A Financial Struggle Is A Lack Filter

As I was driving today, I had a fantastic thought about the “lack filter” that goes through people’s minds when it comes to potential relationships and potential financial situations. When people often come to me psychically, and they ask if they “are going to come into any money?”, I find it the hardest question to answer not because I don’t have an answer but because the REAL answer is “Not unless you change your money blueprint”. All money responds to frequency and people often find that money is either coming to them, or it’s running away from them and I wanted to touch on that today.

I had a friend call me and say someone on her campus and say that a friend of hers had bought a new car. When asked how she could afford it as a student, someone said her fiance is a millionaire and he bought it. Then she heard someone said “oh. It’s alright for them. Not poor people like us…”

I have heard this saying a million times. And so will you.

So what is actually going on in the picture? Well most people have been trained to work for someone else. So this is where the, THEY, disparaging factor comes in. You see people who work for themselves as a class apart and a bit fucking “weird”, let us be completely honest. With that said, the totalitarian view of Finances in this world among the masses, is poverty and not abundance. It is the classes that possess wealth, and it shall always stay that way. It doesn’t mean that you cannot be upwardly mobile. It means most people would rather be loyal to being poor and not having much, than changing themselves (which of course requires work) and achieving a better life for themselves.

All of us in life, are seeing things through filters (Instagram included!). The trouble is, that when you have the lack filter on, you cannot see ANYTHING but a lack of money. You ask someone with a lack filter, they won’t even say “where?”, they will say “there is no money, we are all in debt and we are all struggling”. A flat out “no we are not”, would scare them because it means there must be deep introspection and reflection on that. It would mean that “oh my fucking God, some people have it easy”. Having money doesn’t mean life is easy, however it does help with a lot of things.

People enjoy saying they are poor because there is company in poverty and misery, not to mention most people’s self esteem matches the modern day sewer rat. I always personally look for what people SAY, because that alone will tell you what excuses they are making for themselves. It is EASY to make financial excuses. We have all done it. We always find people to moan, whine and complain with. That’s very simple.

So how can you change a lack filter?

Well, in a nutshell, a lack filter is about perspective. It is about studying money, studying those WITH money and seeing the importance of wealth in your life. People who say they don’t care about money, will be guaranteed that money does NOT care for them either.

Be mindful of what you choose to say about money