Money, Wealth Consciousness, &, How It Escapes The Majority

Disclaimer : Initially, I was unsure as to what to title this post as there were so many tenets of the post I wished to share. I am not of the constitution of sharing negative press, so the beauty, what I settled on 🙂




I had a long conversation with someone on the team why people have become so mean. Personally, when I have seen mean people, I find it repulsive, disgusting, and, downright weird — however I do my best to clear my emotions on this to study the topic at large and document my desired findings on it. Consider this post an amalgamation of my own life experiences, observations, and trapezing different countries, languages, arts, cultures, design, as, well as liaising with the unseen.


Many people in Spiritual (shall, I say “circles), although I detest those connotations — are always speaking about abundance, prosperity — what have you. The truth is, most Spiritual people are never taken seriously in society because we live in a MATERIAL PLANE, one that requires FINANCING to anchor into the Earth. Upon my understandings and travels before COMMUNISM 19, I used to sometimes sit on the other side of the world with a cup of local tea and wonder why in the unholy fuck people have become so mean these days.


In a general fact, people in the West are mean because they lack a REAL reference point of GRATITUDE. When you have everything accessible to you on a plate and enjoy whining and moaning as most victims of this society do, being mean is an easy feat. However, I parlay the money factor into this because money does not make a person mean or generous AT ALL.


Money is merely a magnifier of character. 


Money does not determine or present, final character. However, because general society is filled with 2 emotions — fear and greed, people behave like starved animals when it comes to money? Now, you may ask WHY is this?




The Earth is truly plentiful. I look at the apple tree in my back yard and the peach one at the front and they always remind me, nature gives. PLENTY. I lived in a place once where people of today are so utterly ungrateful, they LET the apples fall to the ground (foxes, squirrels and, birds had a blast), and went to BUY apples from the supermarket. One really doesn’t have to wonder much anymore. People are chemically trained to be moaners about ANYTHING because victims want sympathy. Many people have health conditions due to this reason, it’s the only way they ever get some sort of attention or support (or best, someone to feel sorry for them — did I mention ATTENTION lol?…)


The scarcity people are seeing financially, is BOTH real and fake. 


Allow me to explain….


It is real because MASS consciousness, experiences it as real. Grab a bunch of randomers from the street, ask them about money — and sit back with a bag of popcorn and where does the conversation turn to eventually? MONEY. *insert whine, moan, complain, whinge, grumble etc* . I have seen this in action and have taken notes on my phone about how people speak and observed it carefully. Now, whatever we speak about manifests, it is given FACT.


It is fake because MONEY is available everywhere. It depends on the LENS you’re looking at it FROM. Money is invisible to those who are not on the frequency of it, is the best way to articulate this. It is ALSO fake because the Cabal have done HARD knot binding magick to keep the world DESPERATE AND POOR 24/7. They have used mass levels of VAMPIRISM to suck and bleed the average human dry through a variant of well-known financial instruments that a person would not dare think was sapping their money energy, to vaporize their ability to bring it into this world. This knot is tightened up every so often, and the RESULT is what all of you see in the world — economical crashes, theft, white collar embezzlement, etc. It is impossible to explain what I have just written to a person who does not understand the Spirit realms because they simply do not believe. If a person does not believe, it is the EASIEST to con and cheat them.


As you see — globally…..


Now, because people are TRAPPED in that knot, to a degree ALL OF US ARE, as they have transformed the Earth into an energetic prison, there are several ways to individually at a temporary basis keep the door ajar, so money keeps flowing in. Let the door shut, and you see what people become, destitute, desperate, broke, and, willing to do anything to keep that flow coming in. I understand it is not many people’s fault of what is going on, humanity is DEAD and blind asleep — asinine as it sounds, and the Cabal are doing everything to CIRCUMVENT karmic backlash.


“Why pay for karmic penalties when I can TRICK you to sign your own name on something and let YOU take the rap for it?” — are their predominant, thoughts. 


And so the element of wealth consciousness comes from generosity and most important, the DISCERNMENT of it. Mean people are generally unhappy inside and their thoughts are at a FUNNY juxtaposition of life. They demand something for nothing, as the majority do — and expect the apples to fall into the basket without planting the seed and tending to the sapling to grow into the tree. The thing that most people know is how to destroy value, and henceforth no acres of diamonds EVER grow in their garden, let alone their LIFE.


Money is always plentiful, where it comes it goes. It is an ever flowing river of life when done correctly — you have a healthy mentality and a CAN DO attitude. It is seldom found in the enmasse. Listen to people’s discourse carefully and it is a litany of negativity. Mean people feel that it is them only aganist the whole world, and “what has someone EVER done for me?”. The answer is a strange one — life is an OUROBOROS (shout out to C.C for this!), what goes around DOES come back around and people respond to your bitterness and loveliness in EQUAL PARTS. Life isn’t happening TO you, it’s happening BECAUSE of you.


I have met many rich men on paper — with their flash, ostentatious, and, flamboyant lifestyles, in my life — MANY.


Few, I have ever taken seriously, or considered happy and wealthy for that reason. A man who has plentiful of cash and yet lacks the intelligence and humanity to be of valuable service to humanity, is a man who is utterly selfish and vapid in his heart and Spirit. Many men are so crippled by their never ending lack consciousness, that the drive and desire to KEEP bringing in money becomes a dirty habit and addiction. They lack peace within the Self and money does NOT fill the void of your soul. It NEVER has and never will 🙂


When a person possesses Wealth Consciousness, ANY amount is enough because GOD or SPIRIT, PROVIDES — no matter where and who you are in life.


Experiencing life at a Quantum level taught me SELF-COMPASSION and compassion for others. There are days, of course, I fall short as does everyone else 🙂 — however Wealth Consciousness comes from the plentiful generosity of it being enough inside for yourself.


Mean people don’t give to others, because realistically — what have they ever given to THEMSELVES?


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