Lack Consciousness & The Religion of Poverty

Whenever I get some spare time, I often do my best to catch up on reading as well as sharpen my crafts and understanding of the human psyche, philosophy, Gnostic knowledge, Theosophy etc.

Lack Consciousness and The Religion of Poverty — is the channel that most people tune into. To watch their favourite horror show of misery, lack, and my all time favourite — WHINING. I personally shut down whiny conversations, just by not engaging or enabling the behaviour around me. Whine once and it’s a serious matter, we’re good. Make your life a whine, and I am gone. I write this article because I will never forget a conversation I had six years ago in my first business. One of my staff members was Romanian, she was a lovely lady, married and in her mid-30’s. Her name was Dana. And she was strikingly beautiful.

We often used to speak about our lives and she one day said “I was born into a very poor family and I started work, aged 12. Eastern Europe doesn’t have laws like the UK, and I have worked in so many different places throughout my life. My father and brother used to constantly laugh at me, when I said I wanted a better life for myself. My husband is a builder and together, we want to do more for ourselves. I refused to accept I will remain poor, because I come from a poor family”.

I wish we had more Dana’s in the world, in all honesty.

What we sadly often receive, is a bunch of whiners born into a poor family, and preached a religion of Poverty of how they will always be poor etc. Poverty is the root cause of Lack Consciousness, and people just carry the mess onto their kids, and their whole family is infected with this disease. A disproportionate number of people love staying in Victimhood, because victimhood garners SYMPATHY from others. When I had little to no money, I never expected people to feel sorry for me. Yes, it was exceptionally challenging for me. I used to wake up and go to bed crying and cry through all God’s hours in-between, but when I saw opportunities both offline and online, I jumped on them. I didn’t allow a crippling story to hold me back –again not due to the family I was born in, but through my own sheer will.

Complaining and moaning, are some of the WORST habits, an individual can have. All the time they spend moaning about how they don’t have this or that, or how the rich are this and that — and how wealth inequality exists, is frankly downright weird. If only someone said to themselves : “I have had enough of this, I am going to do better”; chances are, they often will. I have a good friend who was born into a lack filled household. In his late teens, he nearly went to jail twice for dealing drugs out of desperation to help his parents pay their mortgage. Today, he works for himself in both a legal and lawful profession and educated himself through YouTube and reading books. We both used to walk to school together 15 years ago + — and he could have either been sitting in prison with not much use to anyone, or today covering the WHOLE of the UK with his services. He has customers and clients in every part of the country and worked day and night to leave behind what he came from.

Wiping out lack consciousness, takes time. It isn’t done overnight but there is help and hope available that by teaching yourself about the proper and appropriate ways to approach your monetary situation, it WILL change.

Wealth Inequality — is EQUALITY.

As my mentor often said — Nadia, money and wealth distribution, is exceptionally fair in a Capitalistic society. It naturally goes to those who produce. The income to effort ratio, is pretty slim when you work a job — so you’re naturally not paid much. You choose to accept a salary at a company because that is an option available to you plus it is what you feel you’re worth. Most people don’t feel worthy of money, hence they receive none. There is no such thing as “wealth inequality” in the world. When you produce for others, people will voluntarily pay you. I cannot recall you thinking “let me steal from this one’s bank account” — you have simply designed things that people buy, and buy enmasse; hence allowing you to accumulate monetary freedom and investing into appreciating assets. Have you forced anyone to buy from you? I don’t think so. People approach you when they are fed up of living the life they life and want to change, in all aspects.

Capitalism builds a nation, Socialism destroys it.

Whilst the notion of Robin Hood is heartwarming, stealing from the rich to give to the poor; stealing in any form is a crime. However he had good intentions. He wanted those who practice the Religion of Poverty, too — to have a good life. The best way to provide someone in lack consciousness a “good life”, isn’t to give them money. It is to empower them not to be a victim of their shitty life and educate them to know that wealth can be friends with ANYONE, irrespective of what you have come from; based on your DESIRE TO FINANCIALLY SUCCEED. Most poor people hate the rich, because it’s their only real defence instead of saying “poverty is an addiction and through my own useless and shitty habits, I CHOOSE to stay poor”. Yes, in a developed country — America, Western Europe, Australia — poverty is a choice. It is a choice because OPPORTUNITIES are available to you that immigrants who do not speak your language, come and take full advantage of; and now you’re mad that they made 2M in a few years and you’re still slumming it.

When I created the Wealth Magnetism Bracelet, Spartanite Pre Wealth and all the other money goodies you can find on our store — I didn’t create them because I woke up one day and thought “yeah, this will be cool to sell, and it will make me money”. I make money and Spartanite grows by making OTHER PEOPLE MAKE MONEY. People benefit highly from our items and only & only through that, do we generate our profits. I really worked day and night to think how to eliminate this pain that a lot of people face, and designed it for those who GENUINELY WANTED OUT OF THEIR SITUATION. 

You are a sum of your decisions 🙂

Choose well.

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