The Truth About Money Is…

This is an incredibly loaded statement because everyone’s truth actually varies. What we think the truth is, often becomes the Truth for us. This is inverted Satanism, in other words that Natural Law can be decided by what we feel and think. Someone who is heavily in a poverty mindset, who struggles with money will absolutely tell you that the truth is that there is never enough money.

However ask a rich man, and you will get a totally different answer. You will get an answer of abundance, wealth and satisfaction. You will get an expansive answer, in short. Fixing your money issues around the Truth of money, takes its own sweet time because you need to first unlearn EVERYTHING YOU HAVE LEARNED ABOUT MONEY.

This is a tall order for most. Most feel and think in their feelings, hence they can never accept that societal orders of money especially NOT in the upper echelons, are leading them to be broken and astray. Resetting your money vibration is crucial because by default the world’s money vibration is of lack, discord and disorder. Most people are not willing to hear the tough love of how far down the wrong rabbit hole they have gone, and then they struggle when someone indeed does come along and shows them something different.

The Truth About Money Is…

It has many rules and simple ones at that, that you need to adjust, acquire and learn in order to feel comfortable to generate and receive it. Just how you find people work on their marriages and relationships, money in itself is another relationship to be worked on and brought to a point where it is healthy and happy in your vibration. You cannot force this on anyone, you can just show someone what they wish to do and then start to move ahead from there.

Money flocks to people that like him. I say him, because money is masculine energy and traditionally, men flock to women whom they know they are received well at, and women are comfortable in their natural seductive feminine energy. Most people do not have a nice word to say about money and expect him to show up at their doorstep?

Not in this lifetime and the next ten.

Remember the Truth of money, is not what you make of it. The Truth is that only a select few who are persistent in changing and transforming their belief system, actually reap the rewards of it.