Part 4 : Forbidden Knowledge : The Occult Power Of Sex

Disclaimer : If you are a survivor of sexual violence — man or woman, please read at your own caution or have someone you love and trust with you to help you process the feelings that arise after what I write. Thank you 🙂


Sex is a topic that every single person wants to know more on. 


Standing in my friend’s kitchen and watching her make Turkish Coffee and talking to her, I randomly got the statement in my head (okay, so I am psychic and nothing is “random” with me, so there’s that — just psychic downloads hit me when I least expect them and then I have to deal with knowing a piece of information that again changes my worldly perspective)  “Porn is rape on tape and most people think porn is sex. If most think porn is sex, then people unconsciously believe that most sex is rape, and rape is sex”


My face was like “what the fuck…. : ” . I didn’t know how to feel, as I steeped a bag of Green Tea and got myself some breakfast to sit down with my friend. I discussed it with her, and she agreed 150%.


I realise the staggering accuracy of the statement, so much so, I ran upstairs and quickly pulled up the notepad on my phone and typed it out for later, for later workings and to process all the images shown to me after the download. The psychic images that came to me, were so horrific, I struggled to even take sips of the tea I had made. It soon came to light how modern humans have zero understanding of what SEX REALLY IS, and how few humans have ever really had sex in their LIFE. Sex, is life changing when you have it with the right person and in the context of Love. The Elite has used MANY ways (that I cannot be bothered to write or count here) to DISCONNECT Love from Sex. What we are now seeing, is the result of food without taste. A person hungry and desperate to be satiated, and keeps eating food — not realising food is meant to have TASTE.


Sex is very similar to the topic of money as both originate from the ROOT/BASE chakra. The Survival chakra, as I like calling it. Henceforth, MOST people never graduate the emotional reprocessing past “well, I am horny, let’s just fuck anything or anyone”. Money/Sex/Food blocks, are all the same and are all wrapped up in shame. Healing and rising into your power when it comes to Sex, is not simple because we rarely have role models for HEALTHY, WHOLESOME SEX left anymore. On one side, we have religious repression, the other side we have hedonism, licentiousness, and debauchery. Where is the balance?


The answer lies in the Occult Knowledge and POWER of Sex. 


Sex is a POWER LOOP. And Sex is all about POWER. Which is exactly why it is used against women mainly because women are the gatekeepers of sex, as men are the gatekeepers of commitment.


There are TWO poles within a man and a woman, the man has the positive pole in his heart area and the negative in his root chakra (his cock), whereas women have the negative pole in their heart and the positive in their yoni/vaginal area. When these 2 unite, sexual electric current flows and all the chakras open. Due to the fact that people have no IDEA how Sex actually works, it creates a hook and a tie and energetic information is passed between two people which you can unhook and delink by clicking here. Which is why sex with the RIGHT person, will rise you up very quickly and brighten you, sex with the wrong person (most people are wrong because they do not energetically clean themselves), not only can drain you (it does), it has the capacity to KILL.


In ancient times, many men in secret would visit the Temple High Priestess who practiced the Divine Arts of SEX MAGICK and sleep with her, to receive POWER. It was seen as a GIFT (which it is). She was the gateway for them to BECOME men, in a way that no Brotherhood could provide a man. These men RESPECTED the Priestess and revered her with items of value, such as Gold etc. This is the actual origins of Prostitution, and sadly — we look at how women are abused globally and the Sacredness of a man honouring a woman’s body, has been violated, desecrated, and thrown to the wolves.


All sex, is a ritual. When done correctly, you are preparing for a ritual because there is an exchange of ENERGY that is now going to take place, hence it is DIVINE. Even in today’s age, no matter how sexually drained and confused men have become (I cite menfolk as the example here), they can always feel the DIVINITY of SEX from a Goddess/Priestess type of woman. It manifests as intrigue, curiosity, and mystique on a man’s part, something strange, something otherworldly, something intangible that makes him wonder about this woman as “something different”. The very same goes for men who walk in their Spirituality (not the new age garbage, the proper Occult Spirituality), when ordinary women look at them.  There is a reason that when I think of Sex Magick, I see a bellydancer with a snake all around her — it is less to do with the Eve and the Serpent story, and more about the ability to rise your Kundalini which is coiled as the serpent.


The Red Flame Of the Serpentine Order, as I was once shown, as I meditated.


The RED FLAME, is easily recognised in both men and women who possess the knowledge of SEX and how to use it, in the correct manner. This knowledge isn’t something one goes to a library and researches on, or one hears through the grapevine. This Forbidden Knowledge is given to us, as Adepts of those of us who choose to walk on this path and helping others remember who they truly are inside. This blog post won’t even make sense to most people, but it isn’t written for them. It is written for those who want to discover themselves and the ecstacy and power that their body, man or woman, holds.


Remember, there is no such thing as casual sex. Sex, is not casual.


The question begs to be asked : –


What energy inside your body is there, because it is of someone you slept with? What anxiety, low energies, maladaptive thoughts do you now run with, because you haven’t energetically cleaned for a long time, or haven’t at all? How can YOU be the BEST VERSION of you?


How can you RADIATE POWER?


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