Overcoming the PAIN of Denying Yourself YOUR BIRTHRIGHT OF POWER, STEEL, &, ECSTACY

This world is a pretty crazy place to be living in at present. 


Quarantine has shown many people where the chinks in the armour are, and furthermore, what YOU have been running away from.


Writing in the early hours of the morning after praying, whilst doing some work and going for the “all you can eat buffet” in my kitchen, before sunrise during the Blessed Month of Ramadan, for me — is a bit mad. Nonetheless, there is nothing that a good liberal dose of cleaning the aura (vanquishing the hunger issue during the day by having crazy amounts of energy), cannot solve, so there are many things I want to write tonight upon a room powered with a salt lamp because I have seen so much of it inside my own self, and thus, many people I know are feeling the same — and have struggled with it.


Bear with me, some of it is expressive rambling, some of it contains the jewels of the sea. I hope this helps you!


Avoiding your emotions by staying busy is easy. I know, I did it for years. It brought me a tremendous amount of professional success in short amounts of time because I simply refused to feel. I moved from one thing to another because I FEARED digging inside. Inside the graveyard of my emotions, of nothing, that lay short of trauma, pain, abandonment, sorrow, and, endless years of grief. When you are used to DENYING YOURSELF feelings, no amount of anything you achieve, will ever, EVER be enough for you. The real courage I implore whomever reads this, at any given time — tonight or 10 years from now, is the courage to face yourself in everything that you want to run from. The real pain your heart feels, is denying yourself your birthright of power, steel, and, ecstacy.


You come into this planet with, mighty power. As a baby you are PURE, filled with nothing but the beauty of INNOCENCE, PEACE, AND, LOVE 🙂  You come in with steel, you come in strong, as Love is the most powerful vibration and heals everything. You come in with ecstacy, the joy of brightening everyone’s life up. Isn’t that incredible?!


Many people ask me “so what is your specialty?” and honestly, I really don’t know. I am not the “brilliance in a box” Madame Lady Arain brand. I wish I was, for business would have been easier for me. I wish I had a cute little buzzword title. I would introduce myself easier to others. For brilliance, can never BE BOXED. It runs wild, strong, and, free (like my hair lol), allowing the Great Spirit of FREEDOM, LIBERATION, INDEPENDENCE, AND, COURAGE to lead it. 


I am not the Business Coach, 6 figure Sales Guru, the 7 figure Entrepreneur, the Investor, the Udemy Maverick, the Joint Venture Collaborator, The spectacular Youtuber, The Podcaster — or whatever. I don’t hold ANY TITLE despite any achievements, except the one I created for my OWN SELF as it keeps me in my OWN LANE I drive in.




I don’t have titles because you cannot label a category 5 storm that hits landfall when the residents least expect it. And Spartanite is the storm that clears all the bullshit of your life, out, to instill a bulletproof structure of true POWER AND SOVEREIGNTY INSIDE YOURSELF. You will walk at 2 am and 2pm with the same confidence, force, and, courage that you fear inside yourself.

And for the first time in life, you will know how to balance TWO POLAR OPPOSITES AND COMMAND THEM. 


Who says you cannot serve two masters?


Serve the Almighty God, and serve YOURSELF. Your OWN SPIRIT. You are not a hopeless victim of your life, you are mighty, powerful, and strong.


What I do know, is that I am simply a vessel through which people’s entire trajectory of their life changes. When you finally become so enamoured with the PAIN of NOT HAVING your birthright, things will snap inside you. I was performing a ritual a few nights back and it took me all my strength not to throw the burning candles at my tablecloth of the altar to burn the room I was sitting in. I felt a powerful current of rage and tears surge through me, the reminder that perhaps, somewhere — I am not showing up ENOUGH in my Spartanite glory for what I came here for. . Many people may disagree. They may say to me “Nadia, don’t you already do enough?”. But I implore you to ask yourself, “is that enough others say, ENOUGH FOR MY SOUL?”. It took me everything to breathe deeply like when I meditate to stay calm and feel primal currents hit me and not ACT ON THEM.


The answer is often not. Maybe it is not enough for your SOUL.


