Dealing With Money In Retrograde Season

So, I firstly want to provide a disclaimer that I am not a qualified Astrologer, however have more than enough Astrological knowledge through self-taught research and through my Spirits 🙂

Okay phew. We are in Mid-April, and the last time I woke up and checked, we have 5 planets going backwards on themselves. Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. That’s enough to warrant hibernation even in the most dedicated of us. I woke up one morning and thought “I can’t be bothered with ANYTHING!”. Now, those of you who know me, would laugh–because I am the total polar opposite. Which is why, if you are right now going through a phase of “fuck it, let’s sleep”–I feel ya. (but not like that LOL 😉

Venus is JUST about leaving retrograde tomorrow, so thank goodness people’s love lives and their money won’t be such a bloodied mess. I have heard all types of horror stories for the past month, where people have irrationally spent and landed themselves in debt, got back with an ex and now it’s looking sour (again). *sigh*. But the major Rx’s I want to address are Mercury and Saturn.

I want to point these out because they can serious mess up your workflow and money. Unless you know how, sometimes you can get caught up in their mess. So let’s explore how they do so…

(Side note : Let’s start with Jupiter, as it is not SO important but nonetheless, just as I was about to hit Finish, Belvia (My spirit guide) asked me to include this. Jupiter, rules over good luck and merchant finance. If clients and vendors delay on paying, now you know why. Jupiter Retrograde also means it is very tempting to buy things on debt. DON’T. )

Mercury (infamously) seems to go retrograde once every pesky 3 months and we are better equipped to deal with it. Delays with contracts, e-mails, weird phone calls, arguments, irritations—yup, Mercury, planet of Communications got this one. As long as you double check, triple check and yes, check AGAIN–you will be just fine. When you DON’T check–jeez, the overspend on the credit card and you thought it was 0% interest? Easily possible with miscommunication in Mercury.

Saturn. Whole another story. When I heard Saturn went backwards on itself, I literally wanted to cry. If you are born under Capricorn or Aquarius, or like me, you have so many planets in either sign (as well as being an Aquarian), go easy. Saturn, the taskmaster, is going to make you feel miserable, restricted and bound up until the end of August. No Hablo. And nothing we can do about it either. You are going to have to face MANY things from your past (er, hello late payments and wait, I thought I paid that off? No?!)—It’s going to really hit your motivation hard. And what happens when your motivation is hit hard? You don’t want to work. And this is the trap I am urging you to be VERY consciously aware of, because you do NOT want to get to September and think you threw away your whole sunny, shiny months.

So here are 3 steps to running with the flow :

1) Make space in your schedule to sleep more. This is a given and if you don’t, your body is going to force you to do so.

2) Re-engineer your plans to take a little more downtime in creativity, and also try and clean up any past loose ends that need to be tied up.

3) Stave off making huge major life plans. If you have anything you are going ahead with, check, check and double check.

If there is something that has come up for review in your life suddenly and it’s bugging you, let’s clear it with a psychic look at it, which can be found right here!

What are YOUR thoughts on Retrograde? I am excited to hear your thoughts on it!