How People Block Receiving Money

The world we live in, is so interesting. Money is often a taboo subject for people because people attach shame, immorality and a sense of dirtiness to it. If you have not done your emotional and spiritual work around money, by default you are going to be trapped in a low vibration of money that constantly reinforces the FALSE dark side of money telling you there is some how a form of scarcity or a lack and there isn’t enough to go around. Firstly, there is NO SUCH THING as a lack of money and anyone telling you that, is firmly planted in lack mindset. The idea of doing your money work as a woman that Spartanite teaches, is imperative because minus the deep foundations, you are unable to build the CORE that not only attracts the wealth, but rather sustains it.

Money is AMORAL not IMMORAL. Amoral means it has no morality, and YOU get to define and decide what you wish to do with it. Now, with this being a public post, I don’t particularly know what your intentions are, and I can only hope you get to use money for the best purposes! What I wanted to touch on today, is how people block receiving money.

When someone has given me money, I always strongly remember the word AMORAL in my head as I receive it. Money is practically looking for a home. Money knows that it wants to go to a place where it feels happy, welcomed and comfortable. Most people do not feel comfortable with money (really and let’s be honest, it is hard to when you have the ruling families who have successfully spread disinformation everywhere) and they have this inner fight and struggle with it. So how do you spot the blocks quickly and reprogramme yourself?

When someone gifts you money, you take it. When you are paid for a job well done, you take it. When you run a business, you charge your worth. When you speak about money, you speak with pride. And yet, people do the total opposite. If you are a service provider, people do not pay you for your work.

Here’s the biggest shock people receive when I tell them.

They pay you for your PASSION.

Money blocks are very common when we grow up in places with low electromagnetic frequency and we learn to suppress and compress our TRUE living desires. They come around from spending time with people who live in Poverty consciousness, something that is ESSENTIAL to break in order to step into a world where you don’t just look rich, you ARE rich. As a woman, we have additional blocks to overcome, mainly the fear of playing BIG because we are scared to be judged. But imagine a world where people judge you NOT for playing big. That’s how I chose to live my own life. I think inside EVERY SINGLE WOMAN is a POWERFUL SPARTANITE waiting to break the chains. You may have long forgotten her to exist, but she is there and through your deep psycho-monetary and psycho-sexual work, you can liberate her to come to the forefront.

The main money blocks are also sexual blocks. Spartanite long heralds the deep connection between money and sex as they both have the same root (chakra). If the chakra is closed off, which sadly in many places and cultures in the world, for women it is–women will always struggle to be financially liberated. So the next time that someone wants to pay you YOUR WORTH, remember I told you to say a big fat YES instead of wanting the money and having the throat chakra block of saying no.