Increase Your Sexual Energy To Receive Money

Attending an event 2 years ago, I challenged myself to spot the connection between Sexual Energy and Money, even though now I look back, it was at a very unconscious level. The lady presenting the event is a VERY wealthy and successful woman and psychically when I read her aura, very lusty as well. Now, this isn’t something that you particularly go shouting about but it is something you can FEEL in a woman. Women who are deeply comfortable with their body are often very sexual, and society (especially Religion) is going to do everything in it’s power to demonize sex (like money, of course). So as this woman presented to the crowd, it slipped out of her mouth

“Wow. I love making wild amounts of money. It’s just as good as sex!”.

It was a break during the event and she quickly looked around, if anyone had spotted her. I found it hilarious and winked at her. She laughed as she understood I felt the same way and we went off to eat lunch. After that day, I made it my mission to look around for women who are financially successful and being lusty and horny at the same time, and of course– it let me to the root chakra connection.

The root chakra is the 1st Chakra. Found in the groin area, it is the very primordial sexual sensations that people feel during being aroused.

Have you ever met someone and regardless of sexuality (and you can be as straight as a lamp post lol), you are like “damn wow, I’d do him/her?!“. Yeah. That’s sexual energy 101. It reminds me of Jessica Rabbit’s number (see here) about seduction and primal femininity. Most women are so ashamed and embarrassed to own their sexuality because we live in a society where people are quick to shout slut, whore and tramp. Women who have heavy Scorpionic traits in their natal (birth) chart, often innately understand what I am saying. This lady’s event I attended, was a Scorpio Sun and a Scorpio Lilith (like myself on the Lilith part), so that natural seductive energy pours through.

Wealthy men often date the most beautiful and seductive women. The BIGGEST MISTAKE people make is thinking it is the money that attracts the woman. It is not. It is the SEXUAL ENERGY. Money moves FAST to sexual energy and when women are blocked up for sexual energy and orgasmic flow, they find their money stops very quickly as well. There is a reason it is called cash FLOW 😉

In order to increase your money, increase the containers you can receive it in firstly and to do so, you most definitely need to create the polarity in your own body. Create magnetic, powerful and radiant feminine energy by dressing feminine (more skirts, dresses and trips to the spa) as well as the whole hair, nails and makeup. Women, we are living in such rigid masculine energy that isn’t serving us. It is draining and making us sick and ill. So how do we create that flow towards us?

Well, don’t just have sex and masturbate without good cause. Use the power of sigil intention if you are unable to keep your thoughts during Sex Magick, to help you do so. Eventually, the manifestation of your desired life will be seen by you clearly because sexual energy is the most powerful thing in the world. Very seductive women, are almost like the “wealth begets wealth” situation, because men are constantly getting themselves off to them. Men often don’t realise that if they are wanking off to even the woman’s thoughts or pictures, they are GIVING HER their OWN POWER through lust. It is easy to become obsessed with someone by this point.

Bearing all this in mind, it is easy to make you look very attractive to money, when you use your sexual, lusty and primal energy to magnetize it towards you!

I’d love to hear your thoughts or comments below 🙂