Why Your Father Contributes To Your Money Story

I debated long and hard before I decided to write this today. I know this post is going to really trigger up some ugly and nasty wounds. But anyways, here goes…

Today is Father’s Day! I want to celebrate all the MEN who HAVE BEEN A GOOD FATHER!

Some of you Ladies, like myself–do not have your Dad here any longer. Some of you do, but you are estranged from him. Some of you DO have your Dad here and have a wonderful relationship. However, YOUR personal story works out–it works. And us women have to bear the consequence of the DIVINE MASCULINE wound no matter how you deal with it. I, personally lost my Father 9 years ago. He was murdered through the Occult by select members of his own family. Is that easy for me to deal with on a daily basis? No. And you may have not known of that, till you may have read this today. I always talk about the heavy stuff, because I am exhausted living in a world where people are afraid to tell their stories. This is a huge part of my own story, and I never choose to hide it. I, however did–for many years. And when we finally rise up in our wounds and sadness, we empower others.

I am truly sorry if I make you cry with this post. I know Father wounds are terrible, and I know so many of us women have to endure it. Not having a Father to relate to, is truly a horrible thing for a woman. But I want to touch on the POSITIVE aspect of this all. I want to touch on WHAT MONEY DOES that is equal to a Father.

Be it that money is MASCULINE, a Father provides, protects and leads.

Some women struggle so much with money, because they struggle in making the connection of not HAVING that very providence at an early age. Do not worry if you did not have it. What I do want you to do, is sit with the situation, sit with how it makes you feel (whether your Dad is with us here or not) and really give praise and thanks that you’re now blessed to find YOUR own journey. Which leads me to the main point of today…

The Partiarchal Father Influence, comes from the planet Saturn. In order to generate money, we must look towards Saturnian energy which is strong, a bit restrictive in nature, a task master and a leader. Saturn is all about DISCIPLINE, something a GREAT DAD always instills in his children. If you have not learned discipline, it does not mean punishment, so please de link the two from this day forward. I want you to know that no matter WHAT your story, we are here to celebrate POSITIVE MASCULINE ENERGY by raising our sons well, our daughters well and being strong, healed and healthy women.

Your money story starts with your Father.

Learn to balance the Divine Masculine nature within you, so you are aware always of healthy masculine energy.

To all the MEN, reading this—I want to extend my blessings to you if you are a Father, and I hope for your children’s sake, that you are doing your GOD GIVEN MAN role.

I would love to hear your comments, remarks and stories in the section below ­čÖé