Lady Duchess Bune — The Womb Is a Treasure Chest & Embodies Diamond Radiance

This post is addressed to Ladies; Gentlemen are most welcome to read and further themselves on a topic that will GREATLY benefit their understanding of a woman.


And a man who deeply understands a woman, has success with them. 


Real success. 


Not manufactured Pick Up Artist, “I will show you how to jam pack your entire weekend with faceless, nameless, low self worth, women.”


And real success for a man with a woman, is having the courage to see a woman as a human, and not as a sex doll. You will be a MAN among the gods, if you embrace this.


Duchess Bune is a Goetic Being and hails from aristocratic nobility and the ruling class.


Known as an old god (despite her being a lady) and is a Left Hand spirit of Aristocracy. Known to rule equally over money and opportunities, her talents lie in creating the feminine charm and procuring the womanly arts of elegance, grace, sophistication, and poise. She governs seduction and has great worldly knowledge. The Duchess is sought for her assistance with financial affairs — She mentors in the arts of motherhood, wifedom, feminine hospitality, elegance, refinement, dignity, Goddess allure, sexuality, grace, poise, and social etiquette.


Working with Bune, is really life changing in a way that is tough to put in words. MANY people approach her for financial gain & leverage, and she DELIVERS. Not to mention, she is the crowning Queen of FEMININITY and her words are like gold mixed with honey flowing, when she speaks. Part of why I chose to offer her FEMININE COURTHOUSE MENTORING that you can discover more about by clicking here, is simply because there is a LOT that is out there on “femininity” however it is tough to replicate a mix of strength, and feminine charm, in a way that relegates itself into the modern world. Lady Bune and myself, wanted to offer that. Seeing as most women in the West today are manlier than men, in every form, fashion, shape, and manner — Bune’s work is needed more than EVER to share that one can mix the refined, with the primal.


On that note, I was deeply inspired to create her exclusive luxurious pink rose pendant (click here to discover more) that is actually WOMB empowerment. The womb, is where all femininity resides. Now, if for medical reasons, there are challenges in that area — the energy will still work. So please do not feel sad about that 🙂




She IS THE TRUE stargate through which a smart man passes, to gain wisdom and information about HIMSELF.


In ancient times, the Sacred Temple Prostitute, was less of a prostitute, and more of the “holy whore”. Men came with UTMOST respect to lay down with a Priestess woman who was psychically gifted (you will remember the Sorceress that Kelly Wu plays, in the movie The Mummy, here — that type of woman), and by energetic exchange, his kundalini and gifts were activated WITHIN him to be a BETTER warrior and emperor.  He would lead, fight, love, and fuck better after this. After they had enjoyed their time, the Priestess was grateful to have shared her gift, the man was honoured, and he left her pieces of gold as a deep “thank you”. No one felt used. It is like going to the temple and paying homage to the gods/Divine by leaving offerings. It is the same analogy.


Fools are not let into Divine places, in temples. You have to PROVE your worth to be let in. Seeing as the modern woman has no concept of her own Divinity any longer, and religion + society has CRUSHED it out of us, the womb has become like the house without the tight front door with nuts, bolts that protect it from harm. Any man just walks right in, destroys the house, and walks back out with the pink diamonds in tow. Which is why Bune is HOT on Femininity. Femininity, is NOT sexual in nature. Women of today have been brainwashed to think that being “sexy” is how to grab a man’s attention. That is not HIS attention, it’s more his cock you’re getting noticed by.


And by the virtue and merit of that, the local strip joint caters for that…


The womb has magnetic power of her own. She is often neglected, abandoned, misused, used, humiliated, ashamed, and broken into. She has all the memories of pain stored within her and eventually, her light begins dimming out. But that light, my dear, can be restored inside you. Not all hope is lost. Your womb is still pretty and wants to shine. She still wants to remind you that you deserve to be treated well, with respect, and with love. No matter what your story is and how hard it may seem to overcome it. You can do it!


The womb holds all the emotions that require CLEARING, in order to magnetise ABUNDANTIA AND WEALTH FORTUNAS from a place of rest and not insanity.


This world tells women to grab power like a man. Reject and resist this. Your power does not come from excessive doing, it comes from BEING. And the being, is the natural birthright of RADIANCE.


DISQUALIFY ANYONE WHO DOESN’T RESPECT THE QUEEN OF THE HOUSE. THAT IS YOUR WOMB. She makes the rules and make sure people in your life, are living UP TO them. 


Ever seen a woman who emits Diamond Radiance?


I am sure you have. Now you know her secret. It’s feminine radiance that directly originates from the WOMB.


And you can have it too.




Femininity, is BOTH.


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