Rejecting People’s False Notions of YOURSELF & Claiming Plutonian BOLDNESS





If trauma ages you in minutes, clarity reverses it in seconds.


People will always have a habit of telling you what you cannot do. So they will try and scare, and threaten you to abide by what they think is necessary. 


You will even see this in Entrepreneurial circles. They say being an Entrepreneur, makes you brave by nature. But there are many dimensions to success, that are untapped, unreached, and FRIGHTENING. This is why we love our favourite planet, Pluto. One can be brave in one area, totally lacking in the other. Pluto leaves NO stone unturned.


To all those who have Scorpio (doesn’t matter where in your chart) and are ruled by it’s lust, dominance, rage, passion, wrath, and power — we understand it. And there is no running from it. So be Plutonian. Because if you start trying to behave like cuddly Venus or our avantgarde neighbour Neptune, you’re going to have a problem. And this dark primordial power, isn’t for everyone and it isn’t welcoming, pretty, or friendly. Pluto comes to you when you’re totally damaged, and hurting with nothing or no one’s false image to cling onto anymore.


People are confused in general. They don’t know WHO they are, so they find any shard of semblance in someone who accepts them. A lot of this comes from childhood trauma, and I have full understanding and compassion of it. So what happens when someone becomes confused, they embrace neurosis. They attach themselves to whatever comes their way, and one should not expect anything of depth or darkness out of them.


If someone has not embraced their own darkness, do not under ANY circumstance reveal yourself to them and dishonour yourself. Boldness and dishonour are not traits that go hand in hand. That is self-betrayal and you will never be able to forgive yourself for it, ever again.


Keep it light and bright — in the realms of boring shallowness and haunting listlessness, and walk away. Plutonian Boldness does not care about shallowness. It does not care about pleasantries, the way Venus on her niceness and Mercury on his speed, cares. Pluto will get to the TRUTH about a situation and only THEN, will the Lord of the Underworld, invite you into his Lair and sit with you for some wine.


Pluto isn’t meant to be mistaken for Saturn. He isn’t hard, demanding, and rigid. 


He is naughty, playful, and yet, he is powerful. His eyes have X-ray scanners and most people RUN at first sight of him because he will lay into you. But he will change your entire life as you know it. He will drag you into the underworld, make you sit in the mirror and make you see yourself until there is nothing left to hurt from anymore. Pluto will be your best friend and he is LOYAL. He isn’t swayed easily and he will stand with you, at 3 am in the rain when everyone left you and make sure you’re taken care of. Pluto doesn’t do half measures.


So, I encourage anyone reading this…


Reject the notions people put on you. The labels. The stigmas. The bullshit. Reject when people tell you it cannot be done, because it can and it will. And they will keep chanting it cannot be done, as they watch you do it. And that too, right in front of them. Do not accept the pool of limitations those who do not want a life of THEIR OWN CHOOSING, drown themselves in. You are not them, and you will never be understood by the enmasse.




Be all you are. When you are, most people by defacto, WILL NOT like you. You will upset rooms. Dinner parties, events, office meetings, family gatherings. Everything. You do not abide to what they expect and demand of you. You are not predictable.


Boldness is unpredictable because it surfaces in areas where most people, specialise in people pleasing because the wild has been beaten out of you.


When you reject the false notions, you EMBRACE YOURSELF. You have boundaries. You stand up for yourself. And you attract other people who VALUE, HONOUR, AND RESPECT YOU AT THE TABLE YOU ALL SIT AT?


Isn’t it time you married Boldness into your Entrepreneurial core?


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