Why Do People Block Money?

Money avoidance is a very common topic for most people, because the painful sores around money that we carry, are very hurtful and left unchecked, spread out into a full infection. If you are reading this, you full well know at some point in your life before you began your money journey, you have avoided it. I have too. I know this because I used to unconsciously hide away from money. Now, you may be questioning, what does this look like and how can I stop it?

Money avoidance is a HUGE block because you are essentially, running away from money.

When you choose to run away from money, you are telling money that you don’t want him and you don’t need him. (Remember, money is masculine energy). This is like telling a man…”fuck you, I don’t want your help.”. Look, even if you DON’T, you don’t have to be abrasive about it. The same goes with money. So how do we traditionally run away from money (or rather hide?) and not realise it?

One of the best ways I have found, is the block in the Throat chakra. We are AFRAID to ask for what we want because of so many reasons. If you came from an abusive and difficult childhood, I totally understand! It is a huge mental battle to programme yourself to be secure to ask and receive. The second thing in avoidance, is not showing up for your work, being distracted and feeling lazy. Granted that health is an ebb and flow on this journey of life, it should never totally stop you from achieving what you wish to achieve. A lot of the time, you start to become distracted and sleepy when it comes to generating money, because it is the poverty guard kicking in. The poverty guard is something whereby, we have a set amount of money we feel we are entitled to, and then we go about securing this specific arbitrary number.

Poverty guards are felt as a very beneficial thing to the average person. They keep you nicely and squarely fitted into society. Don’t have enough money? Oh, that’s cool. Everyone else doesn’t either and you know, the rich and wealthy are mean and greedy anyway…

Except, how is that false story actually HELPING YOU?

It isn’t.

If you haven’t come from money, one of the biggest reasons you unconsciously avoid money is because you full well know the people around you, haven’t done their money work and they are going to treat you like a rich jerk. And you hate that attention. So you start to avoid anything that looks like you’re successful, because you just want to fit in. Money avoidance also comes from a fear of responsibility and a fear of being overwhelmed about what to DO with this money. The elite have done nothing but to programme you to be an indebted consumeristic slave, and not much more, so as soon as you come into money, you have to spend it quickly because you are terrified it will not stay. This is the reason people aren’t good with saving because saving feels boring and most people are still emotionally children, who want their icecream and they want it NOW.

So how do you stop avoiding money unconsciously? You do the work around it as best as possible and start to identify all your triggers. Until you know what triggers you to behave a certain way, you are going to run around totally unconscious and you’re going to let money rule you.

Don’t let that happen.