Part 9 : Forbidden Knowledge : The Wisdom Of Mars To Shape Your Destiny : Blood, Iron, &, Sulphuric Fire

As a dedicated post to supplement a power packed chapter, in one of my channeled written books WINNING featuring Clauneck — Chapter 2 covers the Blood, Iron, &, Sulphur mentality that forges the power of the grid locked, IRON RING. 


This is a post dedicated to MARS, one upon his beautiful Empress wife counterpart, Ms VENUS in all her luxority and glory, shall also be scribed soon 🙂 For now, we focus on her husband Mr Mars and his invocations of TRIUMPH, FORTITUDE, AND, SUCCESS.



Success, itself – predominantly relies on MARTIAL energy. There is a reason it is called Martial Law, Martial Arts, Martial Fighting. Our good friend and guide, Mars, himself — shows up with sword and shield in hand with the 3 major entities he carries to carve the success out of an individual. Fire, Iron, &, Blood — are a crucible, a trinity, if one may — into CREATING AND DESTROYING ALL IN THE SAME HAND.


Many people are afraid of Mars. Mars shows up to get shit done, and he leaves. He isn’t too bothered about pleasantries and prettiness, hence he is busy thinking of his wife Venus who minds her own business (literally, as she runs one) and revels in her own cheer, beauty, and splendor, and chases after her in his spare time. Venus certainly may be married to Mars, but doesn’t make it easy for him. She is a consistent challenge for him to figure out, no matter how long they spend together. It is what he was born to do. Figure challenges out.


Mars always tells us that he is there to lend us a hand and PULL us up, when we are in the dumps and most require his courage to do so. Mars, is often working hard at his career, his businesses he juggles burning the midnight oil, we find him at the gym doing his pull ups after drinking his green juice in the morning and he is a picture perfect view of masculine health, sexual vigor, desire, and, ambition. Although his phone never seems to stop pinging, Mars knows that he has had many prices to pay for his Success. People surely may be envious of his lean toned tattooed arms, but how many times has he simply not wanted to work out and had to push himself? Too many, he states.


“Some days are just meant to be taken off but it’s hard…”, as he nonchalantly picks up his coffee and looks through his work e-mail to speak to a staff member. 


He tells us that he couldn’t lift the weights he once wanted to, finding the courage to approach Venus for a date, let alone be his wife was daunting, and he was filled with fear and rejection thinking she was too good for him, his business was making sporadic sales, and, getting up early and being disciplined about his diet, his food, and his overall well being, was tough.


Candidly, in his interview with us — he states that he saw some guys just got “all the luck”, as he is quoted upon saying, so he took matters into his own hands. Mars got BUSY to GET SHIT DONE. Fed up of living a ho-hum life, he decided to hire a personal trainer and nearly passed out the first few times when he began training, began reading all matters of books and hired a mentor to help him with his business, cleaned the pantry of the junk and got a friend to keep him accountable to eat clean, train dirty.


And as it comes to Lady Venus? Mars thinks “fuck it. What’s the worst that can happen? I mean OKAY, she’s pretty, intelligent, and, well, she really can do better than me — but I am going to ask her on a date. I don’t care if she rejects me today… So did I mention how beautiful Venus is, her beauty scares me a little but a man’s gotta do, what he has to, right? Venus isn’t like Neptune. She hasn’t dreamed her life away… She has a life plan, and she’s self made in every right. Has her own money, her own place, car, business, she isn’t waiting around for someone to come give it to her. I love her attitude to life plus she looks pretty fun as well. I see her often with her friends, she’s got a huge wide smile and her hugs are the best. She hugged me a few times and it made my head spin…okay enough wishful thinking for me…”


Mars, sets up a plan, he tells us.


With grit, persistence, and, perseverance, he sets out to achieve a 6 figure business, a body the gods would be proud of, inspiring food, loving friends, and a date with Venus. His goal is to marry Venus but he is finding every way not to mess it up whilst approaching her. A date will suffice for now. Venus is busy and doesn’t care for games. All or nothing, he knows. He forges forward, not taking anyone’s shit. He knows some of his friends will laugh at his plan, so he keeps them to himself, hides it in his heart — and begins gaining momentum to achieve.


A year later, his business is thriving, he has toned up into a great looking body, has 2 loyal friends he hangs out with, and tells us that Venus has accepted his marriage proposal and they are soon to be married! We ask him what it was like being a busy bee with his new life. He says that he didn’t take anyone’s shit, kept showing up to the gym, taught himself all the objections his prospects would give him, and made it a point to phone Venus and be persistent for a date with her. Venus, in the beginning, was quite the unbothered femme, but our man Mars, isn’t into the habit of giving up. If it was Venus he wanted to marry, then he saw to it that her married HER. He says many people simply give up when they want something, because they are not determined about the end goal.


“Through my soon to be beautiful wife, Venus, I feel more inspired. I get up at 6 am, and can begin work by 8am. My business has picked up, my prosperity mindset is soaring, and I am in the best shape of my life. I encourage everyone to be persistent with their goals, because they can truly do it. Even people that used to laugh at me saying that Venus wouldn’t look at me twice, are shocked. Shocked that I found the courage to ask her on a coffee date, let alone prepare to be her husband. Shocked that I have a successful business. Nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it!”


The real question here is : Where is MARS showing up in your life and how can you feel inspired by his qualities to forge a life of your OWN CHOOSING?


After all, you are the master of your own destiny.


We await to hear what wisdom of Life, Venus has to share with us. As for now, she is enjoying herself at the spa, being the Queen she is; so we will head on over and relax with her to understand how she sees life.