Reclaiming Mental Sovereignity and Remain Sane In A Sick Psychopathic World

As a follow on from one of my well-loved posts, Spiritual Protection In a Dark, Sick, and Sinister World that can be found here , I felt that a follow up is long due to retaining some shred of mental sanity in a sick world.

As you mentally advance, you will find it increasingly hard to live in this world. This world has been turned into a maximum security prison for those of us who understand how it truly functions, so when you are in prison, it is wise to adopt some habits that keep you sane, like working out, reading + writing books, praying, meditating, taking up a new hobby etc. Reclaiming your mental sovereignty in a sick world is very hard if you are not spiritual/psychic. Atypically non magickal/ or non-spiritual people will not find this site, so I have no consideration to what King Clauneck — Demon King of Money + Value that I work with closely, addresses as “dead skeletons”. In this age of Kali Yuga, more of which I have written here  , it is of precedence that you learn how to LISTEN and HEAR Spirits talking to you. Spirits are the only beings that can keep you sane in this sickness we are currently in.

Currently, most humans are engineered to live on a time-line based on fear, sadness, greed, misery, anger, and violence.

This “loosh” as it is called, is food for those who have imprisoned this planet and have made us their slaves. Loosh, are basically lower chakra emissions, same how your car gives off fumes from the exhaust when you rev it up, or something is wrong. This is why the Yogis, Fakirs, and Sadhus of the Asian countries (India, Pakistan, China, Japan, Nepal etc etc) speak that one must live in this world, but not OF IT. This is what they mean. When you choose to control your emotions, there is very little that can get under your skin. From a multi-dimensional perspective that I am able to access through working with Goetic Demons, such as Clauneck and Belial, the end goal is COMPLETE ENSLAVEMENT of the human race. They have already brought out technology that is doing body snatching of people’s emotions and spirituality (people have none left) and hence this becomes very simple to lock you into a frequency prison.

This is why they are spraying chemtrails that contain “smart dust” (nanotechnology) and I am going to empower those of us who wish to be free of the mess, through frequency based jewellery, just like the bracelets in the store to allow the smart dust not to settle into your body and organs. I was eating a mango last night, and I found a TINY millimeter worth of nanotechnology embedded into the fiber, as I was cutting it. I train my eyes so much through Sadhana (Spiritual practice and meditation) to see things like this. I took the fiber, focused my 3rd eye on it and then with a sharp movement, used the knife to “hit” my forearm and sliced through it. No blood. Only a small cut. What should have been oodles of blood pouring out, just remained a mark. My suspicions were correct. Had this not been nanotech, my arm would have bled immediately. There are small Alchemical tests one can do, to keep yourself alert and aware. When this Smart Dust gets into your body, it is linked to a remote scalar energy device called a GWEN TOWER. Many of you will know these towers intimately, as they keep lying to you that they are mobile phone towers, when they are not. They are emitting a HIGH DANGEROUS LEVEL of radiation frequency, cooking you to death. Slowly and silently.

This is the reason useless things like Artificial Intelligence, EMF Radiation, GMO “food” (poison) and vaccines, are so heavily pushed by the MSM. These are genetic modification experiments that have destroyed the Originality of human beings. Most humans as Clauneck says are dead skeletons, another mage friend of mine, calls them dead husks. They are empty hollow vessels, devoid of any humanity or soul.

This is preparing humanity to be hyperdimensionally possessed (cloning, possessed by djinn spirits etc). As you evolve into your Spiritual Self, your original Self, as I call it, you will begin to view the dead skeletons as mere pawns on the chessboard which they are. One of the best examples of timelines, are social media. They are prisons for the mind, so spend as little time on them as possible. Reply to messages, automate, and disappear.

Feel your emotions, but be deliberate with them. Recklessness with emotion, is one of the key things that all matrix dead skeleton “humans” embody as a trait, hence they have no clue to be free of the frequency prison they will live all their life in, and die.

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