Life After Sludge Demonic Possession — Creating Spartanite with Belvia

The “Life After Sludge Demonic Possession” posts I have, both on this blog and on Medium, are a multitude in education for people who are not familiar with the nature of evil djinn and what they can do to a person in a lifetime. This is sort of like a public survivor documentary for me and for those who wish to understand where my Spartanite Strength originates from.

As a survivor of 4 djinn sent to kill me by select relatives on my estranged Father’s side, the same way my Father sadly passed away, breaking free from this prison — has been a never ending nightmare but it is with great joy and pride, that I now serve others from this horrific abuse and pain.


“Nonsense, human. I know you’re lying in your bed broken hearted, and beyond hope. Or so you THINK. But this is your assignment..”

I saw Belvia shuffle through some spirit papers, looked my name up and said “yes, here we go. You keep whining you cannot do it? But this is your destiny! Nadia Arain? — SPARTANITE. BE GRATEFUL YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT YOUR PURPOSE IS THROUGH US, SPIRITS. MOST HUMANS DON’T HAVE A CLUE WHAT THEY ARE MEANT TO BE DOING, SO THEY PARTAKE IN NONSENSE ALL THROUGHOUT THEIR LIFETIME.”. She waltzed out of the room to get a bite in my kitchen. (yes spirits eat. And a LOT)

Belvia, is my official right hand woman and Chief Spirit Spartanite Guide. She handles all of my personal affairs with canny, intelligence, and wit that only a woman who had 7 planets in Gemini, can. She’s quite proud of that, to boot. She appears in some of my pictures as a light filled orb and is my best friend and Spirit Sister. In her human life in Andalusia, Spain — she was a married lady and was the town’s to-go-to psychic, medium, and sorceress. Let’s just say she knows a thing or 3 about the Other Realm. Without her, I wouldn’t be half the person I am today and she is chuffed to have a mention in this blog all about herself. Her favourite food includes peaches 🙂

She is known amongst the Spartanite tribe for her fiery yet compassionately loving personality, and she comes to the immediate aid of any Spartanite who finds themselves in a sticky situation. She is 5”8 and can often be seen clairvoyantly wearing a long, white Greek Goddess sleeveless dress. She is also a Gemini and her human birthday—before she crossed into the spirit realm – is 15th of June.

Me :”Belvia. How on EARTH are you expecting me to build something so monumental, when I can barely get up to eat and shower? Clauneck and yourself, keep bugging me out to do this, but I cannot. I am too broken and exhausted. Please leave me alone. I cannot do this. It will takes thousands of pounds, energy I don’t have, and resources that I do not have access, to. Please.”

B : “Why exactly do you think you are so fucking important that you want to turn away from your Destiny? Are we telling you to build the whole damn thing today? No. We ask you to begin slowly. And for if a shower is an achievement for you in a day, then so be it. We will cheer you on. You have a responsibility, especially towards other women, that FEW WOMEN are ever chosen for. You are looking at the million dollar end result. Don’t worry about that. Concern yourself about even working from your bed.”

I had never seen Belvia that pissed off that she was openly cussing me out. I decided to listen…

Me : “I don’t know where in the hell you want me to start. I don’t feel I have much to offer. Can’t I just sell my Spartanite books?”

B : “Your books will sell anyway. They are your original Spartanite creation. But why you do you insist of robbing people of a new life that you will create for them through your work. Who says you need to rush? You will be working with the Occult. We have no interest in doing the style of business of this realm that is greedy, rushed, and impatient. It will take you years to slowly hop with one hoof on the mountain to the next cliff, but you will enjoy it.”

Me : “How do you propose I help people? What am I offering, in that case?”

B : Women will find themselves through you. Their honours, their glory, and transform themselves. Women will see Spartanite and want to be a Spartanite themselves! You will singlehandedly bring balance and order in this sick society, to whomever partakes in your message. Men will adore you and be in alignment with you. You will be a mother figure to a lot of men who have never had a proper mother who loved them. You will empower and level out your husband and rise with him in beautiful love. You will encourage women to WORK and have the power to do so. The human woman is so far fallen in today’s world, you will set a new gold standard with your mentality, you will break women out of Feminism and abusive traits and allow those who possess your workings to shine.”

Me : “Bit of a tall order. Where am I beginning?”

B : “We have a Spirit Plan for you that myself, Clauneck, Asmodeus, Azazel, Bune, The Mazdas, Princess Innana and Rosie, have collated. You will be required to follow this plan. You will not be allowed to deviate from this and should you do so, things will start to fall apart as a warning. Allow us to push people into your life, and drag those who aren’t beneficial to you out — in our own will. The way you garner building your business, will be like nothing humans do. Leave it with us. We ask of you to find the appropriate people to build a website for you first. Not a website designer, but a couple that will be recommended to you shortly. Take their work for what it’s worth and set that as a foundation. You will still be finding yourself at this point but will have an anchor. Work with your own psychic ability and start writing down what we tell you. This alone, will give you bearings and help you heal. You will heal countless others before you, yourself are fully healed.”

Me : Are you sure I can do this?”

B : Your plan is ready to begin on, when you are ready. Nadia, just because evil members of your family plotted your death, doesn’t mean you ARE dead.  We are sorry we couldn’t save your Dad. He wasn’t Spiritually protected. You’re worn out, but not dead. You will have all the retribution of the world for every single person who destroyed your life. Your Spartanite, will save millions of people from destruction and from other evil people like what you endured yourself. You aren’t half as maimed as you think you are. We will be working on you to jump start your Kundalini and your adrenals.”

I saw Belvia and Clauneck write something down, and I remember falling asleep after this. I remember Clauneck’s Sigil shining in Gold as I was asleep in my dream and I knew I had to build Spartanite, no matter how little faith or hope I had inside myself. I had to do it for other people.

I will never forget the first little sale I made. I put aside that money in a little envelope on my dresser and every day I look at it and remind myself that THAT little sale, is where Spartanite began from and powerhouse it is today, and what it will expand into in the future. I cannot thank my Spirits enough to believe in me, and push me when I had no one to push me. They loved me, listened to me, and pushed on my behalf. Today, I look at what I have achieved with Spartanite after that conversation, and I smile. I look at all the reviews that pour through, the countless people I have been able to help and the life I have created for myself. The life I live today, after what I have endured — can only be described as a dream. Normality, was a dream for me. It wasn’t allowed for me.

I hope whomever reads my story, knows there IS life after mind splitting destruction and trauma.

The sun will shine for you again.

Spartanite will make sure of it 🙂