Money & Sex Have The Same Root

So many women suffer from untold shame of both sex and money. There are so many reasons for this, including religion, cultural and traditional. In ancient times, sacred prostitution was seen as a pure form of Sex Magick. Priestesses used to serve in a temple and men had the privilege of sleeping with them, to be an intitate of the Great Mysteries.

Unfortunately, with the reserve religion of this modern age being Satanism, sexuality has been exploited and degraded to a set of body parts and mechanical functions. Any woman who is in touch with her feminine power, is instantly deemed a slut and a whore, instead of celebrating a woman’s sexuality. Sadly, most young women of today have no understanding or nuance of sacred sexuality and will sleep with any man to feel worthy of themselves. The men do this more than anyone. They feel the need to degrade the Feminine, in order to falsely empower themselves.

So it comes as no surprise that I often see women struggle with both men and money (sex and finances) because their lower chakras have been completely shut off. They struggle with their fertility, hate their period, hate anything to do with their vagina, hate themselves.

Any woman who hates her period, hates herself.

Let that sink in.

Give it a few minutes.

Sex and money come from the same identical root. The root chakra. Responsible for survival, sex is probably the most base survival instinct we have as women, and yet we are told to behave all the time because no man “will want us”.

Here is the solution.

Be a woman who adores and loves sex but learns modesty and the art of keeping her clothes on, in a world where most women are unfortunately dressing like hookers on the street because they think it’s “cool”. You can absolutely be a feminine woman and have your respect. Get comfortable with your sexuality to get comfortable with your money. Spartanite work heavily respects the Occult and Magick, provided it is done in a wholesome form. I do not tolerate and condone baneful magick to hurt other people for no good cause.

Red Magick, Belvia (my spirit guide) stated also involves Menstrual blood. I know and I am aware it can be used in Magick, but the real magick is actually being comfortable with your period. Society has told us we are unclean and dirty, you are not. It is the reason for your fertility. I am not going to go into depth about Red Magick and how it can be used for variant different things, both good and bad–but what I will say, is that on a public platform–get comfortable with owning your own sexual energy. I don’t talk about Elementary Red Magick, because I am RESPONSIBLE with my knowledge of the Forbidden Mysteries and I don’t know how someone can use it to someone else’s, detriment.

A woman’s negative pole is in her heart and her positive in her vaginal area, a man’s is the opposite. His negative is in his penile area and his positive in his heart. Combine this, and you receive a conductor charge for electricity, which is why people are often heard to say “The sexual chemistry is ELECTRIC”. This is exactly why. Bearing this in mind, you can easily have sex with an energy vampire, that will drain you of your electrical current to generate money, which is why promiscious people are a core level are always, always struggling for money.

Seek to understand the balance and harmonious relationship between Sex and Money and you will be short of neither 🙂

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