Money, Money — What Are You?



It’s that elusive topic that everyone thinks about and yet such few actually understand what it is, and how it works. 


Part of the understanding of money, is literally unlearning everything that modern society teaches you, because you are programmed to struggle, live a mediocre boring (read : safe) life, and live average. This is why so many people’s eyes give away an air of quiet desperation, instead of a fierce determination. They basically have nothing to live for AND THEY KNOW IT.


Many people are addicted to financial chaos, because it gives them a sense of intensity which they mistake, for intimacy. 


Technology is a dangerous game as all Spirits rightfully say, (and they know their shit, no point in taking it up with any one of them…), because it splits brain attention and causes neurological inflammation. When your brain is swollen up, you crave more technology like an addict onto their next fix — and feel that rush of anxiety when you do not. People who become financially successful, invest in their own self. Yes the GOOROOS say this, and to a degree, they have it right; however minus self-investment, you will get no where. In most people’s minds, they would rather take their own useless advice and stay where they are, than eat humble pie and admit they need someone to show them the ropes.


No where do we see this more than when it comes to money itself. Financial planning can often look cold and boring especially if one does not possess an analytical and detailed mind. Hurrah if you do — most of us don’t. I certainly didn’t. Numbers alone bore me. Fortunately, their ENERGY, does not 😉 . Understanding the fun and playful energy behind money, simply makes it a fun game because when you’re having fun, you generally and naturally tend to invest more of your attention and understanding into it.


When things don’t change, the ego is comfortable. Which is precisely why money work is so tough. From birth, you have been programmed to give your power away and so when someone tells you that you ARE powerful, the self-pitying miserable little whiny person that lives inside you (we all have it lol), that same thing that society sadly programmed you as; YOU REJECT IT. Few people can withstand someone seeing their greatness and not reject it because of how little they perceive themselves as. Since last Autumn/Fall, there have been some MAJOR regal solar and Leo type energies in the sky meaning, that the ability to generate and pull money towards you, has ironically become EASIER.


That is, when you think a certain way.


I directly ask people of Plutonian power, especially in elite mentoring —  WHERE HAVE YOU HAD PEOPLE TOLD YOU THAT YOU’RE “TOO MUCH” AND TO TONE IT DOWN IF YOU WANT FUNCTION IN “POLITE” SOCIETY?


This is an imperative question when it comes to money because money simply requires organization, diligence, practicality — however at a grander level, requires the one thing that people lack and that is PRESENCE.


Presence requires boldness.


The interesting thing I find about presence is that it must be created. Many people long to fit into a place because they crave approval that they never received as a child but it is always the weirdos like me who march to the beat of their own fancy drum, that are remembered. Why? Because we create our own lane and stay in it. We aren’t trying to hijack other people’s lanes as success comes from doing YOU the way only YOU can. No one is YOU.


One of the biggest things about money is that people get annoyed, and, agitated to find out that everything they have believed about “money”, the pedestrian version you’re “taught”, actually doesn’t really exist and serves in a matrix field to keep you miserable and trapped. Complaining about a lack of money, keeps manifesting it into your present moment. The HARDEST thing an elite Spirit taught me is to be aware of the “fork in the road” at a linguistic level that we as human beings create when we want one thing but keep DECLARING THE OTHER. Think about this carefully and read this emboldened sentence as many times as you wish.


Many people know that at an energetic level, they are living like rats chasing after cheese, however they are preferential to it and choose it. To choose it means remaining a victim and being a victim means they don’t have to change; and furthermore. garner sympathy from others (which is what they ideally look for). People enjoy people feeling sorry for them because that way no one holds them ACCOUNTABLE.


Money possesses the element of willingness, after boldness. You have to be willing to want it in your life and be willing to receive it. 


I have a really good friend who is running a successful coaching business. He is currently earning a very healthy £10,000 a month doing his work. I ended up asking him when he’ll start making £20,000. He mulled over it a bit and said “You know what, Nadia? For all I know. It could be tomorrow. It could be in the next 5 minutes, or in the next five years. What matters is who is willing to step up to the plate and work with me.”. He has grace when it comes to money and knows only the RIGHT people will want to come to him and work with him because he knows that money is fluid just the way time is and it is not linear. He knows that one day sales may be up, a client may leave, to have 3 clients find him the next week. He knows is always provided for 🙂


One of my old mentors once said to me (quoted) : “Many want money, but very few are willing to get over their toxic relationship with it. It’s like trying to stop a fight between quarrelling lovers. One of them doesn’t want to let go of some silly thing their partner did x number of years ago at x party. For some reason that small thing is driving them up a wall of resentment. I’m still in awe of your spiritual growth and relationship with money has changed so much. Ah, if only I had all my clients like you; work would be a dream LOL.”


Money has the elements of boldness, willingness, and, value.


Create those 3 in your life, find a solid source to teach you about everything you can discover about it — make it FUN, and you will never ever feel short of it. It is only the limiting beliefs and thoughtforms in your energy fields that stop you from getting to where you wish to be (unless you have something more serious that needs removing before it flows!)


You create your own economy.


You are the King or Queen of your OWN LIFE.