Part 7 : Forbidden Knowledge : Walking The Voids of Chaos For Self Mastery

In the name of The Divine, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful ?


Aren’t all things in a state of true disintegration? The man who is obsessed with his self-image, only to pull that thread and his insecurities surface in mere seconds? The bookworm who is challenged by the secrecy of knowledge withheld from his apparent intellect? The woman, vain about her beauty, ruined deeply by her feeling of the never enough fueling her makeup addictions, thus damaging her bank balance? Isn’t primal chaos just one street away? Doesn’t walking that void,  show us all that is meant to be concealed? — P.M


The one and only. President Malphas.


Little is known to the common man of Malphas and yet with his ability to see past high towers and spieth into a man’s heart, it is deep and short wonder that few work with him.


Malphas is exceedingly disappointed by those who are consumed by materialism because they have already become the void, instead of walking it. Possessing courtly energy and a Presidential swagger as one may imagine, he doesn’t give 3 bastard rat ass fucks about people who do not understand the importance of the valuation of the SELF. His approach is similar to Clauneck, but more guarded and hidden. In true, Tower of Umbra fashion, Malphas seeks us to look WITHIN to ask ourselves who we truly are, without the noise, lunacy, and stupidity of this planet. If there is one thing the Left Hand Spirits teach, it is simply mastery and control over one’s self. And oft a time, you possess control over yourself, by letting GO.


Malphas is very similar to Lord Rosier. Rosier always reminds me of the luxe Rosian Diamonds, for some reason. Lord Rosier, is the LH Spirit of LOVE. And LOVE, is something Malphas excels in dispensing advice on. The intellect always ties you up in knots, and LOVE will free you from the mess and the rubble. In order to walk these voids, a person must have understanding that the greed this world encourages upon you, is simply and utterly nothing but an illusion. In order for your new self to be born, you have to be afflicted with the TRIALS OF FIRE AND WALK THROUGH THIS LAKE OF FIRE ALONE, just as steel and clay are hardened in the furnace. It is a rite of passage.


So, what is Self MASTERY? 


We live in a place where everyone seems to want to “empower” themselves. Sure.


And their cat’s 9 lives, for that matter; equally…


Mastery of The Self, is a process you undertake to understand detailed nuances that escape the mind, the brain, the common intellect, and the sense; in exchange for all that escapes you when you watch a situation with both your eyes. When you are watching things with your eyes, you are EASILY deceived.


So what is the solution?


You allow the situation to watch you and you respond to it without sight. 


A mouthful, perhaps. However, what I mean of not responding to it with sight, is what we see OFTEN interrupts how we are FEELING. And based on resonance of feeling, you will get to your marked destination in life. Everything may look all beautiful and kosher at first glance, however go back to those PRIMAL CHAOS threads I mentioned, and you will SOON begin to spot gaps if the pain chains haven’t been worked on tightly enough. Which as we know, they often, aren’t. When you allow a situation to watch YOU, you begin to master yourself because you know exactly how to respond to it, without the algorithm of predictability, however rather chaotic stability. Maybe an oxymoron, however a successful one, at that.


Self Mastery is the ability to know yourself so deeply and intimately, NOTHING, someone says outside you, will bug you out.


This is why people AVOID therapy and counselling. It frightens them to know they are under a lens and their unconscious behaviour is easily read, like a duck swimming in it’s pretty pond, unbeknownst to THEM. And that is where the real fear comes. The loss of CONTROL, or shall I say, apparent perceived control. Once you can sit back, relax, and let go of this control so powerfully because you’re always in your power and control, new worlds open up. So a woman likes a man, but because he is not present with HIS OWN SELF, he cannot see HER.  The girl would stage the set up to appeal to his emotion to get a “trip” out of him.


Many women of today, are simply immature girls, trapped in a grown up body –and furthermore after their incessant screaming and shouting over whatever is deemed nonsensical fun at the time, fool themselves into thinking they are a lioness, when an overgrown cat, fits them, splendidly.


Although from the same family, cats and lions are distinctively different. The worst type of betrayal, is lunatic self-flattery onto something you’re not. It is a terrible tragedy to fancy yourself in the WILDERNESS OF LIFE, when domestication suits the Spirit, better.


Should she harangue him for his already split minded attention? Should she point out she wants his time? Or does she, in her mature and balanced state, simply pick up her handbag, and smile politely at him and walk out; remaining in her power and control?


I don’t know. I was hoping you, the reader; would tell me 😉


A woman would remove her SIGHT from this situation and allow the situation to watch her. With sufficient understanding of INNER understanding, she would know if she should suggest attention, or garner it, by removal of her presence? Situations never need to be watched with sight. Eyes are easily deceived, because they are hopeful. The body is NEVER so, as it REMEMBERS.


People only see you as much as they have seen themselves. And most never see themselves, hence you’re invisible to them. Mastering yourself, involves the one thing most people of today hate.


And that is slowing down and allowing natural rhythm to take over. In order to master something, you first have to admit you know little to nothing of it.


Are you ready to do that with your own Self, to achieve greatness?


That, only you; can answer.


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