Navigating A Reckless World On Fire With Precision

Bismillah 🙂


Navigating a reckless world on fire, with precision.


You will be called to step up your understanding your game, of what lies ahead for the next 10ish years.


The world as you knew it, is gone. That world is not coming back. It is like moving up a level in a video game. The last level is gone. The door closed behind you in March 2020. A new door opened. A door where you have walked into a death trap. Psychopaths do not close a door, to open it again. You will have to use a welding gun, goggles, dynamite TNT explosives, and, chutzpah for your next level. They don’t care about following the rules.




With fines, arrests, and, warrants in tow.


You must navigate what you see today, based on vibration and frequency.


Many people have had a rude awakening. They carried on with their neat little lives, mired with avoidance and the tilled land with their carefully manicured wheat stalks.


Not anymore. 


On rough terrain, you must drive rough, aggressive, and, bold. Prepare for a broken arm, cuts on your face, and your car failing half way.


You aren’t given many choices in doing so, and it will test all of your courage, resilience, and, ability to show up. Most people have never shown up. They are soon realising it. Showing up, becomes tough when the collective on the planet is traumatized and then you have your individual stuff to deal with, equally. People weren’t ready. They knew it. They have been planning for so long to strike us human beings. Strike, they damn well, have.


So depression, anxiety, confusion, and, chaos hit. It hit so fast that people couldn’t mobilize under a world that changed so fast, their lives shattered in a split second. So much was coming, so much has happened, and, more anarchy and unthinkable things will come. You have to stay prepared.


So how do you navigate a world on fire?


How do you navigate what is coming ahead? 


First and foremost, the Truth is your friend and not your enemy. You will feel that way because the more you are discovering and learning the more you know that they will do everything to plug up the gap between the knowledge you’re meant to have and the disinformation that is provided to you, as we move ahead. Common people hate the truth. It shatters the illusions they were fed as lies being a child — and that programming is nearly impossible to break.


You can either get slapped and not know what happened, or know the millimeter and range frequency so you can duck when the slap is meant to hit. This means your agility and dexterity will be tested. You are going to have to rely on new ways, people who are reliable and trustworthy — to get through your human life. Most won’t be able to. They cannot see past the LE MAGIE NOIRE, smokescreen. So they are lost causes and we certainly cannot help them.


There are 3 faces a person has. 


One they show to the world publicly, one to their friends and family, and one they hide for themselves. You’re far ahead in your dealings when you see that mask come off in plain sight right infront of you — because you will not have to guess intentions and sides, in the years where PAPERS PLEASE, will be the new “wear a mask or don’t bother coming in” as well as your basic human freedoms stolen from you. Let me not even get into that diabolical “vaccine”, I will rail off track.


You may not always have the cute GPS on your phone to tell you where to go next, so back to basics it is.


Impending water and food shortages, precious metal grabs, petrol (gas) hikes, and, tightening of the money circuits — is just a little slice of what people can expect. If you see stocked up shelves in supermarkets with food and drink on them, consider yourself grateful and lucky. It won’t always be that way, forever. People will sell you out for a sandwich and a cold drink, never underestimate the weakness of the majority. Not everyone can withstand hunger as much as they may think they can.


Your laughter, joy, religion, faith, and Divinity are next up for grabs. Most people will simply be bulldozed over. A weak and distracted, mind is easily outrun. Comical to think the Hunger Games, was just a movie. The Cabal do not faction “movies”. They are programming for your mind, to play out as a collective of so many people having the same thought frequency….


Anything that exposes them, will be banned, censored, and, taken down. Your free speech is not as such anymore. In the years to come, will be crunched down anymore. It is already a full blown war, the terrified and coddled masses won’t believe it, till they see the Stasi’s and the tanks on their streets. Money will get you out of many situations people will find themselves stuck in. Gold, even more so.


Recalibrating your personal baseline, will be your first step.


We live in a world on fire.


And no more, is that relevant in the world that has been created for us. A hidden current where you will be tested to safeguard your wares, possessions, connections, resources, and, most importantly, yourself.


Your primal power is the power they never want you to reclaim.


You are a high performance individual with a high IQ. The majority are unable to help you as they play at a lower level, a level where the stakes aren’t high. Or dangerous. Navigating difficult waters as a powerful individual, can be tricky business. Power is seen as a corrupt and evil influence and yet, it is that very power that provides liberation and independence.


We are often born into a lack filled household. It may have been a lack of healthy boundaries, dynamics, money, or, esteem. You have not been shown the way of self-preservation, protection, and prosperity. Those who desire power for themselves are shunned and shut down, judged as bitter, vengeful, dangerous, and, a misfit. There has never been a real balance between Empathy and Power.


You often hear yourself saying “I have overcome all my challenges but I don’t think I can overcome this. I am too exhausted/broken/defeated”


You are an expert in crisis management and yet now, you find yourself in a place where you are navigating the ULTIMATE crisis.




Where you could once simply glide past your issue and go from one failure to the next without losing faith, hope, confidence, esteem, pride, dignity, and strength; you have simply fallen flat. And you don’t know how to pick yourself up, where to go, or worse of all, wonder, “Will I EVER be able to regain my power back again?”


Healing your trauma crown of lead, is imperative and cannot be solved in a day.


Instead of berating yourself during episodes of nightmares, flashbacks, low days, and shaky esteem, begin challenging your mind on “How can I take one small step forward”? You are used to commanding strength and power on the outside and making the world move for you, it’s time to use the baby steps to create that robust sense of Self as your biggest gift of self-love.


You can do it. 


You always could. A world on fire, needs YOU on fire.


The real prerequisite is 360 Degree Support. It is impossible to navigate a world on fire, by yourself. It is too risky and dangerous, where you risk getting burned alive when you move through the terrain without a solid guide.


Come in and let SPARTANITE help you…help yourself.