Part 6: Forbidden Knowledge : Breaking The Chains Of Illusion & Circumstance Featuring Arachnidia Lilith

In the name of The Divine, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful 🙂


“Good and Bad, are simply subjective in the human world. What do you call a Father who kills a man who raped his daughter? Do you call him good or evil, Nadia? Many like to think in binaries, however many evil acts done for a good cause, are good, not evil. Good, my dear, can soon become evil, if the intent behind it, is evil.” — A.L


Arachnidia Lilith. The One and Only Spider Goddess.


Little is known of her to the common man, and yet many years back, I had the fortunate chance to converse with her through her invocation through her enn and sigil (which is of a spider, not surprisingly enough…). A.L, is lovely and friendly and I had so many questions to ask her that mid invocation, she told me to just BREATHE and drink water, because I just wanted to ask her questions about this whole entire world and she found it funny and laughed, how many things raced through my mind. I asked her many questions on Vamprirism, Sex Magick, Chaos Magick, Liberation, Independence, Happiness, and, The Monetary System, and, Peace.


And of course Spartanite, for which I received absolutely zero guidance (lol) because apparently “One does not ask how the river flows and in what fashion, it just does…”


We are living in a world where the chains of illusion, comes from circumstance.


Arachnidia Lilith, as well as 2 other Ladies, have often reminded me that no person has problems in life, they merely have perspectives of them. The very first time I heard this phrase in my head, I was chopping some spring onions on a chopping board and I just stopped. Stopped dead mid chop and the Truth of the phrase and thought of how many times I have mistakenly thought I have had problems, and I have simply needed to change the perspective of them. The Spirits LOVE home cooking, and promote healthy eating and taking care of one’s, self.


Chains of illusion, are simply what we perceive as reality.


As this world has increasingly shifted into lack, sickness, filth, and complete and utter lunacy of the man and woman role of where we need to be, Arachnidia Lilith is big on promoting the INNER WORK to break these bonds and chains that keep us enslaved and subdued to the wrong thoughts and subscribed to the incorrect way of approaching life.


She reminds us that those she leads in her Division, the Arachnids and the Spider Nation; are tenacious and fend for themselves. I have thought on this many times and have never seen a lazy spider. Be it on my car wing mirror, trying to sneak into my bathroom or otherwise out and about on the street, open for business, chilling with their fellow spider; spiders are tenacious, bold, and don’t give a rat’s ass where they set up shop to weave their web. We can learn a lot from observing a spider. This society is filled with oppressive, ignorant, malicious, hateful, and cruel people whose job is to keep the TRUTH away from you.


Arachnidia Lilith, speaks of breaking these bonds through persistence, discipline, fortitude, foresight, and the ability to remain humble and ready for battle, as and when necessary. Invoking her, was tough, and I need to have a very physically strong body, because Goddess energy, is not for the faint-hearted. Around 10 minutes of it, and if your body is not strengthened, you will become desperate for water and start to feel light headed and want to pass out. It is far too much for the normal human vessel (body), hence I have to keep working out (not just physical exercise but it really does help!) to commune with the Spirits. When you begin to break these chains, as I did, your whole entire world will fall apart. Everything you have known, shatters around you. It is like being drop kicked after the floor opens beneath you, and you’re plunging into some unknown darkness at the speed of a truck hauling at you. Frightening. Terrifying.




The Spider Goddess, reminds us, whether you are a man or a woman, reading this. Remember that you must be able to break your chains through hand and spirit. They do not want your personal freedom in this world and want you bondaged to something that hurts and crushes you.


If something has control over you, and when you give up, the Adversary wins. If 9 businesses have not worked out, and you let THAT defeat stop you, you’re in psychic bondage. If someone has broken your heart and many more go onto do so, and you let THAT stop you from healing your heart and your body, to meet your ultimate divine match, that too, is bondage. Arachnidia Lilith, encourages you to be an absolute fucking nightmare to anyone that tries you and comes for you. Your circumstances are not fixed, they are always ever changing and when you’re brave enough to seek out for help to the correct people, people WILL meet you half way. It is only the lore of the unaccomplished to laugh at those who try! Break the chains of illusion, by first and foremost learning, what CONTROLS YOU.


If you cannot keep your mind strong through discipline, accountability, and reflection, the next natural step of life, is for your life to rot, and when it rots; it fails.


Do not wait for anyone to hold you accountable, because when you wish for that; you’re resolve isn’t big enough. Do not approach a coach or better yet, mentoring, and expect someone to hold that space for you. Hold it for yourself, and report back with joyous news to share, to be propelled forward. Mentoring is sharpening oneself, upon the blade of excellence — as Arachnidia, often says to me. I encourage people reading this to have a strong level of grounded self-discipline, go off the rails, and you will end up finding the consequence of those ready to take into you, springing into action. Do not whore yourself out, when what you really seek is intimacy, compassion, union, meaning, fulfillment. Do not turn to drink and drugs, to provide you a sense of orgasmic euphoria. Face the pain.


Face the pain, that comes from HIDING from your TRUE NATURE. 


That is the only way, you can break the bonds that bind you, and smash the chains of illusion. An illusion, that keeps you trapped.


Do not be your own worst enemy. Practice humility and regularly approach those who know more in the chosen area than yourself, for assistance. Only the STRONG, seek help. The weak think they have everything mastered. Asking for help is a sign of TRUE STRENGTH.


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