The Secret To Multiple Streams of Income

From a young age, we have been trained to seek out only one income, and one income only through employment. But the real secret of the rich, isn’t about having one income stream, it is about having multiple income streams. In order to achieve this incredible feat, you simply have to accumulate skills in life. For instance, as much as I do psychic work, I am also a speaker, author, beautician as well as other things I engage myself in, which means I simply need to “turn on” the switch of the specific skill and I will find people to pay me. Did this come over night? No. WILL this come over night for you? Also, no. (Sorry to disappoint)…

So how do you go about creating multiples when you struggle with one? Kinda like orgasms, you perfect the first one. As I have said many times over, for us women sexuality is deeply intertwined with money, fix problems in one and the other fixes up by itself. So, what you do, is you find what you are best at and then you perfect your skill and your craft around it. If you are a great gardener, then find out everything you possibly can about your subject matter and run with it. I find a lot of people trying to perfect MANY things and this is why you’re failing. Pick one thing, and run with it. Stop letting stupid things distract you and know the journey is going to be HARD. Give up your crybaby, whiny and fragile ways and pick the big girl panties to match. I remember listening to a podcast where a man was interviewing someone who made $100M in 12 months. That’s One Hundred Million Dollars, in one calendar year.

That’s a big deal.

And when I listened to the podcast, the man gave many gems that I will share in this piece here. Namely 5 (please take notes…)

1) Know your market like the back of your hand. Know it properly.

2) Get clear on your revenue goals and what you wish to bring in every month.

3) If you wish to build a proper brand, make sure you have an Executive team in the first place.

4) Stop being confused, lazy and easily distracted.

5) Understand the flow of money before you wish to go and develop a commercial and business mind, properly.

Multiple streams of Income is the TRUE (not so hidden secret) of the Wealthy, that the average person finds WEIRD to even think. You have been brainwashed to think that only one form of income is acceptable (and that too, taxed at eye watering rates). You get ahead by getting different containers to open up for you, for money and going ahead with that. Create assets (and this isn’t hard to do) and then market the hell out of them. This is going to take time, so considering the fact you are already here, shows you have a deep desire and great courage to forge yourself to move ahead.

Have a work ethic to write home about.

Excited for you to share this with your fellow Entrepreneurs, Incredible Spiritual Women and anyone who is looking to get ahead in life ­čÖé