Only and honestly YOU know your own capacity. And the PAIN of not living what you came to this world for, is so horrendous — that, it is exactly why people choose to go back to low vibrational living. It is a safe exit escape route. You avoid digging into the pain, the pain that has sat inside you for years. The shame, the humiliation, the sadness, the loneliness, the playing small — so others will like me, the isolation, the confusion, the acceptance, the people pleasing, the grief, the hopelessness, the low self worth, the I AM NOT ENOUGH NO MATTER WHAT I DO, the pain you feel that this world pushes on you — it has to come from inside.


That pain of not living FREE and what your INTERNAL COMPASS IN YOUR SPIRIT DESIRES, is the worst type of betrayal you can give yourself.


Some ask me — “Nadia. How come you don’t focus solely on this whole women’s empowerment thing? Don’t you want to help more women?”.


My short answer is always the same “a man and a woman, are a UNIT. They are the salt and pepper to each other. Seeing things from a gender lense, only serves to remind women of their painful cycles they are already stuck in.  The cycles they hate admitting but desperately feel all the time. The cycles of being timid, weak in their emotions, and, accepting being inferior to a man because society deems it as such. The cycles of behaving masculine because men are the only reference of power they have seen. …Power is not a gender based concept. It is not linear. It is WILD, PRIMAL, AND, FREE. Women who possess true power are above being put into that very boring box…they command and create their own worlds where they delight in their freedom”. 


By virtue of being a Spartanite and leading the division, many women will see that it is truly possible to be a woman who is not held back by merit of being a woman. That is she, the captain of her own ship, master of her destiny, rich sensual lover of all divine masculine men and one SPECIAL Emperor man of our own choosing and destiny — does not need to pander to a movement that consistently reminds women of how LITTLE THEY ARE.


Being a woman has never stopped me from doing anything I wanted in life. I couldn’t care less about it. It wasn’t a hinderance as I have seen it to be for most women. I have never cared for the stupidity that lesser mortal men may have thrown at me. I wasn’t offended. When comments are below you, does a luxury car stop to acknowledge the oddball barking of the neighbourhood dog? Not in the slighest, it doesn’t even register. But imagine all the PAIN you register when you listen to people who are not meant for a destiny such as YOURSELF?


Spartanites believe in truly equality and respect between a man and a woman, a respect that stems from sensuality, sexuality, ecstacy, power, beauty, attraction, glory and SOVEREIGNTY. The true RULERSHIP AND OWNERSHIP OF YOUR OWN SELF in YOUR MAJESTIC PRESENCE. We do not have restrictions and do not play at one dimensional levels. We don’t care for self-imposed nonsensical bullshit rules. We will do as we please and imprint the blazing torch of desiring COURAGE AND FREEDOM in every single person who meets with us. Man or woman, a person is imprinted with the RED SPARTANITE FLAME of hungering for their true DIVINE MISSION when they meet with us. For some, the flame awakens them and they come closer.


For others, it burns them alive.


I want to tell EACH PERSON who reads this — that no matter how dark, alone, and ugly, some place of your life may look -THERE IS HOPE FOR YOU. THERE IS HOPE AND I AM LIVING PROOF OF THAT HOPE.


I built Spartanite on the broken, bloodied shards of my own GLORIOUS, RICH, AND, BEAUTIFUL name, NADIA — which means Hope. I saw no hope in my own life once upon a time, but I trusted in my own NAME to get me to a place of true liberation and freedom that no one can buy for me. I broke through my own chokeholds of bondage that few people can ever survive and escape from, to show IT IS POSSIBLE TO HAVE WHAT YOU DESIRE. There is a powerful LIGHT that even the deepest of sadness and loneliness can pour through, after all just because a window is cracked, doesn’t mean the sunshine won’t pour through! Like the day always rises no matter now black and deep the night, the courage to begin and rise again to become whole, healed, and happy, is a reality. 




Denying your birthright, is choosing to remain enslaved.


Isn’t it time you broke free and rose into your power?


The real question is —


Wasn’t it ALWAYS time?


Only you know your own heart…


…or do you really?


Perhaps, it is worth finding out, don’t you think? 😉


Who knows what lays behind the veil you’re too afraid to pierce?


A mirror isn’t a reflection of you. It is a gateway to another world.


The land of the free.


Come join me, won’t you?


Freedom was always forbidden…


…until now….