On Embracing Spartanite Feminine Consciousness : Courtesan, Sorceress, & Consigliere Charm For A Lady

Women in this world have a tough call. 


And of course, so do men. 


Both genders, are equally as stressed and pressed when it comes to being the best version of themselves and who they are designed to be.


Men think they have one over women. Women think they have one over men — and both look silly in this train of thought. I have often sat down alone and thought long and hard about what Spartanite Feminine Consciousness, should be. How can a woman be of service to herself, other women, and honourable men who meet her and enter her life? In an axiom, of something specific, you can pull out different strains of character in an individual. Say for instance, we think about a Doctor. A busy individual, hard working, saves lives, stressed out, earns decently, respectable professional individual, caring — etc etc.


These are some of the traits that come to mind. As I wanted to delve deeper and meld with the Spartanite DNA TEMPLATING of what comprises of a Spartanite Woman, I had to study myself and the odd other genuine Spartanite that I have had the pleasure of being connected to. Deep and long nights of study, brought me THREE areas that a woman needs to fully MASTER in order to initiate herself into Spartanitehood. These areas take lifetimes to master and one would need energy work, in order to spin them up in a ball of reality to infuse within the cell strand activation of a woman’s DNA to see the gifts emerge and blossom.




Contrary to popular belief, a courtesan isn’t a prostitute. She HAS been in historical times, but we can learn a lot from her. She is a woman who (when we look back), has quite often had grace, elegance, charm, canny, wit, sophistication, and a regal manner. She has a way of carrying herself around the menfolk in a way that is gliding, polished, and eloquent. In Royal courts, Courtesans actually had the say in the Court, and as much as there WAS a sexual element linked to this, a courtesan was often exceptionally well educated and literate — teaching the King/Sultan/Emperor about many things and charming him with her natural womanly elements. The Courtesan element is what majority of women today lack. Feminism has turned them ugly, masculine, harsh, bitter, and competitive. A large part of Femininity, stems from Courtesan Charm. Her paramours were enamoured by her for a reason. A Spartanite takes inspiration from the charm a Courtesan has, but does not partake in ANY sexual favours for money as Spartanites have their respect, dignity, and honour that comes first. One can easily be inspired by facets of something and not the heart of it.


This is the first tenet of the Spartanite Templating, Being ENGAGING. 




Many people are frightened of the Unseen being manifested as the Seen. The Sorceress, simply bends things into her favour and doesn’t accept no for an answer. She is the primal sexually radioactive woman. Terrifying, frightening, SEDUCTIVE, and mysterious. Her dark, piercing eyes sing a song that those who encounter her, fall deeper into the spell of mystery and intrigue she weaves. She leaves traces of obsession wherever she visits and walks away from. She intricately deals with the Spirit world, uses energy work, and has no issue walking with blood, gore, and vengeance when necessary. She has a wide laugh and meticulous memory and knows that life only provides you what you dare demand and ask for. The Sorceress is a brutally terrible enemy to cross and a loving best friend who will make you her special potion of tea and hug and kiss the pain away after someone let you down. She is fierce and stands tall at the defence of those who dare betray whom she loves. A Spartanite takes inspiration from the free, primordial, and wild nature of the Sorceress and knows that the power given to her as a Spartanite, is to be used for honourable and grand purposes. She embraces power financially, physically, sexually, emotionally, and psychologically.


This is the second tenet of the Spartanite Templating. Being POWERFUL.




As life would have it, intelligent women have often been seeing as a pariah. The Consigliere, advises those who hire her as well as her wonderfully grand husband/lover , in ways that are witty, passionate, and upbeat.  Her clients know things because of her, and her man is always loved, supported, and deeply nourished by her. Being the right hand woman to many, she operates with the origins of the Consigliere. The right hand man, to the mafia boss. He is his eyes, and ears and will report back anything. She knows the answers to the hard questions her man comes home to her with, she points out things with laser sharp wisdom and she is people’s support system when they feel no one understands them. She is far, and way ahead, of her times — and visits the future to return to the present moment, armed with facts, knowledge, information, and most of all — credibility. The Consigliere, can easily inspire a person for-lone on hard times, to stand up and reclaim their power for her way with words, is an artful skill taught to her by life’s swift teachings of Adversity. Reliable, dependant, and solid, a Spartanite admires her. A Spartanite takes inspiration from her wit, charm, and intelligence and knows that one can easily talk themselves in and out of something, depending on how you position it. She uses open elusiveness and brazen honesty to embrace memorable impressions on those she encounters. She laughs, admires, and enjoys herself.


This is the third tenet of the Spartanite Templating. Being INTELLIGENTLY WITTY & CANNY.


Being engaging, powerful, and having intelligent wit in a canny fashion, is the heart of a Spartanite. Embrace the Dark Divine Feminine <3


Come join us.


Come join POWER.


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