The Secret To Engineer Money Opportunities Towards You

A friend and I had a great Skype call a few nights back and we were talking about engineering money towards you and over a bag of churros (on my end lol), we actually were each making notes and discussing where people go wrong. Both of us went to school together and have remained friends for well over 20 years, because we have very similar goals in life. With that said, we started to ask each other WHY people don’t really have money opportunities around them (or so they think)…

We came up with 2 MAJOR reasons, both of them which I have thought over the years and the first one (of course), mainly being mine. I want to make something very clear that opportunities to make money are practically EVERYWHERE. Like you can be SWIMMING in ways to generate them, but sadly, people have been trained to be debt consumeristic slaves, so they cannot see past shiny gadgets and toys which wealthy people KNOW, is a distraction to being financially free.

So WHAT does money provide you with? Let’s start with that.

I don’t know about you, however for me personally, money is FREEDOM. 

Freedom NEVER EVER to report to someone, freedom to do as I please and freedom to live MY life the way I want it to. I can go into a LONG rant here (but I’ll probably save it for a YouTube edition).

The two major reasons that people MISS out on financial opportunities to make a better life for themselves are as follows :

1) Spiritual Reasoning. Most people have negative entity attachments attached to them (like I once did!) and this, no matter WHAT YOU DO, will set you up for misery, heartache and failure. If you sincerely feel all your roads have been closed and you know deep in your heart you are a hard working person with zero tolerance for excuses, your problem is really Spirit based. Having deep aura cleanses, exorcisms and healing, will help you become attractive to money again.

2) Mental Reasoning. A lot of people have been trained (Pavlovian Conditioning) to work VERY hard for very little money. Most people generally I know are hard working but they are MENTALLY LAZY. Most broke people are mentally lazy, especially in Western Countries. A while ago, I wrote a post about money detesting people who whine and complain, and even till today when I observe people’s monologues and dialogues, it is ALWAYS a state of misery and lack, because their mind is so trained to see nothing but bleakness and misery, instead of wealth fortunas and abundance.

These 2 reasons, when fixed PROPERLY, will bring you all the money that you desire (and more). 

I even talk about this extensively here

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments 🙂