Loss Only Matters When It’s Mental

“You can lose your entire life the way I did and still be where I am because loss is a MENTAL process. Indeed somethings can never be begotten due to their finality, however I promise most is. What has gone, is not nearly as half important as your great life ahead. Giddy up – its time to go full throttle!” – ME, NADIA ARAIN, THE SPARTANITE


Many people come to me from all walks of life and the answer I give them is ALWAYS the same.


“Loss is only loss when it is mental”.


To survive this obscene and vulgar domain we call this planet, “the world”, you’re going to have to mentally step it up and create a type of mental athletics that most do not engage in. People talk about going to the gym or other workouts to gain mental clarity and to main equilibrium – however few actual refer to finding gas in an empty tank to push through a place where people long walk away from you. A lot of the populace do not not have a strong will because the mind is not. In order to overcome loss fully, there has to be a tangent method of a combination of both a mental, emotional, and, spiritual aspect – a type of triangular formation, allowing a person the drive and energy to push forward.


Loss hurts so bad because it highlights the already present void in life.


Loss comes from grief, and also it comes from NON participation. Someone cannot return from departure of this world sadly – the deceased is just literally that, however loss is also a sense of wasting one’s own time from a lack of productivity, aim, and, focus. Unsurprisingly, we live in a world filled with disrespect, a type of disrespect that attacks your time. It is a type of theft and a loss of placeholder-ship of what is truly important in life.


This is a predominance why personal and professional success, is so triggering at an enmasse level. It reflects the places we’re NOT hitting the full cylinder on, a loss of health, a loss of this or that and then the general modus operandi is to slide into self-pity, and self-aggrandization through victimhood. Holding onto the past guarantees through quantum time and sheer absolute will that loss will eat you alive and rob you of your beautiful bright future that you have right around the corner.


So how can you process loss?


Firstly, ACKNOWLEDGE it. Cry, feel sad, scream, feel low for a while. Allow yourself to feel whatever comes up and just be with the emotion. Emotions are not logical, stop trying to make them to be so.


Secondly, DON”T WALLOW AND BEGIN ACTING. It is hyper tempting to wallow in an emotion and furthermore, garner sympathy for your situation. This is not an advocate of pretending everything is okay when it is not. It is about beginning to take action to keep yourself moving – a walk outside, a nice comforting call with a friend, a cuddle up with your cat is great. IF your loss is something replaceable, (bereavement does not count here), seek to replace it FAST. Do not give the mind TIME to process too much because that is when loss STICKS and dents your progress.


Third, BUILD MENTAL FORTITUDE. Over a period of time, see loss as a part of life – and learn to take it in stride. People do not have weak wallets or lives, as much as they possess a weak mind. Things from an external influence grab them quickly because the holes in their aura means people can GET IN quickly. Doing the work on yourself – emotional and mental self mastery, will take you a long way.


REPLACEABLE loss generally only hurts when it’s mental. As mentioned before, this is not to do with bereavement or anything that is final. When things are able to be fixed, when you know you can move ahead – DO IT. 


Your life is here for the taking,  SEIZE IT.  You’re powerful and strong – stop believing the lies that people who gave up with their life want to force feed you. Keep your mind strong, strong as you can find it as possible and keep showing up for life.


The first place to get started is by being BOLD.


Bold As a Lion – because it’s up to you to determine your DESTINY


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