Love isn’t an addiction…

It’s the antidote of Life. 


Each heart, man or woman, craves the depth of losing one’s self to another,


So we enact everything to choose it to come to us.


Love is the COMPASSION we seek in others. 


The evergreen laughter ,and bliss we feel, when drugged and high on Dopamine.


Live Free.


Live Bold.


It is the Strength that keeps you going in a world turned cold and cruel. 


It is the soft caring brush of a woman’s hand on a man’s face through his beard, in a place that can melt him in seconds.


A look that makes him weak no matter how strong, muscled, and tattooed he is.


A sweet kiss on his cheek when she hugs him, a kiss print burned into his skin in ecstatic memory.




A place where he knows he is celebrated as a man, a lover, a human being, and not used for his resources he provides.


The depth of the Ocean the heart swims when you kiss a woman with all your might.


The racing heart and dilated pupils when a woman touches up her final red lipstick eager for her date.


The mind games you’re playing with yourself, when all you want to do is succumb and surrender.


The tears you swallow because of your pride and ego, but they all tumble out when you stare into their eyes in bed..


The fear of shame of not being good enough, but your heart still craves someone to love you perfectly and as you are.


The dates you go on, hoping, this person MAY be the one.


The lies you tell yourself, but your heart knows better in the depths of the 3 am solitude.


The piercing feeling when you look at two people happy with each other, asking yourself what is wrong with you.


Why isn’t it here for YOU yet?


The excuses you make about your career and business being “important”, but in essence, you’re terrified of the reality of LOVE.


So you shut it out.


The ache and sadness of loneliness and desire for deep companionship, sexuality, and a best friend– all in one person.


The longing of seeing the DIVINE in your partner.



The fear, it may never happen for you.


The magick of it’s purity and exaltation.


The terror of heartbreak, being used, taken advantage of, being betrayed, abandoned, and shamed.


But the heart, the heart, just wants to Love.


Lovers don’t meet in each other, they are in Love all along, and the vibration simply connects.


Love doesn’t form over time, the realisation — however does.


The man who one day wakes up and realises his heart is emptier than his bed, and exactly what woman should be there, next to him


The fear that paralyses him on how to approach her, how to claim her, and how to mark her, as HIS.


The hunger and craving desire for a husband, not a man who fills a space, but a man who fits with her PERFECTLY IN THEIR IMPERFECTION TOGETHER.


Love is the lightning bolt that hits you. That deep cellular swim of being ON FIRE with this person in your life.


The calmness and security of their presence.


Love is beauty. And beauty, man or woman, is YOU.


God does not make Junk…


He makes JEWELS.


Use the red thread of PASSION and DESIRE to re-read this to ignite your HEART and your BANK ACCOUNT.


Clear your heart.


Feel, free yourself to DIVINE LOVE FOR YOURSELF and come alive.


You are your own best lover, your Love will merely meet you at the place you have met yourself.


Let’s free you to the LOVE, SENSUALITY, POWER, PLEASURE, MONEY, AND DESIRE you’ve always wanted.


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