Life After Sludge Demonic Possession — Leaving The Modelling Industry

Leaving the modelling industry, came as a natural close for me. From the ages of 17–21 (maybe here and there till 22), I modelled throughout University and travelled a fair bit through different countries. I am going to start off by saying I am exceptionally lucky that I solicited a lot of my work personally and did not have any formal agent represent me, other wise I would have ABSOLUTELY BEEN prostituted, pimped and whored out to wealthy, VERY wealthy men. I am fortunate to have the experience to share with you, reading, today. Many women do not break out of their programming, and as you read this, there is sex trafficking happening through women who are possessed by jinn (like I was) as well as being traumatized through MK Ultra Beta (Sex Kitten) Programming. You can read more of my story here.

At the time I modelled, my body was very lithe, slim and I did many jobs and shows. Fortunately, with some sort of moral compass (my psychic ability, I now came to realise), I did not do any lingerie or swimwear modelling. Even when I was offered. Especially then. I remember one casting agent telling me I would never get ANY jobs until I stripped down to my bra and panties, which I saw women do around me on a daily basis. I was stunned how women could just remove all their clothes in-front of men who are complete strangers. Considering, I was overtaken by 4 sludge demons, I absolutely had no idea how dangerous this industry is, and the emotional trauma it leaves a lot of women with. I have gone out with clothes so dangerously short, it is a miracle I am safe, protected and was not publicly sexually assaulted, today ; when I look back. When I look back on my experiences, I actually have got off lightly. I am surprised I am alive.

I remember attending many industry parties at 6 star clubs, and smartly avoiding all the tequila and champagne. NOT drinking alcohol, was actually the reason I would do a shoot and leave immediately. I am fortunate that my psychic gift, even though I was very exposed to a predatory industry, in some shape or form, kept me safe. I have had photographers leer at me, I have had all types of men make passes and advances at me, this was not because I was a model. This was because the sludge demons give you such a low frequency, you come across as cheap, slutty woman. I was horrified when a clairvoyant pointed out, that most men saw me as nothing better than a prostitute. Looking back, I see what she meant and I am so happy that in my deprogramme, I have all my worthy-self respect today. It took me a long, long time to elevate my frequency, something that aura cleanses helped me with (you can find out more on them, here)

I have worn many fashion designers clothing, appearing in spreads, campaigns and magazines. I have had my face scrubbed and scoured of makeup and I have had my hair burnt, singed and dragged into every direction known to man. EVERY stereotype that you hear about modelling, acting, singing etc is correct. It is nasty, slutty, whorish and sludge demonic industry where so much sickness and filth pervades, it is a miracle to come out clean and alive. This industry promotes sodomy, prostitution, child trafficking, pornography, rape, sexual slavery, drug usage, blood sports, Satanic Ritual Abuse, murder and many more cruel, evil and truly mentally sick things. When you buy designer goods, THESE ARE THE INDUSTRIES YOU ARE FUNDING. I have personally been in bathrooms in nightclubs where I have seen people snort cocaine and drink blood from vials. I was too possessed, to know what in the hell I was surrounded by.

When I look back at some of my pictures, they are truly beautiful but due to my depossession recovery, I cannot remember being physically there. It is a sad journey to have to look back on, and I will tell ANY WOMAN reading this?—?the Entertainment industry is high class prostitution.

I am so fortunate not to have sold myself, or someone sell me rather, however I nearly walked into that mess when I was about 19. I nearly signed a contract with someone who is a handler, has links with the British and Russian Govt and has a database of many beautiful, smart, stunning and intelligent escorts. I bless my heart that even being heavily possessed, I said no to the contract when his manager called and threatened me, one morning as I woke up in Paris.

I could easily have been one of the sex trafficked women, without a voice, in-fact probably raped and dead —or stuck in sexual slavery somewhere in Mainland Europe or the Americas — but today I am a psychic claircognizant who so happens to be an Author and a Mentor for women, through my workings with Spartanite. I left my old life behind the day I was exorcised of the unclean, unholy spirits that controlled my life and words cannot explain the freedom and control over my life today. I no longer attract predatory, abusive and psychopathic men. I no longer have financial issues. I no longer feel like I am having panic attacks and I am going to die, and today—I provide hope to MILLIONS of people globally, that they too–can escape and rebuild their life into true empowerment and happiness.