Life After Sludge Demonic Possession —Discovering Elevated Levels of Consciousness

As I document my rather Private journey of Possession recovery, on a public platform and on my own Site, I thought of writing about recovering from the China Doll Layer of Sludge Demon Prostitution and the mind rape, it causes. As part of my series, of sharing my story of overcoming sludge demonic possession, I touch on a different topic, each time that I choose to write on this matter.

Today’s round, will be of consciousness. Being born with the gift of being an Empath and a Clairsentient/Cognizant Psychic, the sludge demons did not allow me to access my gift. In the haze, I knew I was gifted and they did not allow me to express it. So after they were exorcised from me, I started my repair on my psychological and emotional damage, that in itself nearly killed me. As I started to repair the shards of a broken life, filled with painful tendrils growing out of it, I became more comfortable stepping into the gift that had always been there since the beginning of time.

I started seeing, hearing and feeling more than I ever had, and although a bit confused, I was never scared. Belvia, my spirit guide could finally speak to me, after years of what she tells me, was a wall of desperately trying to get through to me. Experiencing elevated levels of consciousness, has given me such peace and solace from such a hellish and nightmarish journey of overcoming china doll layers of binding magick tied up on 4 sludge demons that fuck up your every tiny bit of happiness in life. Most people never ever escape what I have, let alone thrive and happily share their story on it. Most people eventually die from this, and millions and millions of people are currently possessed with the sludge demonic forces, as we speak.

I accessed elevated levels of consciousness, by having my chakras scrubbed, cleaned, waxed and polished, repeatedly, until I came to a point that the crippling pain that the evil spirits had left my body in, in the form of Fibromyalgia, was removed from me, by a Shaman. I was cured in less than 5 sessions of a crippling condition that is the Empath’s Disease, experienced again by millions who are drained, by low vibratory individuals.

The lasting damage that Fibro left me, I still experience. But my body doesn’t swell up anymore and my mind is at peace, even after the most terrifying and harrowing PTSD triggers I have ever experienced. I can finally work out, not be scared my body will swell up and actually fit into my clothes without worrying about not being able to do so. My elevated levels of consciousness means, I am simply an observer in life nowadays, and very rarely do I react to things, I simply respond to them.

I was 20, when I was nearly going to be sold into sex trafficking. Now, I look back, I cringe in shame and horror, but my psychic gift just about saved me. I thought he was a modelling agent, but he was a handler. I knew he was a Sociopath but during the binding magick, you are unable to act for yourself. At a very intimate level, although I have never had sex for money, the sludge demons made me do plenty of sick things that normal not-possessed woman, does not do. I am rather surprised I didn’t strip, escort, do pornography, or prostitute, now that I look back. I must have had a VERY strong character to withstand that pressure when 4 sludge demons and binding magick pushes you in that direction. This Is Beta Programming, as is known in MK Ultra.

Perhaps, somewhere some how, I knew it would have cost me my entire reputation. I even did not do any swimwear or lingerie when I modelled. As I grew up and acquainted myself with the terrible horrors of women who underwent MK Ultra programming, my recovery isn’t all that different. I can relate to mind numbing and splitting trauma, and the sadness of removing one binding magick layer, only to meet 7 more.

I removed and removed and removed and removed. And with each layer gone, I saw more hope. I saw Hope but reaching that Hope, was so painful. Every step I took, was a broken, bloodied shard inside my foot reminding me what I had escaped. Sometimes, I still cry for what I have escaped. People marvel when I share my story, but I have never known anything different.

When I was 17, I had a vision of the Spirit (one of them) speaking to me and laughing at me, telling me I was going to mental hospital and there was nothing I could do, to stop it. At one point, I thought I was bi-polar and schizophrenic, feeling I had multiple personalities with different names, who liked different things. In recovery, professionally and personally, I learned that although I had survived not having Dissociative Identity Disorder, my mind was so weakened and made fragile, that it took months to deprogramme successfully, in order not to have my mind collapse again from shock.

One of the China Doll Layers, was Gamma Programming, or the Suicide layer.

During my recovery one day, I nearly drove myself off a busy motorway at 100mph. The car lost control and I hit a bend with MINOR scratches to the car. I was actually okay but terribly shaken and sat numb and dazed as to what has happened to me. My mind had previously dissociated and my foot accidentally hit the accelerator a little bit more. Deprogramming was so hard. I’d come home from therapy and cry for days, slowly remembering what I have had to experience.
Happy and Healthy in my deprogramme now 🙂 I will be continuing my journey in parts and bits to share how I overcame what was supposed to have killed me as a little girl.

This continues my story of sharing shards that are now whole and healed from overcoming the battle of 4 sludge evil demon spirits 🙂

Many more rounds of my OWN Spartanite journey will be shared!

I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments in the section below