Why Debt Has Nothing To Do With Money

Probably one of the more refined articles I write (and confusing), because in modern society, we are led to believe that debt is money that we actually owe someone back, and yet that is the least of the issues. Debt is actually energy that people take from others, and more than anything, take from themselves and find themselves in the very hole they see others in. So what is the deal with debt and how do people fall into it?

The ruling masters of the world have pre-packaged and sold debt to a lot of people’s weak and feeble minds, as a GOOD THING. Unless you have a guaranteed plan for removing the negative numbers, don’t even think of touching debt. I know this having been in debt once upon a time, and knowing how hard it is to reverse debt, the most salient point I found is that when you owe money back to someone, it isn’t the money that is the pain in the ass, it is the ENERGY attached to it. In Channel, a few days back, one of my spirits CK spoke to me about debt being an ENERGY you owe someone, this is why debt has the same energetic blueprint like depression. It is annoying, lethargic and exhausting because it takes so much energy from you. Notice even when you have paid the debt off which really should settle the case, you still feel angry and pissed off (for some bizarre reason). It is because you have given so much of your energy off and you’re practically exhausted by the time you do so.

So what is the best way to tackle debt?

There are a few ways, but one of the first ways, is to block the energy of it from compounding. Everything we accumulate in life, is done so, because we already have sufficiency of it. This is why I often say Wealth begets Wealth. Debt is exactly the same story. Using the Planetary Spirit of Jupiter and the good fortunes of luck and merchant value it brings along, you can easily freeze your debt energy on the etheric plane, so that your debt will NOT keep piling up, and you have room to breathe so you can pay off what exists. Why do you pay INTEREST on debt?

That is because they need to keep you INTERESTED in paying it.

Debt is insidious. It has trapped and yoked millions of people in the world who have no idea to escape it. The next solution after the Jupiterian bind freeze (contact me if you wish me to perform this for you), is to regularly start paying off what you owe. Stop being stupid with your money and look forward to true freedom. In a digital world where people are somehow subliminally programmed to be afraid of cash, be wise and keep it on you at all times. You will have control over your money and it will be easier to stay debt free.

Credit Cards are NOT your friend.