Protection : Locked door, gun, and, the unseen

Disclaimer : This post is not for the spiritually, mentally, and, emotionally dead, and nor do I scribe my work for such.  People these days have transcended mental illness, and fully walk the realms of the Spiritually deranged and ill. Clearly the walking dead are driving the remaining living, a situation evident to those who are able to see.


As I was baking a pretty cake replete with yummy cherries, garnishings of chopped hazelnuts and generally feeling quite happy with myself, a few days back, a round of PROTECTION came into my head.


Of recent, many people have come to ask me my thoughts on protection. Some have come to get protection based work because we are living in a hell hole.


As I pulled the cake out of the oven and began spreading the delectable chocolate icing over it, I realised how many people simply have the firewall of LIFE, wide open.




*takes bite*


Just as though you would not go to bed and leave your front door wide open (but never know with folk these days?…), you should not risk a locked door, a gun, and, the unseen. Protection has levels. Ask the average person and images of close circuity bodyguards come up. That is merely a feeling of protection, safety, and, physical reproach. It deters the mediocre.


For others, it is a gun shot way INTO your life. Those who manipulate energy, time, and, space are exceptionally concerned about bending the images and mental movies in your PSYCHE (hence TV programming etc) because once that gets in, there is very little chance of getting it out. In order to navigate the planes of this world, first and foremost your intuition HAS to be working.


There are threats that are posed to us, as normal humans, as people, far beyond our range and scope of understanding in our consciousness. When you have been force fed lies to your mind and spirit — your whole entire life, sitting with the TRUTH, becomes Blasphemy. It is unheard of, and, prosecuted. Protection from the Unseen is remarkably necessary because you will not have a choice in the years ahead.


If your being is NOT protected sufficiently, you will find yourself the following rather quickly :


  • Depressed
  • Anxious
  • Inexplicably Tired
  • Confused
  • Drained
  • Overwhelmed
  • Trapped
  • Hopeless


If you identify yourself with even more than 2 of these, you require the protection of the Unseen. 




You require SPIRITUAL AWARENESS AND SAFETY for your natural sensitivity as a healthy person 🙂


There is a remarkably daring ritual I perform for those brave enough to approach me for it. It SHOWS you toxic people in your life and forces you to remove them, end of. You may have a terrible haunting feeling about someone that you cannot explain, and this ritual goes and blasts it out of the water. It makes you FEEL WHO AND WHAT is draining YOU, YOUR MONEY, YOUR HEALTH, LOVE, AND, SANITY. If you need help letting GO of the toxic, this is for you.


Many people are in “relationships” and “marriages” that are nothing but a parasite feeding off a host. But ending that drain, is quite another thing.


You require DRASTIC measures. 


We are living in a world, where you cannot AFFORD to be anything BUT exactly what you came here for.


No masks, facades, and, the nonsense you did before they took people’s freedoms from them enmasse. You have not worked so hard, in your business, in your career, in your life — to have your vitality, your health, your sanity, taken from you.


Protection of the unseen deters competitors, thieves, the perennially jealous, the emotional terrorists, the leeches, the narcissists, psychopaths, sociopaths after your money and what they can get from you, the mentally unstable, and, all assorted shapes and sizes of what threatens to derail your existence. It is a good reminder of the messages that Anubis and Hades would share with us — being so closely linked with the Underworld and taking you through your dark initiation to become your true self. The self you know you are, and, have never found a place safe in being.


In the playground of life, your prerogative isn’t to just play upon it, it is to OWN the land it sits upon.


Protection is far more than a locked door, signing an NDA, a gun, a cleverly concealed knife, a dashcam…


Energy work is your life insurance. It provides real world, real time protection in terrain where the unpredictable will come for you, no questions asked. Now, more than ever, you will be required to step it up, create a world that alerts you to all types of predators, not just in the blink of an eye but in the vicinity around you. Learn to read people’s faces.


Keep your senses sharp, look out for suspect situations, and, most importantly — keep yourself SAFE. Learn to trust YOURSELF, first <3