Men Make Money & Women Receive It : Striking The Primordial Yin/Yang Financial Balance

Occult Money, is always a deep, expansive topic that I love covering. Most especially when I teach it. 


Because the Yin/Yang nature of this primordial world is so out of structure in so many ways that would take me endless lifetimes to address, when I sat surrounded by nothing but lush greenery today, the thought came to me. Although this is an inspirational post for Ladies, it would behoove many men to glean the wisdom they can from it.


“Isn’t it funny how women are told that we always need to be a man, to MAKE money?”


Well, it’s no wonder women struggle with money. Even those who “make” a lot of it.


Money is seen as a “man’s thing” and something only a man can possess. In deep ancestral lineages, ask every woman and some how SOME WHERE she resonates with this story. The collective pool of money, is covered by the Astrological 8th House — (Scorpio) meaning women, as a time honoured tradition have been reliant on the man in their life (Father, Husband, Brother, Son) for money provision. Whilst I don’t think there is anything wrong with this, financial self-sufficiency in the modern age, is imperative for the Feminine.


So what have women resorted to doing?


Accessing power like a man. (#fail)


Going and fighting in boardrooms with men. Blocking and shutting down emotions to “get shit done” and close “xyz deal” to prove not only to men watching her, but to HERSELF, that she TOO, is qualified to sit at that table. That behaviour comes from deep levels of pain. Pain of how women have been shunned, humiliated, and destroyed by the very men designed to take care of them. MAKING money, will always deplete a woman’s body. There is only so much a woman can MAKE, and after that, her whole body thinks “fuck this mess” and shuts down. The shut down comes in the form of depression, skin breakouts, hair falling out, tears, anxiety, insanity, menstrual issues, mood swings, and persistent anger. Her whole feminine body locks and blocks up. It robs her of her CHARM and GRACE that makes her a WOMAN.


MAKING money for a man is very, very simple. The bolder, stronger, and dominant he is, the more he will get ahead. Those 3 traits don’t mean he has to be an asshole — do not mistake it for Such. Beautiful is the nature of Man and so Nature designed him. I admire men for their risk taking, courage, and their ability to lead and guide when they are in their Divine Masculine 🙂


When a woman decides for herself through rationale, and logic, attributes atypically reserved for men — it wise of her to study both masculine and feminine energy. I say this for the reason that MONEY is masculine, however CURRENCY is feminine. I designed my audio class CURRENSEA for this very reason. (It covers this topic, exclusively). We live in a society of “make money” because money is meant to be this THING one is required to aggrandize towards in a persistent, aggressive fashion. For men, this works. Why change the wheel when it turns perfectly?! For Ladies, not so much.


To create a financial structure to work for a woman, it is wise for her to embrace the masculine traits of confidence, leadership, and elimination.


A lot of women entertain nonsense because they get way too into their emotions and do not know how to separate the wheat from the chaff. Emotions are HEALTHY. Not getting swamped by them and going mental. When that has been embraced, getting to work on creating the structure to RECEIVE the money, is imperative. To be candid, a woman RECEIVES a man in her body. The exact same application should be put forward when it comes to your money. It is graceful to receive money because it means you are held in Court and VALUED for the work that you do. Sales are smoother and simpler when someone approaches you for it. Modern times, do not absolve the flow of money, and most especially the polarity in which money works, within.


  1. PLAN
  10. FOLLOW 1-9


Masculine energy works best when it is upright. Men work BEST when they are active and getting stuff done. Men radiate strength and power brilliantly when they have been BUSY and their mind is engaged for this is the effort of ACHIEVEMENT.


Women? Complete opposite.


Feminine energy works best when it is horizontal. Women work BEST when they are receptive and in a state of flow. Women radiate effortlessly when they spend time to tend to the Inner Garden of their own self, their softness, and work on their creative structures that will birth into babies, businesses, and brilliance. A woman can be exceptionally ambitious, intelligent, and still maintain her sweetness and charm by allowing things to fall into place with TIME. This is what “modern women” think is backwards. The world forces women to think “well if you don’t do it like a man, you’re a failure”. Adversity will teach the MOST resilient of woman how to hunker down, hustle, and have grit. Minus that steel slat core, it will become impossible to receive. Build that first.


Nature does not make mistakes.


Men MAKE money. Women RECEIVE it (after designing the container to receive it in). Making isn’t better than receiving, and nor vice versa. Light compliments dark. As day compliments night.


Create your structures.


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Only The Strong Survive.