Q&A On Generational Wealth : Attraction and Retention Of Money

I wrote a long post on Medium (you may find it here) on seeing two sides of the same coin, prosperity and poverty. I took the liberty to compile 10 questions I was asked on wealth generation and generational wealth and trust this will elevate and expand your mind and heart set.

Iam going to now cover WHAT generational wealth is, how people think and what YOU personally can do, to generate money to pass onto your kids and have a legacy.

1. What IS generational Wealth ?

Generational Wealth, is typically a cluster of assets, liquid capital and otherwise other asset based classes that has been moving from one generation to another. Examples include business takeover, land/property ownership as well as appointed trustees of Estates etc etc. GW is the hardest thing to maintain because most people lose all the wealth they have amassed by the 3rd generation.

2. Why do people struggle with money so much?

What a loaded question. I’d need 10 books for this, but I am going to keep this simple. People have been programmed all their life to think money is a bad thing, rich people are evil and the poorer you are, the happier you are. You see this in all circles across the globe. In poor areas, with poverty stricken mindsets, the rich man IS the number one enemy. He has probably stolen, embezzled and looted his way to the top. Yes, I understand the downfalls of Capitalism HOWEVER a poor person, remains poor because of their habits. Poor people have no choice but to be humble. Trust me, when I had no money, I had to do a lot of bidding of idiots whom I hated. Money reveals character.

Money is seen as this horrible, necessary evil. People demonize money and yet work 8 faithful hours a day for it. People have been programmed to be mindless, brainless consumers and do not think they deserve money (hence they spend it all so quickly).

3. Why are rich kids such pricks? Why are they so arrogant?

I truly feel If my whole life hadn’t fell apart, I may not have been a rich bitch, but I would have never known true compassion. So, to answer this question — -because they have never had to truly FIGHT and work for that money. Life is easy. Rich Privilege is a real thing. I can speak with that from experience. Money easily buys people and rich kids learn quickly the POWER of buying people because remember what I said, I had to do a lot of people’s bidding when I was broke. Same thing. They know they can buy people and money gives you lifetime access to move in the fast lane, which means you often don’t NEED to sympathize with people. What fucking for? Why do I need to “sympathize” with someone who doesn’t have food — — don’t know what it’s like to be hungry? Oh well, they will find it from somewhere.

You get my point.

4. How can I be part of this whole GW thing? I want money to live a great life and prepare for my kids?

Start with Financial Education. Most rich kiddos lose it all quickly because they are not taught the IMPORTANCE with which their parents had to STRUGGLE to get to where they are. Send your kids to homeless shelters, soup kitchens, expose them to places where people DON’T have money, so that even if they DO, they grow up with compassion. This is the massive difference between people who grow up in generational wealth vs Self Made People.

5. Is there a proven formula for generational wealth?

Sure. Real Estate and Businesses, are the main ones.

Study the fuck out of them and make sure your mind is ALIGNED with wealth. Let me explain. You cannot want wealth and you still think like a peasant. I have many articles on my Spartanite blog right here– that can take you out of your “poor, woe is me thinking” into living mentally in the fast lane. Most people can have anything they want, and STILL fail because they think in victim, poverty mode, employee, “I prefer to stay humble” mindset. People who have money, do NOT hang out with people who don’t. It violates the Law of Polarity — and many other laws I can get into. That’s just the way it is. Poverty is restrictive. Don’t hate me for this — -it’s how money moves. Change your shitty attitude to it, and it WILL flow towards you.

6. Where do I find people who are Financially Successful to hang out with?

This is a 2 fold question.

Your external answer is events and exclusive clubs etc.
Your internal answer is, do the fucking work to become wealthy yourself. The only reason I survived my winter period of no money to be self made again, is ONLY because my mind NEVER EVER QUIT. Quitting wasn’t an option. I had no intentions to work some job for someone. None. Zero. Zero Victim Mindset. Doing the work means removing all limiting negative beliefs, thoughts etc and get the hustle ON.

(because I’m badass like that — ha!) Once 2 is done, 1 comes naturally.

7. What are the 3 major rules you personally used, to take yourself from being broke to being financially successful but this time, as a self made woman?

This one is simple.

a) Have a PLAN and STICK WITH IT.

b) Create containers out of that plan. For example, I write books, train, coach, psychic channelling, do webinars, lectures, seminars, and all types of work in which the money can flow through. Basically, what I am saying here, is create CHANNELS to receive money. You want 10 grand but how is that going to come to you IF you have nothing selling for that money? Think on this carefully.

c) Be flexible, adaptable and know that you’re worthy and special. Fix your esteem issues. Esteem issues are an asshole. They will sink your ship faster than a thief hounding you for your last dollar, in broad daylight.

8. How do the wealthy people keep making more money and the poor people, remain poor?

Wealthy people operate on a magnetic frequency. If money figures out that you do not like it, good luck on it ever coming to you and staying with you. Money attracts more money, and hence the best deals go to the wealthy first. Is it fair? I can say both yes and no, depending on what day you caught me on. Poor people just open the door to poverty, lack and hardship. They don’t like it per se, but I find people who remain in poverty have a nasty habit of blaming and complaining all the time. I’ve seen it in every person with money issues. In fact, this was the ONE THING Spirits told me NOT to partake in, when I had nothing. They told me to keep my mouth shut and keep absorbing positive energy, lest I attract more dirt to me.

There is also a severe lack of Financial education with the poor, and they have been told — Here is your station in life, this is your lot. Deal with it. People who are self made, do not give a fuck about a “station”. Their mind is already burning and hungry for Success, so they achieve it.

9. How did you keep your mind strong when everything was taken away from you?

It isn’t always necessary to be so strong. I have cried publicly on buses, trains, in my car at the stop lights, infront of random strangers, people who have laughed at me for crying, humiliated me. It is OKAY. I also am a trauma thriver, and overcame cripping Chronic Fatigue with lots of energy now, as well as Complex PTSD. I never knew where triggers would hit me, so I stopped giving a fuck about always being “so strong”. Strength is like a bamboo stick. It is flexible and bends. What does not bend, breaks. I knew my destiny infront in my heart and carried on, even when I was tired, stressed and felt sad.

I encourage you to really feel through any traumas you may have. Generational Wealth isn’t a joke and it isn’t for a faint hearted person. You’re planning ahead. That takes energy and mental strength 🙂 ❤

10. What are your final words on money, wealth and financial Success?

You get what you accept in life. If you’re not where you wish to be, you have a choice to transform it. You’re not a tree, so stop putting up with birds shitting all over your leaves and branches. I mean the tree may have some sort of soul agreement with the birds, but if you have a DREAM, GOD has put in your heart — -time to get to work. Wealth is amazing. Not only does it benefit you, it benefits all those around you when you put it to good use.
Show yourself what you’re made of. And live life abundantly, blissfully and with lots of financial orgasms 😉

I would love to hear your comments in the section below 🙂