Practicing Ignorance In The Age Of Information

In the Age Of Information, Ignorance is a GOOD CHOICE.

I am not referring to the traditional ignorance which comes from just not knowing anything about a specific set of cultures,races,people or information. This is coming from the nonsense that the low vibrational social media channels, feed you. I realised that if I ever wanted to erode my brain fresh after a glass of Orange Juice after breakfast, all I would be required to do, was to go the Instagram search bar. All type of stupidity and LOW IQ posts reside in that domain, a domain that I rarely ever waste my precious time on.

In today’s age–using the internet to search for TRUE LIBERATION and EMPOWERMENT, is a hefty challenge. There is an old saying that the Truth that is sandwiched between 2 lies, is the worst type of lie. This is because your mind registers some of it as truth, and most of it as confusing (which is a lie). In order to be a healthy, sane individual in the mental asylum of a world that we are currently subject to living in — you’re going to have to use the instruments provided to you, as a double edged sword.

Your phone. Let’s begin with that– A good thing–and a very, VERY evil thing.

It’s a necessary evil, and when you monitor what sites and what videos/articles you are allowing your psyche to be exposed to, you reap the benefits of being one step closer to allowing yourself mentally to remain outside the realms of the 3D low vibrational nonsense that people are living in, every single day. Seeing as spirits move through screens, most people are not aware that the Internet is allowing for all types of low unclean spirits to be attached to you easily, because you are not discerning of what you’re putting your energy towards.

Most people are DROWNING for the light, in a supposed age and time where everyone seems to know everything. Information is there–after all, Aquarius RULES the Internet and Aquarius (being one myself!) is a free, liberal and forward-thinking sign. When you begin to curate a POWERFUL mind for yourself, you will begin to move in a timeline that does not allow you to remain stuck.

Social Media billionaire creators use “timelines” because they are banking on you staying trapped in a LOW Quantum Timeline, which is very challenging to break out of. I often see how people just talk out of their ass all day long, mainly because the nonsense music they are listening to, is dumbing them down—to an extent that there is no original thought produced in the subconscious mind, AT ALL.

So, the question begs to be asked–what do you need to be focusing your mind on, in order to have a healthy, happy and balanced life?

The answer is simple. Anything that confuses you or jumbles up your mind processes, needs to go. It is a SPIRITUAL TRAP. This includes people (narcissists are the master champions of this lunacy). The Truth hurts badly when you are not used to it, because lies are so comfortable and sweet. As you begin to strengthen your MIND, you will come to find that your borders to the Truth, expand and you will enjoy being ignorant to nonsense and stupidity.

Be brave and have the courage to build a BOLD LIFE for yourself.

Be a Spartanite.

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