Part 8 : Forbidden Knowledge : Filtering Insight From Information To See Ahead

In the name of The Divine, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful ?


We live in a world of nonsense and ignorance. Since the Internet itself is ruled by the sun sign of Aquarius and we are in the age of Aquarius (but the lower negative traits — age of Kali Yuga), it should come as no surprise that the disarray of people’s brains has been caused by a typical Aquarian trait of being scatty brained and living SO FAR into the future inside your own head, it’s like split-second time travel. 2 mins ago, you were 50 years ahead and now you’re back into the present. The present and the future is the same, it is merely the past that is different.


I should know, I am an Aquarian myself. 


Many people are constantly trying to keep up with reading this and doing that, in a bid to gain information about things. 


The intention of information acquisition is a good thing. It shows a person striving to better their own self and the drive and desire to access different avenues to achieve this. Some, we label as machinations, some we label as endeavours. Whilst the end goal may look like the same, the means undertaken to acquire them, well; that’s another story, isn’t it?


On this note, many people possess INFORMATION on a situation. In a worldly sense, they are INFORMED of many on-goings and being informed is good. But the real question to ask, and especially at this time everyone is currently in, is simple.


Does the information you possess about a situation, provide you INSIGHT with it? Because if it doesn’t, the information shall not suffice to provide the wisdom to make the correct decision. I remember reading on someone’s caption once that there are no right or wrong decisions in life and whilst this may be true to a degree as we can chart a part of the North Star based on a re-route, there are KNOWLEDGE BASED DECISIONS VS WISDOM BASED DECISIONS.


Information is merely knowledge. It is the KNOW-HOW of things.


Wisdom is the INSIGHT of things.


It is the DEEP FUNDAMENTAL ACCESS TO ALL DIVINE TRUTH that lies beyond the mind of the average and logically thinking person.


When a person’s brain is able to grasp complex concepts and allow themselves to be humbled, “by upto what THEY would have thought their own “elite understanding” would be of life and a situation” (King Belial’s words in bold, so I credit him here), The scary and frightening thing for many who swim the shallow waters of information, is that information is easily accessed.


Information is everywhere and with information, comes easy access. I often say to people and I am HEARD to say it to many clients and close friends  of mine alike “if you can easily access a person or a thing, trust me, YOU DO NOT WANT IT.” 


I used to tell one of my good male friends years back “If you can approach the woman you like, all that easily without it being a rubix cube you need to solve first, you need to up your game and get better standards. Low life women don’t present challenges. They present headaches and will never push you to be a better man. The same easy women with their easy access that merely entertain you like the Court Jester, are the SAME WOMEN whom you will complain about, because it gave you no resistance in the first place. And if there is no resistance from the onset, that is not a woman who can be trusted when your back is turned. Don’t complain about a woman, when you’re the very man who chose her. Choose wisely.”


And by this, I mean REAL access, not someone offering you Whatsapp access like “hey, howdy — how ya doin’?”. That’s not access. That is a pleasantry one offers in polite society. Do not mistake pleasantry for ACCESS. Access means TRUST and DEPTH.


When you possess INSIGHT on something, atypically what you possess, is the TRUTH about it. And when you stop avoiding the truth, you realise how many things magnetise towards you. And when you finally see yourself for what you truly are, you will uplevel because whatever you gave your money and time to, simply won’t matter or bother you anymore.