Life After Sludge Demonic Possession — As Above So Below : Entering The Void

The “Life After Sludge Demonic Possession” posts I have, both on this blog and on Medium, are a multitude in education for people who are not familiar with the nature of evil djinn and what they can do to a person in a lifetime. This is sort of like a public survivor documentary for me and for those who wish to understand where my Spartanite Strength originates from.


As a survivor of 4 djinn sent to kill me by select evil relatives on my estranged Father’s side, the same way my Father sadly passed away, breaking free from this prison — has been a never ending nightmare but it is with great joy and pride, that I now serve others from this horrific abuse and pain.


Someone called me a healer the other day.


I wasn’t sure what to make of it. I, best attribute that word to others. I think they do a far better job of healing than I ever could. I certainly would never call myself a healer, because what conjures into people’s minds; is someone with their outstretched hands, laying them on someone’s head or specific body parts and radiating the calming energy frequency to salve them. Also, perhaps providing guidance that feels like a soothing balm.


My work isn’t that. AT ALL. 


My work is Void work. I have to walk the corridor of Darkness, each day in my life and I am exceptionally comfortable being around the insane, possessed, depressed, crazy, nymphomanic, clueless, and broken. Walking your calling, is hard. I was called to the realms of the Occult, and by God, I was dragged here kicking and screaming. I just really wanted to do something in the mundane realms (classified as “normal” in modern society), so I turned my hand to that, when I was younger. I opened a day spa and it was just safe to provide facials, massages, and nails. Or write a book. Or 7. So I decided to hide away doing that, in hopes that the call would just shut up and go away.


The call just kept getting louder and harder to ignore. From knowing where someone was (where they lay dead, basically) after shown as a “missing” person on TV, to knowing a 72 hour time frame of a relationship ending in my life and what the man was going to say in advance (and still having to behave shocked, because really, what else CAN you do after he’s lied through his teeth to be polite?) ,I just realised there is no running away from what is already inside you. You can try, but there is no running.


It is common knowledge to an Occultist and those of us who practice, that if you want something in the physical realm, you have to move things behind the scenes in the energy realms. In simple English, As Above, So Below. Whatever is happening on an energy level in your life, has DIRECT results in your waking life. One of the best examples I provide as the Aura Cleanses I do. Within a week, people feel light, clear, magnetic, and possess high octane clear energy. I haven’t gone up to them and physically poured shower gel and washed them. I do that on an energy level for them. Cleaning their spirit, means their life is clean. The void is dark and ugly. Each day, I have to walk it in my own life. There are some things about this realm that normal people will never understand, for it is not their place. They are stuck in the trap of being brainwashed and hypnotised that all psychic/occult ability is “evil”, and we leave them there. One cannot teach a dog how to fly. So..there’s, that.


Removing low life evil djinn from people (in other circles, they would be known as sludge or parasites or what have you..) however there are 4 types of Djinn, that I talk about here in this YouTube episode. Removing very strong black magick that people come to me with, that evil people have no shame destroying other’s lives for, isn’t a joke. There is a whole damn handbook I need to write on what happens AFTER this stuff is taken off you. Then what? You don’t just have all this shit removed and next day, you’re skydiving and flying all happy. Is someone sexually assaulted and then after some therapy, they are fine? No. You’re damaged for LIFE. I know this damage first hand, as I have experienced it and choose to address it through my blog because I don’t know who in the world it will reach, however the people meant to read it, it certainly will.


No one talks about the toxic shame, isolation, loneliness, pain, sadness, grief, estrangement, depression, suicidal thoughts, financial desolation, physical exhaustion and psychological damage. They don’t talk about it because they don’t know it, and haven’t lived THROUGH IT. They don’t know what it feels like to fight an invisible war no one can see in a place NO ONE can hear your screams. NO ONE.


I remember removing very strong voodoo placed on someone not too long back and he told me he had gone to so many “spiritual healers” who said nothing was wrong with him. From his picture ALONE without even doing Diagnostics, I knew something was off. 3 days later when I was done, we confirmed he had very strong dark voodoo placed on him to destroy his life. I could see why. He is an intelligent, CAPABLE man and will go far in life. As soon as I was done with the ritualistic work, I washed him with an aura cleanse and all the horrible emotions started rising to the surface (as they are meant to). He felt grief, toxic shame, and extreme guilt. He could finally FEEL after the magick had suppressed him for so long. I had to reassure him that everything he is feeling is normal and he will continue to heal 🙂 This is why so many people think Occult line of work is a joke, because unqualified idiots are out here dispensing advice without the proper training and working with a select Occult Court, to do this type of work.


My maternal great-grandfather was an Occultist and a Djinn Conjurer and one night, he decided to visit me in Spirit and say “Nadia, are you sure you want to take this line I used to do? It is life-threatening and can easily kill you. You have already endured so much and nearly died. Are you truly sure about this?“. I told him, I didn’t have a choice as Spartanite was going to be based on that. There were too many people I needed to help and break free their invisible cages before I left this world. Entering the void, isn’t for the faint hearted. Each day, I still question myself, and when I am done performing a ritual for someone to free them, I am relieved that “here we are, this is one more person I have helped break free”. Each time, I design an enchanted bracelet or custom pendant replete with Arabic letters and sigils and I hear of their success, it makes it worth while. Each person who gets results from Spartanite, makes it worthwhile for me.


Walking in your calling, will not be easy.


You will have to be dragged to it. It isn’t going to be the warm sunshine on your bare back at 7 am amidst a busy road with traffic. It’s going to be the 3 am call, the pang in the pit of your stomach. The horrible truth you do not want to admit, face, or see.


The truth that will set you free.


The truth that will allow you to live what your SOUL is meant to achieve.


Open Pandora’s box. Only if you dare.