Making Healthy Life Decisions Through Emotional & Mental Maturity

Your life is the sum of the questions you ask, and the decisions you take.


Maturity is a trait that most people lack, to be candid. When many people wonder why their lives are such a mess, it is because they have no more than a 12 year olds mentality of dealing with life.


Perhaps if I am being kind, an adolescent of 15….


An immature individual might be a lovely person but is exceptionally dangerous because their emotions are still very much raw, and raw — always means hasty, rash, and, childish. Like a child, they don’t know right from wrong, good from bad — and what hot soup their DECISIONS will land them, in.


Many immature people are exceptionally annoyed and incensed to be around an individual who possesses common sense, rationale, and, strategy. It is boring for them and immaturity always lacks BOUNDARIES. This is a massive spin-off from narcissistic type of dynamics where by the child’s maturity has been stunted violently in their formative years, making them behave like a 7 year old, permanently.


Many childish people have very high ranking posts and jobs. They do exceptionally well in the professional area because professions (per se) do not require emotional depth or intelligence, to carry out.  They operate at a surface level and surface level, is what this world, prefers.


You are easily fooled, controlled, and, manipulated that way.


I personally have met very successful people who have been exceptionally childish in their world view, naïve, and lacking in any sort of wisdom, value, maturity, and, foresight. For them, their life is a joke and they are always upset when you try to speak to them about anything sensible because in their mind you are condescending and patronizing them. They consider you “too intense”, “too deep”, “too boring” etc.


I will never forget a friend of mine asked me for marriage advice once and I remember the one line I said to her — and expanded it out. Paraphrasing from the dinner we had, it went along the lines of — ” X, make sure he’s mature. That’s the only trait you’re really looking for. Because if he’s mature, believe me when I say this; ALL other parts of his life are handled with sense. Immaturity is a disease, a cancer. It will bleed and seep into your familial household. You will begin to resent your husband for what once you enjoyed — his “lighthearted sense of humour” is now a burden because he is foolish and irresponsible when you most need him. You cannot trust the man with finances, with day to day decisions, with self-discipline, restraint, and, control. He is desperate for other people’s approval, cannot find stability in one business or career and his Peter Pan ways, will leave you distraught and lonely. He will fail you and furthermore, fail your children. Now on the flip-side to be fair, think of the mistake a mature man would have made if he took an immature childish woman as a wife? Imagine the damage to his bloodline, his household, his life.”


Many people can assume physical maturity. That, is a given. And yet, mental and emotional maturity, is a world apart. Mental maturity is the ability to process constructs of variant situations and possess clarity on your next step, for long term success. Emotional maturity is the ability to give correct labels to anything you are feeling at an emotional vantage point and be willing to have the difficult conversations because you’ve done enough to face yourself.


Immaturity originates from a smorgasbord of things. I often attribute down to real lack of parental guidance and discipline to start with and furthermore the lack of desire to genuinely possess a solid foundation of emotional stability. People consider nonsense, arguing, drama, and, chaos as Love. When you come from a mental, abusive, nonsensical, dysfunctional, and bat-shit lunatic type of household, you prefer chaos. You enjoy the Cortisol and Adrenaline rushes. It becomes an addiction that is very challenging and tough to break. I possess compassion and empathy for immaturity. There were parts of me that I very much healed and grew into, seeing my own co-dependent, toxic, and, hurtful patterns. Most people are not willing to do the work to rise into maturity, being childish serves them well.


It provides what they most desire : attention through an audience. It provides them access to a victim mentality and maturity deems a person to take control of their life.


Through intent, it has served the State and the Cabal well to keep people as grown up adult children, broken, immature, childish, with an instant gratification mentality. When you possess the emotionally cognitive function of a child, you are a danger to your own life, let alone anyone else. Immaturity, childish in nature — is SELFISH. Immature people have a HALLMARK of being SELFISH because children are not socialised to think of anyone else. That is fine for a child, abhorrent for an adult.


It is necessary to be an independent thinker, for independent worldviews, only stem from maturity and maturity is the understanding of the other person. Work towards being sensible in your decisions, and sensibility is always the long term planning of life.