartanite — this brand you are creating and evolving. They will mistake it as a place where you teach women how to con men out of their money. They will soon come to find that you hate that mentality, for it is the mentality of a vampire, a leech, and a thief. You detest it because you have the blood memory of what it is to be a man yourself in other lifetimes, and although you are very much a woman and feminine here — you abhor leech like victim behaviour. You will not fall for the many tricks of women, and what they do with men on this Earthly plane.”


Me : “So it’s an Aquarian problem? What is about the man’s money that doesn’t make me jump? Why do I feel neutral?”


Clauneck : “Because you have the power, drive, and capacity to make your OWN MONEY. You’re not a thief, Nadia. You have pride in what you have created, what you will create, and the woman you are on the inside. You don’t want to rob a man for what has taken him so hard to work on, because you understand with experience the trials and challenges of how hard it is to build something. Your LIFE CIRCUMSTANCES did not allow you to think as most women do, you knew you had to move quickly and fast, in order to survive and keep yourself alive.


I wouldn’t call it an exclusive Aquarian problem, but your kind are highly independent and even though you may choose to marry a wealthy man, you will admire him for his drive and ambition, above the money he has. You are balanced about money and understand money is the byproduct of the effort, sacrifice, and value one puts into their work. However you’re ALSO not swayed by men who do not have anything tangible to offer because you know the harsh realities of this world through your Capricorn energy that you have amassed over time. You’re exceptionally practical.”


Me : “Can I ask why a woman snapped at me when I said this to her once and said “well would you rather a broke man?”


Clauneck : “Fools like to jump to conclusions, don’t they? Certainly, you will be yoked to a provider type man, as your Father was. Do you think your mother married him only because he had money? No. She loved him. Yes, he was very financially successful but he cared for her too. Just because a man’s money doesn’t move you, doesn’t mean you will end up with a man who cannot afford to pay this month’s gas bill. People are ridiculous. Nadia, most women go after moneyed men, for understandable reasons. Just as a man values beauty, youth, fertility, long hair, a wide beautiful smile, an ample bust, and a curvy body, — women too value provider men. You value them equally. But you do not want to rob them because you carry yourself with pride, independence, and dignity — something many women of today, do not have.”


Me : “Why do golddiggers find Spartanite and the mentality I teach, strange?”


Clauneck : “For the same reason, you find THEM strange. It is the polar opposite. They cannot imagine why you would want to “waste” your youth, and your beauty, creating something of your own; when you can just marry a man with tonnes of money and profit off him? Women with the golddigger mind, think you’re an idiot. You are pleasing to a man’s eye naturally and they cannot understand why you don’t use it to your advantage. You do. But not in the way THEY would. You don’t use your beauty as a trap. Their whole goal is a rich man, that is all. Your goal is not that, although you will end up marrying a man with money, anyway as it is part of your destiny that no one can stop.


Your goal is to serve humanity as has been given to you in your DIVINE MISSION. You are here to do the work of the DIVINE, first. Divinity does not teach one to rob others. It teaches provision and compassion, not leech like selfish behaviour. You chose to serve others by creating Spartanite, and in that Spartanite, gave YOU a life. Golddiggers play at a zero sum game. The only way they think they can “get money”, is through stealing it. You also have something many women don’t that I forgot to add in my previous statement. Character and SELF RESPECT.””


Me : “That’s really sad, Clauneck.


Clauneck : “It surely is. But your thoughts are shared by women who will TRULY benefit from Spartanite. So you’re not as alien as you may mistake yourself to be. You teach many, many women to stand up for themselves in a world where women are encouraged to be helpless and to be rescued all the time. Some of the golddiggers, will come around to your teachings, equally. They will see life isn’t the zero sum game I speak of, a woman CAN have her own keep and be proud of what it is, minus taking her clothes off and doing questionable things to harm her character and reputation. You have never done anything stupid, or shameful for money. You have made your keep with pride, self dignity, and respect.  Many men will like Spartanite and be encouraged by your natural mentality of what you share and teach which will equally benefit them in their life too.”


Me : “I am pleased to hear I am able to help more. Do you have any closing thoughts on this?”


Clauneck : “Keep doing what you’re doing and know that Spartanite is antithesis to thieving behaviour. A thief wants something for nothing. A deal. A con. A scam. Spartanite offers the doors to a wonderful life through the rewards of persistence, hard work, and sacrifice. Thieves want it free. I think you’re good for now!”


When I heard the channel door drop, I sat and reflected on what Clauneck said to me over lunch. It made me think about what I was creating, who I was, and the type of people I wanted to serve. Years on today, I am pleased what Spartanite teaches reaches the right people and I, endeavour to carry that blazing torch into many more decades ahead 🙂