Life After Djinn — Healing From Magickal CPTSD + Embracing The Healthy Happy Self :)

As I document my rather Private journey of recovery to help many people find a voice, a place, peace and HOPE, on a public platform that I own and on my own Site here where no one will censor, question, or ridicule me, I thought of writing about recovering from the China Doll Layer of Djinn Attachments and the mind rape, it causes. As part of my infamous series, of sharing my story of overcoming low level entity possession that nearly killed me PLUS the smorgasbord of variant mental/emotional damage, I touch on a different topic, each time that I choose to write on this matter.


It is my good fortune that my STORY of survival and escape, has saved many countless lives and given people fresh hope, to know that “well, if she survived, so can I”.


You can 🙂 I am living proof a person can survive ANYTHING.


When I have told my story in-depth, to close friends, people are genuinely shocked that I am alive and furthermore, thriving. Without any surprise, I am more shocked than they are.


Each day, I wake up and remind myself that I looked death in the face many times, and sent it home, without any negotiations.


Embracing the healthy, happy self, — is one of the biggest blessings that I was ever given, after a lifetime of insanity. Many people in their Businesses are focused on doing the normal business stuff. My goal always with Spartanite, is empowerment of the SELF but giving people HOPE in a HOPELESS, DESOLATE place. I do this in many different ways and my work is not for the normal, sleeping sheep. After the djinn left me and I was left even more damaged and broken than I thought a person could ever feel, healing from the Complex PTSD, the nightmares, flashback, trauma intrusive memories, and terror — has been a non-stop for me, but each day, I have healed increasingly and today, I write this as a healthy, balanced, stable, and well-adjusted woman who is mentally happy and grateful to see the sunshine after the inferno.


The woman I am who writes this today, is only a DREAM of what I could have imagined myself as once upon a time. Sometimes, I come and write this blog and think “yeah, maybe I am just talking to myself”. 6 months later, I often get random e-mails surprising me that HOW MANY people keep up with this blog through their own ways, so it is always in my interest to keep sharing my story, keep sharing hope, and educating humanity for as much as I can. There is normal PTSD/CPTSD. Then there is the type I went through, which has the same effect except it is coming from djinn or heavy magick placed on you. I wouldn’t wish the pain I have endured alone, on anyone but a worse type of it on those who truly deserve it. Those who steal innocence, beauty, virtue, and happiness because they are sick and sickness only knows how to destroy.


When your life looks as hopeless as a beautiful home you loved, that was wiped away in a fire, and all you look at is rubble, all is not lost.


Grieve, cry, and mourn your loss. But know that no matter how broken you feel (and I speak to SO MANY who will read this), there is HOPE FOR YOU and you WILL and CAN START AGAIN. You can recover and restore all that was taken from you, you can stand tall and rise in your command and power again. My core goal with Spartanite, as much as these posts educate, is to be able to provide real HOPE (Nadia means Hope) that whatever hurts your heart, can be repaired to completion — no matter how far gone you may THINK it may be.


I listen to stories all the time.  It is my job. All types of loss, all types of concerns, heartaches, and numbness from people. And I say this to anyone who reads this. Normal people won’t and don’t understand you. I don’t talk about internet marketing bullshit fluff, I don’t only talk about your business and maximizing profits (and sometimes dispensing some career guidance), I don’t cover 5 tips on being attractive to the love of your life (that’s common sense lol).


What I DO talk about, is the REALITY OF LIFE ITSELF.


The reality most love avoiding. I don’t gloss and brush over things because I don’t have a habit of eating avoidance and lies, for all 3 square meals. One does not heal from looking the other way.


So here’s 5 things I want to say in my OWN Sparty Style.


1. If you love someone and have feelings for them, chance it up and TELL THEM. Rejection hurts, but regret is FAR damn worse. You may absolutely surprise yourself by finding out they have always liked you too! I know it can feel like such a burden but having the COURAGE to speak it out, is literally everything. This goes for anything else on your heart as well 🙂


2.This world is cold, cruel, and mean by nature. Don’t lie to yourself that it is anything else. Too many people bitch about “positive thinking”. Get used to character assessments and act accordingly. Be kind where necessary to good, and wonderful humans. Be intolerable and harsh, also as is to abusive predators. When you stop being prey by being NAIVE, you’re disinteresting to predators.


3. It is your duty to pour yourself into something that is your DIVINE MISSION, that is far beyond a business, project or whatever. Pour yourself into something that is your entire Identity. Spartanite is mine, have something that you are formed at by and large, at the core. People of today are lost, due to a lack of CORE IDENTITY. So they fall victim to fads, and gimmicks. And the entire online business movement seems dedicated to this nonsense. Hold something to YOU, that NO ONE can take from you because it swims in your blood.


4. All things being done, are hidden in plain sight. Everything, is hidden in plain sight. It is only you that needs to remove the blindfold. And that blindfold ONLY is eliminated through Spiritual understanding of YOURSELF. Many seek to teach you about this world, few can teach you about yourself.


5. Divine Timing is perfect. You will just be glad you waited.


Living a life on your OWN SOVEREIGN terms, is possible. You just need to know it exists. I, endeavour for all those who choose to read this piece, that no matter what you show to the world at large, you can stand up for yourself and always have your own back. 


YOU, are possible 🙂